Saturday, December 26, 2015

Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! Volume 2 Afterword

Translator: Nigel
Editor: PervySageChuck, Nate

To those readers who have just obtained this volume, or who have started reading it, thank you very much.

I started with the same words as the previous volume because I was sure that there would be some people who would want to start with the second part first. I wanted to put three girls on the cover of this light novel instead of men. Yeah, that should be good. Don’t you agree, dear readers?

Speaking of which, if you have any doubts after reading this volume, do read the previous volume after clearing up your doubts. It will be very entertaining for you.

Also, this may seem sudden, but everyone in 3rd Recon were modeled after real people.

Their names have been changed of course, because I could not obtain the original person’s permission to use their real names. The following characters’ names have not been changed.

Sergeant Major Kuwabara was modeled after one of the Sergeant Majors in my unit. At that time, he was around 50. His legs were much stronger than ours as recruits, and although we could still keep up over short distances, for long distances he left us in the dust. He might be an old gramps now, but those legs of his should still be racing down the streets.

Staff Class Kuribayashi was a combination of two ladies.

The first was a female karateka, and her unarmed combat demonstrations were a thing of beauty. She was also as adorable as a kitten. Although her body was a lethal weapon, she was a very nice person. Her personality was taken from the other person.

The second person was a race car driver. After she got involved in an accident and was hurt all over her body, not only did she not learn from her experience, but she kept taking part in car races. Every time we met she would ask, “Have you graduated from otakudom?” I learned to keep quiet because she would drown me in backtalk if I dared to say anything. I think anybody who would marry someone with that personality must be a true hero.

Kurokawa’s inspiration was sometimes called a nurse, but in truth she was a nutritionist. There was also a legend that when she walked into the cafeteria with her pretty face and her flowing long hair, all the noisy people in the cafeteria would immediately fall silent. As long as she was there, everyone would be smiling tensely. The biggest mystery was her hair, or to be more precise, it’s length. After all, servicewomen had to cut their hair short upon enlistment.

The novel “Gate” has its cast showing their personalities and acting against the backdrop of a fantasy world. I would be happy if this story entertains its readers.

Yanai Takumi


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