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Genocide Reality Chapter 6

Relationship with Kujo Kumiko

Translator: Rockgollem
Editors: Vysne, Gingery Klaus, Skythewood
Illustrator: On Vacation

When I came out of the bath, everyone was sleeping all across the room. They’ve been through a lot today and were exhausted.

It was night, even in the world which laid outside the curtains. I poured myself a cup of water before taking out my smartphone. It was a little over 7:30 PM.

There was still no signal, but the time seemed to be in sync with how it was in the real world. I looked around the walls for outlets, but didn’t find any as I had expected. Pretty soon, I won’t be able to use my smartphone anymore.

I turned off my smartphone and put it back in my backpack. This would probably be the last time I would turn it on again.

I could feel fatigue washing over me as I drank the glass of water.

“Guess I should go to sleep.”

I snuggled up on an empty bed, but after a while someone snuck inside my quilt. There was no-one who would do this besides Kumiko.

“I’m sorry I woke you.”

“Any person would have woken up. What is it? I’m tired.”

“Don’t boys get more active in their lower regions as they get more tired?”
“Where do you come up with these ideas?”
There was no helping that delusional slut. She was probably going to say she read it in a magazine. I didn’t need to hear about how a magazine for teens had erotic articles in it.

“Say, do you want to do it?”

As she said that, I could feel Kumiko taking off her gown inside the quilt. I stopped her by grabbing her hands before she could take off her bra.

“Stop it. Not in a situation like this.”

“Shouldn’t you be saying we should do it in a situation like this?”

She chuckled in my ears as she took off my clothing. Kumiko had already taken her bra off. The sensation of her soft skin and the sweet scent of her hair brought back memories.

It was the first time I hugged Kumiko. A story from over three months ago.

It was around the end of May, back when I had just enrolled into high school. I was pissed off and sick of the classes that I didn’t want to attend, so I was sleeping in the Special Ed classroom in the old building.

The old building which had been in use until last year, was planned to be demolished soon. It was being used as a storage area for the most part and nobody ever came around. It even had an old sofa lying around, so it was the perfect place to skip out on the classes.

The way the dust glistened in the sunlight through the window gave the room a serene feeling as if time had stopped. I could momentarily get away from everything annoying about the world.

Suddenly I could hear the door open and I rolled out of sight to take a peek. I had no intention of peeping nor eavesdropping on them, but it was inevitable.

It was Nanami Shuichi and Kujo Kumiko. There was no way model students from Class A would come here to slack off like me. They were in the first grade, but were still in the student council, so they could be excused from classes if there were any special school activities. I thought they were here because of that.

“Nanami-kun, please go out with me.”

I almost burst out laughing while trying my best to stay hidden. I never expected to bear witness to the scene of confession between two popular people….

“Is that what you wanted to talk about? If you mean as in for us to be in a relationship, I’m sorry, but I can’t go out with you.”

She was shot down. Really harshly, too.

I pressed down on my mouth with my hands and bit my hands in an attempt to suppress my explosive laughter.

Kumiko probably never thought she would get rejected. She had a blank face as if her soul had left her body. Nanami Shuichi was known for being handsome across the entire school, but Kumiko was a beautiful girl on the same level as him.

They were model students who were both in the Student Council and competed to be the top ranking student in the first grade. There was no other perfect couple that were as made for each other than those two. There were even rumors that they were already going out.

Nanami Shuichi spoke out that harsh rejection “I have someone else I like, so I can’t go out with you” as if he had said it hundred times before. Kumiko turned her face looking as if she couldn’t comprehend, and finally tears started dripping from her eyes.

Why did a nice guy like Nanami Shuichi leave Kumiko in there and just took off by himself that day? And why did someone like me, who thinks that being friends with others as nothing but a pain in the ass decided to comfort her?

Thinking back on it now, it could only be described as fickleness of the heart.

I think I was touched by the scene of Kumiko crying silently all alone in an abandoned classroom. A beautiful girl like that getting shot down so mercilessly was a scene that you might only see once in a lifetime.

Even a bystander like me was shocked. I could imagine how the person who’s actually experiencing it was feeling. I couldn’t help but smile at the fact Kumiko got rejected, but felt sorry and wanted to console her.

While I was secretly watching her, the shaking of her shoulders became more intense. Her beautiful tears flowed and eventually, she broke out into a wail.


It was my first time seeing someone on the ground crying. My heart sank at the sight of a girl who competed for first place in the school on the ground with tears flowing out along with snot, while pounding away at the ground with her fist.

I couldn’t explain it, but something changed within me.

That must have been it. I was planning on hiding until she went away, but I came out as if I was possessed.


“Sniffle…. what do you want?”

“Hey” was a bad choice of words. I knew it.

Kumiko’s eyes, even while crying and squinting at me looked big enough to suck me right in.

“What do you mean what do I want…”

“How long have you been there…. Did you hear all of it?”

Kumiko stood up with a stagger, took out a silk handkerchief from her breast pocket and blew her nose into it. Her ears were all red, probably from embarrassment. She was trying to fix herself up the best she could, but she was too flustered to do a proper job. The normally sharp model student Kumiko looked like a mess.

There was some guilt that I shouldn’t be seeing her in this kind of state, but I think it worked out well in the end. If she was embarrassed, she wouldn’t have the time to wallow in sadness. It was better for her to be angry at me than to cry alone.

I wanted to comfort her to best of my abilities and this was all I could come up with. I didn’t want to see Kumiko cry anymore, so I taunted her.

“Yea, I saw everrrryyyy~thing. The scene of a model student getting rejected is more hilarious than I thought.”

“So you were listening from the start! Kyaaaa!!!”

Kumiko screamed out and rushed up to me. She grabbed my collar and pulled to look face to face. Her eyes, swollen and bloodshot from crying, glared at me.

I buckled back a little at her immense force. This was a girl who was shocked just after getting rejected by a boy she liked. There was no telling what this girl would do in a fit of hysteria.

She was small, but it was dangerous if she acted impulsively. It was a mistake to have fanned the flames.

“No, no, wait. I’ll keep this a secret. I won’t tell anyone.”

“So you’re planning on blackmailing me to do all kinds of dirty things to me in this decrypt classroom while threatening me with the secret. You lowlife.”

It was an unreasonable assumption. It was dangerous if she went around spreading rumors about how I was planning on attacking her.

“No, no! Don’t misunderstand, I just wanted to comfort you.”

“Hee- so your plan was to try to pick up a poor girl who just got rejected by playing the nice guy. That’s such an obvious method. So you were trying to do all kinds of dirty things with me like that! You pervert.”

She grabbed me by my hair and shook me around. Her situation was unfortunate, but the way she interpreted everything started to annoy me.

“Oi, why do you keep making me out to be some kind of villain? I’m sorry for overhearing it, but it was an accident.”

“How convenient for you to have just accidentally witnessed the worst moment of my life. I don’t know what kind of person you are, but the perfect life I’ve lived up until now is over. It’s O. V. E. R. I don’t even care about what happens now, ah ha ha.”

She spat out her words, took her hands off of me and leaned on me with all her weight. Was she planning to pull some kind of wrestling move and grab me by the waist? I had no clue what to do. What’s wrong with this woman? What about her is like an “ojou-sama”? Her mental instability was scary.

“Oi, what are you doing?”

“Ah-ha-ha, ‘comfort me’? How laughable. You probably just wanted to soothe me with some cheap words just to get in my pants. I’m not a bad woman, so have you been targetting me for a while? Well, now you have a chance. You don’t need to do anything so annoying, I’ll let you do it right now. Nobody’ll come around this time, so you can do it quickly.”

What was she talking about. This was getting real scary.

She was acting really, really strange.

Even if I become the bad guy, even if Kumiko blames me for everything and throws a hissy fit, if she was no longer sad, it was good enough. Since things somehow took a turn in this kind of direction, I’d play with her to her heart’s content.

“Then I’ll comfort you. Come over here.”

“So, I’m going to get ravished on that old sofa. In a classroom in the old building… It’s an unbelievable place for the first time.”

After that, on the sofa with creaky spring we had incredible sex……. not. Such an absurd first time wasn’t on my mind either.

I just wanted to comfort a girl who was crying. Some may call it cheap sympathy, but I just wanted to stay with her until she stopped crying. Kumiko, who was crying while burying her head onto me with her arms around my neck was a cute girl.

Her black hair was pretty and had a nice scent coming off it. Her slender and thin body was incredibly soft when you hugged her. Why did Nanami Shuichi reject such a fine woman?

Just who was this “girl I like” Nanami mentioned? There were lots of students in my school, but there were only a handful who were as pretty as Kumiko in our grade.

The most beautiful girls from first grade would be extremely popular. Like Aoi Leona from Class D, who was a model and an idol at the same time. She would always be followed by the so called “Princess” Mayuzumi Kyouka from the reading club.

Or is it someone else from Class A? Or maybe a handsome and popular guy like Nanami was into older women and the goal was the pie in the sky, our revered Student Council President.

If it was a high-spec girl like her, it was only natural that Kumiko would lose. Even though she was pretty, Kumiko was small and flat. She could just not be Nanami’s type. I noticed that Kumiko had stopped crying and was unbuttoning my uniform while I was thinking about these things.

“Wait, what are you doing.”

“But we can’t do it while wearing clothes.”

I sighed. I didn’t mean it sexually when I said I wanted to “comfort” her. For the last time, I didn’t even have an inkling of intention to do something like that with her.

“Don’t give up on your life.”

“Something that would make me give it up happened.”

She was beyond help. She sat on me while pushing me back onto the couch and sent a sharp glare off into my direction. She brought her face close to mine and our lips met. She kissed me without any hesitation.

I couldn’t resist. She even licked my lips.

“.... What are you doing.”

“Fu, fu, what do you mean. This is only the start.”

Kumiko grabbed my lips, moistened by her saliva, and pulled upwards. It hurt. Was she trying to silence me? She chuckled as she pulled my lips around with her pale fingers.

“Stop playing around with my lips. You were crying just moments ago, what the hell.”

“It was my first kiss. It wasn’t bad for me. How about you?”

“Even if you ask me that.”

“It was out of nowhere, so one more time.”

Kumiko kissed me once again. She might have been in a hurry to surprise me once again, but this one was a failure. Our teeth clacked against each other.

Kumiko seemed embarrassed. She covered her mouth and slowly wiggled around on top of me while letting out a small breath. Even if you’re a model student, if you’re not used to it, you can still fail at something like kissing. I smiled bitterly. No, this wasn’t the time to be smiling.

“Oi, that’s enough of that… Kujo-san.”

“We’re in a different class, but you know my name.”

“Well, you and Nanami are pretty famous.”

“Yea… you’re pretty famous, too, Shinjo Wataru-kun from Class F.”

Kumiko looked at me as if she was amused when I showed my surprise. Maybe she thought she had gotten revenge with that. I was wrong to watch the entire scene of her embarrassment after all.

I thought I had laid low in my highschool life, but to get marked out by the student council… this was a problem.

“Why does a model student from Class A know about me…”

“You come to school, but skip out on classes. You’re also known for ignoring the teachers and skipping classes. There are a lot of problem students in Class F, but there’s nobody rotten to the core like you. You’re in first year, too. There’s no way you won’t be noticed.”

I came to a high school I didn’t want to attend, so I did everything half-assed and in discontent. Even when I skip classes, I counted my attendance and didn’t do anything delinquent, but I suppose what she was saying was true. To grab the Council’s attention, this wasn’t planned at all.

“It seems that the Student Council is a very considerate organization, caring for a delinquent student and whatnot.”

“Well, the Student Council in this school oversees students as well. I’ve had personal interest in you as well. I wondered what kind of person the son of a private detective was.”

The mood turned sour as if someone poured water onto me. I complained with a sigh.

“Don’t talk about my dad.”

“Are you angry? You don’t like talking about your parents? My parents are strict, so I can understand… But how fitting. You were just as rude to eavesdrop on my embarrassing moment.”

“I said I’m sorry.”

“If you’re really sorry, then comfort me more. Be more passionate with me and make me forget.”

Kumiko kissed me repeatedly with her eyes still swollen from crying. She was a weak girl, so I could simply push her off, but I couldn’t. Kumiko seemed to have gotten used to kissing with just the lips and pushed her tongue inside my mouth.

Kumiko’s long hair touched my face and I could taste Kumiko’s saliva in my mouth. Her saliva flowed into my mouth from her tongue as if she was telling me to drink it. I even thought that maybe Kumiko’s scent would linger on me for a while after this.

“Oi, that’s enough.”

“What, you finally want to do it?”

“No! I’m just comforting you. Anymore than this is…”

“What are you talking about, Shinjo-kun. This was my first kiss. To go this far and not go all the way is impossible.”

What was she even talking about. I didn’t plan for any of this from the start.

“You’re still not yourself. You understand me? You’ll just regret it later if you do it out of a moment’s passion.”

“So I’m being told off by even a delinquent like Shinjo-kun. Ah-ha-ha-ha, just how much lower will I fall. I was a perfect girl just until that moment.”

Kujo started sniffling again. Her eyes moistened and her bead like tears fell onto me once again. Seems like she didn’t get better when she stopped crying. Her mental instability continued.

“Calm down, Kujo.”

“I’m calm. I said I’m calm. You know I worked really hard since coming into high school. I was even one of the top student when I came here and got into the Student Council with a recommendation. Nanami-kun was still more amazing than me. So I tried my best not to lose, but it still wasn’t enough.”

“Is that so. Kujo, you really don’t like losing.”

“Yea. I did everything perfectly up until today. So I decided if I can’t win against him, I’d just go out with Nanami-kun.”

“What kind of logic is that?”

“I don’t know. However, everybody else pushed me on and wouldn’t I have won if I became his girlfriend and made him fall for me?”

“I can’t understand you one bit, but I can sympathize.”

“That’s something. Anyways, I was rejected…. It was another loss.”

That confession for Kumiko was more about winning than about actually liking him. She tried to win by using her womanly charm against Nanami Shuichi since she couldn’t win in anything against him. It wasn’t something I understood, but I could sympathize with the feeling.

When a man and woman become one, they belonged to each other as well. Maybe she was aiming for that kind of fight.

In the end, Kumiko lost the battle of womanliness as well. That was probably why she said her life was over. It was an abnormal obsession for victory, but a small part of me didn’t want to outright reject that kind of thinking either.

I didn’t dislike people who didn’t like losing like Kumiko. Her anger is proof of the effort she put in. I’m a half-assed person, so you could say I respected people lived to the fullest.

“Well, you can try again and find something you can win against Nanami with. Maybe try confessing again.”

“Mm, it’s okay now. I knew it wasn’t going to work out and I’ve lost interests in Nanami-kun now.”

She was obsessed on winning against Nanami just now, but her interests suddenly disappeared.

“Well, if it works out for you.”

Nanami Shuichi had something like an unapproachable aura about him. He was so perfect, he didn’t seem human. There was almost an impression of him hiding his true self to act like a perfect human.

His story of having a girl he likes might be a lie too. Although he was the centre of everyone's attention, nice and kind, he still kept his distance with people.

Against a man who was as cold as air from a mountain top, a passionate woman like Kumiko got hurt every time she lost against him.

“Yea, so let’s quickly have sex.”

“Why does the conversation keep flowing that way?”

Kumiko seemed happy at my flabbergasted self. Was she making fun of me? Kumiko almost seemed to explode out in laughter but then recited something.

“The way I am, there is one place that I am not whole at.”

“.... Kojiki.”

“Hee… for a delinquent, you know your stuff.”

“Don’t say something stupid. I know Japanese mythology at the very least.”

What Kumiko said was a phrase in Kojiki creation mythology. It has some 18+ contents so I won’t go into too much detail, but it was a scene where Inazami said something about “a hollow place in my body”.

It implies inserting his protruding part to her hollow part. Thus, the gods were born from where it had gone in, and the Ooyashimanokuni, or Japanese islands, were created. Oh, and the gods who created this land, Inazagi and Inazami were siblings. This country really was messed up from the start.

“Why won’t you do it with me? Or are you trying to go for a shaming kind of roleplay? Are you trying to shame me even more?”

“I have no intentions of doing any kind of roleplay with you.”

I had no plans to create the Japanese islands with Kumiko, so I sternly refused. After all, if I think carefully, Kumiko was a really cumbersome girl.

She was not only a model student and a cute girl, but also an attractive woman with plenty of positive qualities. Her regular composed self and broken down self right then, the gap moe might have been enough for me to go with the flow and just have sex with, but I needed to be logical.

I remembered that she was from an old renown family and the princess of the Kujo clan. Amongst all the ojou-samas in the school, she was one of the most prominent one.

Nanami Shuichi was the son of the president of a company which made various sport related goods, Nanami Sports, so Kumiko’s renowned family went well with him. She was not someone fitting for me. Due to my parents line of work, I knew that if I put my hands on a girl from upper-class family like Kumiko, it would not end well. This would not end as a one time deal.

There might be other talks from her family. There were already plenty of problems in my life and I refused to add her to the list.

“Then…. you meant it?”

“I had no intention of doing anything like that with Kujo-san.”

Kumiko murmured “Ok” and finally let me go. She started following me around obsessively ever since.

I realized she was just acting the part of a pure girl, but was truly a wanton woman. She pressed me at every opportunity to sleep with her.

Kumiko started calling me “Shinjo-kun” but soon it turned into “Wataru-kun”. It was the same for me. “Kujo-san” turned into “Kunmiko-kun” in a blink of a moment.

No, beyond that, I started calling her a “virgin whore”. For some reason she was happy about it, saying “Is that a kind of role-play?”.

It became a common occurrence for her to kiss or grope me. How did things turn out this way? I wanted to ask Kumiko how this came to be.

I wasn’t going out with Kumiko and we never crossed that line. We were lying on the same bed right now, but weren’t naked. Kumiko tried to seduce me to the point I wish she would stop, but she wanted me to cross the final line on my own will.

I knew that only too well and held out. That was how this weird relationship between Kumiko and I formed.

“Go to sleep. Now’s not the time for this kind of stuff. You know that yourself.”

“They say humans try to leave children behind the more their life's in danger.”

“Are you stupid, what kind of idiot would die while taking their time to do that sort of thing. Plus, what are you going to do if you get pregnant in this world?”

“I guess. For a love hotel to not have contraceptives, their service is off.”

Still talking about love hotels.

This was just a simple inn. Geno-Real was for all ages, so there wasn’t anything like love hotels in the game.

“You can sleep beside me, but just don’t bother me.”

“Something about doing it outside? You can just do it inside me.”

I gave up talking to her. I decided to just go to sleep whether Kumiko rubbed her body against me or not.

Kumiko really was a girl without a shred of common sense, and I couldn’t tell what she was thinking for the life of me, but she never stopped doing anything she had set her mind to. It was up to me to resist what Kumiko was doing. The best she could do was touch me or kiss me, so I let her do whatever she wants.

“Haa. Sorry, Wataru-kun…. I’m sorry….”

Why does Kumiko apologize every time after she acts the way she wants, but I never said it out loud. She simply buried her tiny face on my chest. Soon, Kumiko’s sleeping breath confirmed that she indeed fell asleep. She must have been exhausted.

It was selfish of me to be clinging to this virgin slut when I had no intention of sleeping with her, but her skin and warmth reassured me.

If I really didn’t like it, I wouldn’t let her touch me as she pleased either, so there was no need for an apology.

I pulled the blanket onto the sleeping Kumiko and gave into the tiredness myself. In the warm darkness, my consciousness fell asleep while listening to Kumiko’s breathing and heartbeat.


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