Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Youjo Shenki anime shorts #01 English subtitles

Forgot that you guys don't understand Japanese, here's the script

Ah... I'm hungry
I want to drink delicious coffee.
Speaking of which, all the coffee here is bitter.
Nothing but bitterness, and taste awful.
I don't want to drink mudwater like that ever again.

I want to eat 'Raw Egg over Rice'.
I don't really like it particularly,
I just feel a strong urge to eat it now that I can't.
But I will probably get diarrhea so I will pass.

In short-
In short, the food taste terrible.
The vegetable taste bad, and the bread is horrible.
Just what is nice over here?

Dishes like Sauerkraut and Sour Cabbage has such a heavy taste.
Too salty!
Just what are the people who gouge themselves with these food thinking?

Yes, Pixie01 here.
Understood, over.
Alright then, time to do the job I am paid for.
If I convert this to hourly salary, I can already sue them under labour laws.

Oh God,
My Lord can heal my soul.
Even if the flames of war rages on, my Lord is still by my side.
God loves me, and sacrificed himself for my sins.
And that's why,
And that's why I have to kill Him.

(Red Words) Kill Him

I am Victoria Ivanovna Serbiakof,
a Corporal who graduated from the Cadet Corps.
I am writing a diary entry on my life after being posted to the Rhine Front.
This is my supervising Officer, Second Lieutenant Tanya Degurechaff.
She became a mage at an unbelievably young age,
A hero of the Empire with the title 'Mithril'.

In battle, she is as powerful and beautiful as her name 'Mitril' suggests.
She is petite in stature, but she is always bringing us victory by standing at the very front.

That's right, just like an angel.

Tanya: Hmm? What's the matter?

No, nothing at all.

Tanya: Oh that's right, you there. You were so afraid back then, so why did you volunteer for the rescue mission?

That, that's because...

Tanya: Corporal Victoria Ivanovna Serbiakof. To be frank, courage and recklessness might look similar, but their essence is completely different.


Tanya: Huh?

Lieutenant, but this was what you said!
Since you are wearing a military uniform, know that the Empire can't spare the effort to feed worthless soldiers!
I know that my abilities are lacking,
but since I am a soldier, I have already steel my resolve!

Tanya: I see.
If you have the resolve, I won't say anything more.
I will be counting on you in the future too.

Yes Mdm!

Tanya: Well then, go settle the paperwork.

Yes Mdm!
Lieutenant, I will take my leave then.

Tanya: So there are mistakes that turns out well too.

Ah, she is a gentle person after all.
When I reported the death of Harald and Kurst,
I thought her expression was scary, so that was just my imagination after all...

Tanya: Hehehe

Just my imagination...

That's it, my imagination.

Believe it is my imagination.

I... I should sleep now.

Good morning Lieutenant.

Tanya: Yes, good morning. Bleh, this is...

What's the matter?

Tanya: I thought it is coffee, but this is just substitute coffee. The taste is getting more terrible, such a shame.

Such a shame? Huh? This expression?

Ah, I think she had this expression that time too.

I see, so she showed that expression back then because she felt it was a shame.

Second Lieutenant Tanya Degurechaff is a gentle person,
She is just like an angel...
Just... like an angel.

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