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Genocide Reality Chapter 11

Demon Killer
Translator: Noir
Editors: Vysne, Gingery Klaus, SifaV6
Illustration: Shadowskyexe


The blue-furred giant swung down, I evaded the club swing while swinging his sword from his shoulder

Next, I wanted to test how many consecutive attacks I could do.

「Two slashes, three slashes, four slashes, five slashes, six slashes, seven slashes――」

I calmly counted while I continued to swing the Samurai Sword. White sparks flew in the pitch-black dungeon, and the sound of flesh being chopped filled the air.
When I came to, what was previously a Blue Troll had turned into a pool of blue blood and a lump of minced meat.

A huge body size. Its movement was so slow, so weak. Next…

I gripped the unsheathed Samurai Sword without exerting any unnecessary power. My footsteps echoed as I ran through the narrow passageway.
This time what appeared infront of his eyes, was a giant Oni who held a hammer while blocking his path.

Two huge-horns on its head, the humanoid monster was called an Earth Ogre. A fitting opponent.

Raising a war-cry, I ran while brandishing the white-blade.

「Eat thiiis!」


While raising a high-pitched scream, the ogre tried to escape. What a coward, although it might have been because it was ambushed and panicked, the Earth Ogre turned its back.

Exposing its defenseless back, what a foolish monster.

Diagonal downward slash, diagonal upward slash, diagonal downward slash, diagonal upward, slash, diagonal downward slash, diagonal upward slash….

I practiced a ‘returning’ technique this time. From his upper back to his lower back, then returning from his lower back to his upper back, making the letter “X” while spilling brown-colored bodily -fluids.

At first I was copying how a murderer in those old period-dramas would kill, but from the middle part, there wasn’t any technique involved, so I continued slashing and cutting hard meat with brute force to my heart's content.

For me, enemies who showed either hesitation or their back are just scarecrows! They simply became targets for my sword-practice, continuously getting sliced, even not permitted to fall down to the floor.

At the end I put all my strength and sliced straight downwards, splitting the Ars Ogre’s body into two pieces. I was bathed in a large amount of the Earth Ogre's bodily fluids.

I licked the brown-colored body fluid that stuck on my mouth. Even the monsters’ bitter blood tasted good to me now.

「Kukuku! Kuhahaha! I. Am. The strongest!」

Nobody was watching, so I made a victory pose. To be honest, I understood that I wasn't strong, but this can be called a samurai's strength. It would be best if I suddenly classed-up to the advanced class as I was in the underground 3rd floor.

My body was as light as a warrior who was just released from the gravitational force. At the very least, no monster that could beat me existed on this floor.

Of course, it wasn’t just once that I got surrounded from all directions and attacked relentlessly when charging into a hall, I couldn’t remain proud for too long. I took caution not to get too carried away with the intense reaction of one-sidedly slicing human-shaped monsters and fought with more style.

Enjoying the feeling of defeating enemies was also a problem. I had no intention of becoming a lustful murderer though…….

「For now, that's fine I guess」

There were only enemies to defeat here. I looked below, as I saw a pile of Earth Ogre and mud-colored slime's dead bodies.

Thanks to the Scavenger Slime, the dungeon's cleaner who ate dead bodies, the dead bodies didn't remain in the dungeon for long.

But I killed them as soon as I spotted them. When I pierced them, like a mud-colored jellyfish who was abandoned at the port, they melted and changed shape into a water drops.
I slashed, cut, and chopped any creature that entered my sight. This was the only way to live.

Thankfully, there were plenty of monsters to kill. New monsters appeared as I progressed.

While I sliced the snake-like tentacle creature that appeared in front of me into two, I was grateful that I came to this amazing world.

I was thankful of my skill with swords, that I was invited to this battle-park, where I could cut down enemies with my sword. It didn't matter who invited me here, be it god, be it demon, or be it someone who just happened to succesfully summon me by chance.

This place is so simple and beautiful, there are many monsters to kill.

With an ear-piercing silence, I continued walking down the dimly litted dungeon. It was very simple to me, who had transformed into a monster-killing machine.

I always wanted this.

I sliced downwards, and then back upwards with my Samurai Sword. With every white flash of my sword, the monsters’ flesh got sliced apart, their blood splattered, and their bones broke.

This is the strength that I wanted.

I wanted to kill more, I wanted to slaughter more, I wanted to massacre more. As I was bathed by the monster's dirty blood, I offered my prayer to the dungeon-genocide god. I would offer more blood, I would pile more flesh as offerings.

This place is all that I wished for. My heart felt like it was going to burst, while my head was surprisingly calm.

脳内麻薬は出っぱなしで、耳から溢れだしてきそうだ。The trembling hands which were the source of the slaughter showed no signs of stopping.

In the swordfighting novels, words like “blood-thirst” were an exaggeration, but it was real. If living is any living creature's instinct, then it could also be said the same for killing.

Getting drowned in this ecstatic feeling, I wouldn’t mind dying surrounded by colorful monster blood and flesh. After reaching my limit, I finally ran out of breath and just lay there.

Beside me who could no longer walk, there was a dead body of a Worm that I just killed.
Come to think of it, Worms can be eaten huh…..

Looking at the sliced section of the Worm, there was a mixture of red and green. People would think this meat was inedible. But it is edible. Genolia's knowledge never lied.

I took a bite at the piece of meat in front of my eyes. The taste of a Worm spread through my mouth. There should be insect's special smell from it, but I didn't mind at all.


I wiped the liquid from the raw meat that got into my mouth and resumed eating. I said delicious because it was juicy and rich. I, who has lost my sense of smell, wouldn't know the real taste of the meat.

For me, it would be fine as long as I had the nutrients and hydration that I needed to move. The Worm's meat texture was soft and easy to eat. It existed everywhere and was a feast for someone as bloodthirsty as me.

After I regained my senses after eating so much Worm meat, I started making antidote for +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------poisonous bugs.


The orange liquid that was inside the flask flared up at once. It tasted so bitter

Geh…..Somehow, this one tasted more like a poison.

The poison probably stemmed from the Worm’s fang, so there shouldn't be any poison in its body. There shouldn't be any more need to drink the antidote.

Its unbelievable how Worm's meat can be tasty, while on the other hand the antidote was so bad

It could be that my sense of taste had gone haywire. The me now could probably live in Africa's wilderness without any problem. Thinking it like that, made me felt a little weird.

I was so obsessed with Geno-Real that there was nothing more satisfying than that. I didn't have to act like “Maki Wataru” who got summoned to another world and made a fool of myself.

The rotten skin peeled off, I felt like a new person. I am a beast, an animal that was born only to kill and consume enemies.

Alright, one more time!

After recovering my health and stamina using potions, I once again resumed walking. In front of me, a Sleeker, a monster with an irregular shape which looks like a green-colored curtain, came closer to me while swaying its body.

Its swinging curtain-like body opened, and from the hole poisonous darts started flying forward, This monster is one of poisonous-demon type monster.


Evading the flying projectiles, I started swinging towards the blue tentacles that were reaching to me.


How many I killed and ate. Succumbing to tremendeous feeling of sleepiness, I laid inside the safe room with a door switch in it, After gulping the water that I took from the lake, I slept like a log.

The switch can be opened even by monsters with knowledge, The low-level monsters here wouldn't be able to open it. Even so, while thinking that I still had to be cautious, I shamelessly fell sound asleep.

「I still have a long way huh...」

However, thanks to that, I recovered my stamina and felt that my body became tougher. Having powered-up this much, maybe its time to challenge the Boss on the 3rd floor.

「Although continue rampaging in this floor might not be so bad」

This third floor had few traps, lots of monsters that its fun. But my goal is to get stronger efficiently, I couldn't waste time on lower floors.

I no longer fear death. However, if I die I won't be able to kill monsters anymore. While drawing safe lines, I want to play in places with enough caution level.

Alright, I'm ready. Let's challenge the third floor Boss.

The third floor boss, Murder Troll. I've been using traps on first and second floor. From this point on, it's a real fight.

I started separating the items from the treasure box that I got from defeating spawns of monster earlier and putting them inside my rucksackk. At the same time, I also made potions that increased both agility and strength and drank them up. Combining my full strength and the buffs, I will challenge the boss.

The third floor had many monsters roaming within, but not even a single monster was spotted near the boss' room.

Murder Troll, a very crafty and violent sub-race of Trolls. It is said that it kills any living creature that came near them. There were no such explanation in the game, but I read it on a compilation about background settings of the monsters of Genocide Reality.

The one who strikes first wins. I charged inside while kicking open the wood door. Infront of me there was a man with a long-sword as long as me waiting. There was no opening. This man is different from the Blue Ogre and Earth Ogre that I've been facing up until now.

A killing demon with green skin. A shiny bald-head and skinny cheek, Deep inside its bloodshot eyes, a light on intelligence could be seen.

Its physique didn't look threatening. It took a stance slightly towards the readied sword. It indeed knew sword technique and quite strong since its arms, shoulders, torso, and thigh, namely its vital points, were protected by steel armor.  My Samurai Sword couldn't cut through steel, so I would had to aim at the gaps in its armor.

「Good work making it this far, Adventurer」

「It talked...」

I was at a loss for words. The monsters that I've faced up until this point didn't speak even a word. I already anticipated it being crafty, but I never even once imagined that it can talk.

「What, is this the first time seeing a monster that can talk? Any monster that has intelligence can normally speak the human language」

「How smart」

I didn't feel any violent killing intent nor does the other side suddenly start attacking. It seems that the opponent got into talking mood. Being caught by surprise, while taking regular breathing so as to not suffocate myself, I answered him while renewing my determination.

「I am not just smart, I am also strong. Killing humans is different from killing monsters that are close to animals. While killing adventurers in real-fight, I grew stronger」

「How many people have you killed?」

「Who knows? I stopped counting when it reached around a hundred」

「You killed alot I see」

He had killed a hundred people should be a bluff. In reality, he shouldn't have killed a hundred people. Its just for him, “many” meant a hundred.

If he really have killed that plenty, he will be too strong for third floor boss. I won't be tricked by him. He was supposed to be a cunning monster.

「Lately, there have only been a few adventurers so I ended up talking too much. Alright then, let's do it」

The moment Murder Troll said that, an amazing killing intent strikes me. The enemy hasn't even moved. As if invited by the killing intent, I swung down my sword.

Clank! Murder Troll's Longsword received my slashing attack. Of course, this is what happened when I recklessly charged.

We continued slashing into each other. As if noticing that I was at a disadvantage, the troll's green face showed a grin. This grin was an intent to attack.


I renewed my fighting spirit, jumped backwards and once again swung down my Samurai Sword in a straight line. Of course, that kind of attack would be stopped.

I did a quick backstep, and attacked one more time. This time I slashed horizontally!

Clank! The enemy blocked my attack with his steel gauntlet. Not bad, one more time!


I drew back once again and repeated the same attack. The enemy groaned while I showed a relaxed smile. It's true that steel armours had a high defense. On the other hand, I, who was wearing leather armour had superior speed.

That's right, I could avoid the enemy’s attacks with ease only relying on speed and footwork. Increasing my number of attacks and keep attacking is how a samurai fight. Hit and Run. I avoided the heavy Longsword which tried to smash me at a hair's breadth.

The Murder Troll who got enraged once again swung his sword which slipped passed me, cutting empty air. I have seen through the opening in his attacks up until now. One more time, I raised a warcry and sliced forward.


A powerful strike, a slash to his side. Of course, the armor didn't let the attack go through, but it couldn't kill the impact from the attack.

His stance crumbled from my attack.Ignoring the shiver on my hand, this time, another side slash from the other side.

His feet staggered from the impact of the blow. At that instant, I stabbed his throat using my sword point with all my strength.

That part wasn't protected by any armor. The attack which I put everything behind it pierced deep into it’s throat.


He swung his Longsword painfully. It sliced my torso lightly, but that was just as far. Murder Troll vomitted blood. That red and black liquid, it's different from those body fluid that other monsters spurted out, it's a real blood.

Energy escaped from Murder Troll's four limbs and his Longsword slipped out from his hand and fell to the ground.


I even forgot to deal the finishing blow. With my sword still stabbed through his throat, I just stopped there. It might be just for a split second, but it felt like a long time for me.

Without any word, I pulled out my Samurai Sword from his throat and the body fell to the ground. This is the feeling when one killed a creature that could talk and had intelligence.

I see. This is probably what the Murder Troll meant that one got stronger the more one killed. The feeling was completely different from killing an animal or creature that simply cried out and ran around attacking.

I could feel with my five senses. Murder Troll, the moment which his throat got stabbed understood that he was killed, and the light of life was vanishing from his blood-red eyes.

I sighed deeply, so deep that I thought my soul might escape from my body. Unconsciously almost falling to the ground, I stabbed my Samurai Sword to support my body. At last, I finally did it.

I killed a creature that possesed intelligence. If I didn't feel anything after doing this, I won't be different than a violent monster. It's not a human, but it understood human language. On top of it, I talked to it once and killed it. That feeling was left on me.

The shock of becoming a killer, that might be GenoReal's third floor's biggest trap.

「Even if you say killing sense」

There was no such thing. It's kill or be killed, I desperately killed it. Just that the feeling that I killed it remained.

…..Aah, I killed a creature possessing intelligence.

I wasn't bothered by monsters’ bodily fluids up until now. However, using the water from the lake that was in the boss' room, I washed my Samurai Sword which was smeared with blood.

The steel armor that the Murder Troll wore was a highly-durable equipment that wasn't sold in shops. It had good balance of weight and defense. Even so, I didn't need it as it didn't fit my fighting style which relied on agility.

For a moment, I thought of bringing this back to Seki, but I shook my head. What am I being weak-spirited for? I was the one who decided to continue exploring. What am I to do, running back to the surface after merely exploring three floors?

I lined up the steel armour on the floor. I won't use it, however there might someone else after me who needed it. There's also a choice of bringing it back with me when I decided to return to surface afterwards.

「Let's see what's inside the treasure box...」

What was inside the treasure box was a strangely shaped curved-sword which looks like a snake. The curved blade couldn't be sheathed, only way to bring it was to wrap it in a cloth and put it in the bag. Even so, this is a great sword. The Inscribed words said; Spirit Sword “Onsatsumaru”

In short, it's an anti-undead sword. It's material was holy silver, the glow of magical power embedded inside was said to be able to shred spirits. For warrior class, there was a similar vorpal element weapon. Whether it was my luck that I got a spirit sword, or it was adjusted to appear in accordance with my class was unknown.

「The fourth floor was an undead zone if I'm not mistaken」

The fourth floor was a zone overflowing with undead. As a safety measure, an anti-undead weapon was waiting here to be found. All that's left is to descend to the fourth floor through the door using the 「Troll's Key」

「Would be best if I replenish myselfhere」

I rummage through the boss room, found another Large Mouse Thigh Meat and consume it, drank a good amount of water, and then got out of the room. I entered the key to the door that appeared on my sight right after leaving the room and descended through the leading stairway.

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