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Genocide Reality Chapter 4

The Town
Translator: Rockgollem
Editors: Vysne, Gingery Klaus, Skythewood
Illustration: Shadowskyexe

“Shinjo-kun, wait! Where are you going? It’s dangerous.”

“Seki, Kumiko, you guys go with everybody else.”

I looked at the stair leading to above ground and silently did a u-turn. I wanted to retrieve the contents of the treasure chests that weren’t opened. I doubted Nanami’s group would share any gems or gold they find, so I needed to get to it before they did.

Seki Midori and Kumiko following me were probably going to be a hindrance, but I’ll let them be for now. Most traps were already activated and we just ran into monsters not too long ago, so I didn’t expect another set of monster to pop out again.

“If you’re going to follow me, do it quietly and stay behind me.”

I picked up a stone and threw it towards an unopened treasure chest. The treasure chest opened with a loud “whoosh” sound. It looked as if some sort of a trap activated, but was actually harmless. Until the third floor, treasure chests had a pattern to it.

Stone bullets, poisonous needles, simply loud noise to scare people and harmless ones. The treasure chest traps only activated from one of eight different directions around the chest, so you could safely disarm the trap by minding your angle and throwing a rock at it.

“Is it alright to open the chest?”
“I wouldn’t be opening it if it wasn’t alright. Now, help me carry this.”

Since I didn’t have a backpack with me, I wouldn’t be able to carry too much, but opening about five chests would suffice for now. I handed gold and gems to Seki and Kumiko after I scrounged inside the chest. They were quick to stuff their pockets with gold. Without more pockets, we couldn’t carry it all.

“Let’s go to the town.”

“Yea….. this is amazing.”

Seki had a stupefied look on his face and Kumiko appeared to be trying her best to hold in her laughter.

Why are you laughing? This isn’t a laughing matter.

…. well, she always did have a strange personality.


Just outside the stairway leading to the surface was “the town”. There was no other way to describe it. In the dungeon of Genocide Reality, this was the only town. It didn’t have a name either, so there was nothing else to call it other than “the town”.

So, the town looks like this from this angle.

I let out a voice of admiration while looking at the bright sunlight passing through the ceiling. It was the beautiful sight of a neat medieval European looking town built with wood and stone.

Nothing looked out of place, but anyone with sharp enough perception would have noticed that something was wrong. This town had no liveliness about it. The town didn’t have a single residence about it.

There were no homes because nobody lived here. All the facilities made for adventurers were automated. It couldn’t be helped because it was an older game, but there were no NPCs.

It was like a Medieval Europe themed amusement park without any staff. It was a real sight to see the town in person, but I was surprised by something else entirely.

Geno-Real was a limited 3D game, so looking up was impossible. So when I looked up to the sky, “that” surprised me.

I thought this place was above ground. But this town was surrounded with high wall that were square like a Go board, and it certainly was not on the surface.

The real surface existed far up above the walls. This town existed on the bottom of a gigantic stone dug in the shape of a pestle and there was a glass ceiling about 5-6 meters above.

I reflexively threw a rock towards the glass ceiling. The unique sound of “Duuuun” from when magic activated in Genocide Reality echoed and the rock bounced back without even scratching the ceiling.

“Wait, Shinjo-kun. What are you doing?”

“I wanted to test out if I could break that glass, but doesn’t seem possible.”

“Does that mean we can’t climb up?”
“Yea, I thought we were saved when we got to the town, but we’re still trapped.”

Right now was time for lunch, but a full moon was up. Or was full moon during lunch the norm in this world? I stared at the bright full moon in the middle of the blue sky.

I couldn’t reach the ceiling, never mind the moon. We were like birds in a cage.

If that glass couldn’t be broken by magic, then leaving this place by climbing up was impossible. Only place that we could go to was the dangerous underground dungeon.

Nanami’s group was discussing something in the middle of the town. Saying “there’s no signal for the cellphones!” just now, shouldn’t it have been obvious long ago? That shaggy hair game maniac was still repeating “This world is a game, a game world!” excitedly over and over again. Though he knew where the town would be, people didn’t seem to fully trust him  yet.

I was looking at him with ever increasing sense of annoyance and silently screamed ‘teach them how to make a health potion already’. He finally started to show how to use magic to make the potions. People seemed to trust that shaggy hair more after seeing the effect of the potions on the wounded.

That was enough for me. I had no intention of slowing down to keep the pace with those slowpokes. I didn’t plan on sticking with Nanami’s group, so it was time to go solo.

Seki was looking up, so I thought he was just looking at the glass separating us from the outside world, but he was staring at the full moon with a face that looked as if he was about to cry. Maybe he was calculating the angles or the slopes of the moon.

I sneaked behind Seki and brandished a rusty knife towards him. Suddenly, the knife was stopped by some sort of invisible wall. As expected, any sort of negative acts were forbidden in the town.

The tests were mostly over.

“Oi, Seki, don’t just stand around dozing off. Let’s go shopping.”

“Ah, wait for me, Shinjo-kun….”

Seki and Kumiko followed behind me. We headed to the General Store. We needed to buy up all the necessary items first.

“Guys, buy a backpack with the money you grabbed. Remember to buy at least 2 flasks to make potions with, though I’m going to buy 10.”

“Can we really use this for ourselves?”

“You guys earned it, you guys keep it. If I need more money, I just need to head down, so use however much you want. If you have leftovers, put them in the backpack. You can also exchange the gems for money in the shop. You can use them as equipment too, so remember not to sell all of it.”

Gems from the dungeons could be used as substitute in place of mana potions. The king of jewelry, diamonds, could be used for any kind of magic when turned into mana source. Red ruby was for mage type magic and blue sapphire was for monk type magic. Green emeralds gave temporary resistance status boost like poison resistance. There was a considerable advantage from just knowing what each gems did.

For topaz… even I, who was one of the three people who wrote a walkthrough for Genocide Reality in Japan, didn’t know its effects. I ran several English websites through a web translator, but there weren’t any mentions there either. Maybe it had a hidden effect, maybe it did nothing after all. Genocide Reality had lots of items that didn’t have any effects to give a sense of realism.

Also, peridot, which was cheaper compared to other gems, temporarily slowed the thirst and hunger gauge from going up. Also, Lapis Lazuli had a temporary intelligence boost. They were easy to get your hands on, so I decided to sell it all except a handful for emergency.

I was going to search the labyrinth, so I bought some ropes and other detection items as extra. The backpacks sold in the General Store were light and durable. Overall weight didn’t change, but it felt much lighter than carrying around things by hands.

“I’m hungry…”

“Say, Shinjo-kun. About that…”

At the end of where Seki was pointing, there was a familiar red sign with a “M” emblem. It was a McBurger. Even in the US, McBurger was popular. This town looked Medieval from a glance, but there were several parodies like this store in Geno-Real.

“I’ll get the “Thank You” set.”

“When’s that even from?”

Well, it couldn't be helped since it was an old game. The counter looked like a typical McBurger, but there weren’t any cashiers. It was just a vending machine that you needed to press the buttons for. I picked the Thank You set, but every combo cost a single coin. I felt they set the price half-assedly, but took my burger, fries and a drink.

“Delicious. It tastes like the old McBurger before the quality started dropping.”

“Shinjo-kun, you should stop pretending like you know how things tasted back then. Plus, it says it’s made with 100% orc meat on the wrapper…”

It tasted like real beef anyways, so I didn’t care much about it. It was all the same in the stomach. I shoved the salty fries into my mouth while sipping away at the iced coffee.

“Well, since we’re in town, let’s go to the inn.”

“Eh? I was thinking more about taking a break (at the love hotel) with Wataru-kun.”

I was talking to Seki, but Kumiko interrupted. She acted like this every time such a topic came up, so I ignored her.

“There’s an inn, so let’s take a break. We need to take a shower too.”

“You’re right.”

Both Seki and I were sticky with orc blood and green goblin blood. I didn’t know if it was because Kumiko used a spear or she’s just agile, but her sailor uniform barely had any stains on it.

She was a girl, but she fought better than I thought. She evaded all the attacks while fighting. Maybe she had an agility based job.

“Well, that’s the inn.”

“Wow- it’s amazing!”

It was a medieval themed town and all the shop had a sign so you could reasonably guess what that store was for. But inside, all the order menus had Japanese written on it, so maybe it was the Japanese translated version.

Geno-Real had minor difference depending on version or language, so I needed to pay attention to that as well.

“It’s like a love hotel.”

Kumiko said something stupid and I almost sprayed out the coffee I was drinking. The medieval themed building with red roof could have looked like a love hotel, but it wasn’t something that a person with common sense would say out loud.

Though I say that, the interior and the way you picked the room from a panel with pictures of the rooms resembled most love hotels. It was the inn’s fault for having that kind of layout, but how did Kumiko know about love hotels?

“Kumiko…. don’t you think you know too much about love hotels? It’s starting to creep me out.”

“What…. I never went in myself. I just saw it on the TV from dramas!!”

She was a slut, so you never knew after all. She pretends to be pure, but what kind of drama was she watching to have love hotels come out of it?

The fact Kumiko claimed she was a virgin every time was questionable, too. The more the girl pretended she was pure, more suspicious they were. If unicorns were in Geno-Real, I could find out easily.

“Well, seems like Royal Suite room can fit 6 people, so just one room would be enough.”

“Eeeh!! Co-ed is dangerous!”

Seki screamed flabbergasted. From the picture, there were 6 separate beds and it should be fine as long as we took turns going into the washroom.

“It’s more perverted to think about that kind of stuff.”

“Uh-uuh… I guess…”

We weren’t tight on money, but it was not good to waste it by getting multiple rooms either. Plus, I wanted to know what the most expensive room looked like on the inside as well.

“Say, Wataru-kun. Can I bring a couple others?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

Even though Seki was here, I didn’t want to get attacked by Kumiko while using the same room. Kumiko was conscious of others so she didn’t turn into a slut while others were watching. It was better to have other people around.

I wondered who Kumiko would bring. She brought the gentle and calm looking big breasted girl, Saeki Ena and short bob cut Tachibana Mio. They introduced themselves back in front of the class…. or rather, Kumiko introduced them. They were all in Class A, so they must be her friends.

Their head hung low and they came over to me for a casual greeting. They didn’t look as healthy as when we first met and had an empty look in their eyes. They had lost their friend through a bloody arrow through the skull. It was natural to be down after seeing your friend die right in front of you.

I hope it didn’t become a trauma.

“Wataru-kun, I want them be able to take a break, too.”

“Of course. Then let’s go in.”

A key came out after I inserted the gold coins into the love hotel-esque panel and pressed the button. I suppose everything else was up to us after this. I wondered about the making of the beds in case of extended stay, but now wasn’t the time to worry about something like that.

Since clicking a button in front of the bed in game was enough to let you rest, I hoped it was something convenient like that.

I went deep inside the hotel and opened Room 30. It was really like a hotel room.

It felt a bit small for a top notch Royal Suite room, but there was cream-coloured carpet that was soft enough to bury your feet. There were 6 beds with clean sheets and snacks and drinks on a large table with six chairs.

I picked up one of the snack. They were carefully crafted bamkintong (cracker made by mashing chestnut and beans) inside a dried persimmon. I overflew with questions like “Was there chestnut and persimmon tree in Geno-Real” or “who made these”. There were so many things that didn’t make sense.

Inside the closet, there were six sets of underwear and night gowns prepared as well. It was top notch for taking a rest. Definitely a suite worth 30 gold coins.

“The building looked small from the outside, but it’s actually pretty nice.”

“Maybe they made the room by digging out the walls, but there’s something else, too.”

For some reason, there was a wide open beach and the sky just outside the window. It was a liberating ocean-view. From the outside, it was a simple inn made of stones. This interior didn’t make sense, so I decided to check something out.

“Wait, Shinjo-kun, what are you doing?”

“Something like this.”

I smacked the window with the battle axe, but only my hands hurt. It wasn’t hard, but it felt futile, like hitting a rock with a sponge. Was this an indestructible object? Maybe the glass on the ceiling was similar to this. Perhaps the ocean was just a projection.

“There’s a faint scent of the ocean.”

“Maybe it’s olfactory hallucination.”

Since it was Fantasy RPG world with magic in it, this kind of layout wasn’t so strange. It was possible for the ocean to be just beyond that window. Whether it was just an illusion or a reality didn’t matter.

What’s important was that we physically couldn’t leave.

I didn’t know about the others, but I didn’t plan on leaving in the first place. I welcomed this confinement. I preferred indoors gaming than outdoors anyways. I just wanted to enjoy this underground dungeon since I had no regrets about the real world.

“Wait, Wataru-kun. Why are you trying to go into the bath first?”

“What. I paid for it.”

“Ladies first, Wataru-kun. Though if you want, we could go in together later.”

Kumiko smiled mischievously while Saeki and Tachibana smiled with visible exhaustion on their face. Their eyes looked blank no matter how many times I looked at them. I didn't care much for Kumiko’s stupid jokes, but the girls did look exhausted. She was putting it jokingly, but was asking me to let them rest first.

“Then you girls take your time. I’ll get you girls some clothes while you girls are in there.”

“Don’t try to peek in while saying an excuse like that. Though it’s ok when it’s just me in there.”

“Yea, yea, keep yapping.”

“Wait, what about me....”

Seki was shirking over in a corner as if he was interrupting something. You could have sat down drinking a tea or something...
“Well, then you want to come shopping with me?”

“Yea, sure!”

I locked the door as I left. It was a luxurious room, but there was no auto-lock feature. It was truly a weird system. I guess it couldn’t be helped since it’s an old game.


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