Friday, December 11, 2015

Altina the Sword Princess Volume 5 Recap

Translator: Mythos IX
Editor: Skythewood

Regis Auric might be a soldier, but he was ill proficient in horse riding and swordsmanship, and was a bibliophile.

He met a girl with red hair and crimson eyes when he was reassigned to the northern borders.

The girl was actually Beglaria’s fourth princess, Marie Quatre Argentina de Belgaria.
Also known as Altina.

As her mother was a commoner, she was alienated in the palace and was sent to be the border as a commander at the age of fourteen. Though she was not upset about this, she wanted to change the empire because of the citizens who were suffering.

"I need your wisdom if I am to be empress."

Altina shown her strength as a commander and Regis promised to be her strategist despite lacking in self-confidence.

February, the Second Prince, Latreille, who controlled the military, gave an impossible order.

“— to seize fort Volks of Varden Republic and the Germanian federation.”

It was simply suicidal to attack the impregnable fortress with such an inferior force.

However, Regis used a stratagem that he once read and guided Altina’s army to victory.

April, Altina was to return to the capital Versailles

Although Regis who was with her was excited about seeing the palace in which was the stage in numerous stories, he did not have time to go sight-seeing.

The Second Prince, Latreille, and the First Prince, Auguste, have their own plans to gain the throne. In order to get the throne, Altina who was fourth in line must defeat the two.

While Regis was fooled by them initially, he broke through the situation after seeing through the Latreille and Auguste’s plans.

After gaining the cooperation of the New Noble Eleanor, the First Prince Auguste gave up his inheritance rights and expressed his support for Altina to ascend the throne. This resulted in Altina becoming a strong candidate for being the empress.

Belgaria, Empire year 851, 23th April

Belgaria received High Britannia’s declaration of war.

The neighbouring Varden also moved against Belgaria.

“I will end the fight by tonight.”

Regis proposed his plan of leaving the fort to engage in a swift battle.


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