Sunday, January 3, 2016

Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! Volume 3 Afterword

Translator: Nigel
Editor: PervySageChuck, Nate

I want to thank everyone who read GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought Here, Vol. 2: Flame Dragon (1st half). Also, I welcome all new readers. In any case, allow me to assume that everyone here has read the first volume before going on with this afterword.

How did everyone find the first half of the Flame Dragon arc?

The unfortunate Dark Elf girl Yao has made her debut. Itami’s life will certainly be more interesting now. When I was planning Gate, the only girls I had in mind who could make Itami’s life miserable were Tuka and Yao.

My first conception was that Itami would travel the world with a pair of gold and silver-haired Elves and have lots of adventures. Later on, when I started planning Yao, her personality was as dark as her skin, being greedy and vicious, which would give Itami headaches. Her preferred weapon was a whip.

But when I started writing, I could not do it. Yao said, “I’m not an evil woman! I don’t want this! Please don’t make me play that role!” so I replied:

Yanai: “You’re a Dark Elf, right? Since you’re about the same age as Tuka, giving you a wicked personality would make you more charming.”

Yao: “But the impression of Dark Elves as evil is wrong to begin with! We’re just a bit more calculative and ruthless when it comes to achieving our goals. And I’m an honest girl to begin with… *sob*”

Well, when she cried like that, I could not help but be moved.

Yanai: “All right, I’ll change the script. But that means, no matter what role you play, you can’t complain. A big change like this isn’t easy to make.”

Yao: As long as I don’t play an evil character who steals, cheats, rapes and murders. I’ll be fine.”

Perhaps these words were a fatal mistake. After that the character I wrote was the onee-san type Dark Elf, Yao Ha Ducy.

Yanai: “Well, what’s wrong? Granted you’re still dark-skinned, but what’s wrong with the part?”

Yao: “The color’s the same, but why am I so unlucky? My friend even NTRed me!”

Yanai: “Well, you said you didn’t want to be a villain, so I made you a victim. Or would the original way have been better?

Yao: “..........................”

Well, it is a little sad. She’s a good girl, so everyone, please give her your support.

Yanai Takumi.

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