Saturday, November 7, 2015


Part 2

“Hey Jasmine, I got you some food. Let me introduce, this is Sir Baird Bearington. Baird, this is Jasmine, a summoner.”


“Nice to meet you Sir Bearington. What is this, a gift for me? Thank you.”

Baird handed Jasmine a pebble just like the one he gave John. After receiving it, she felt the Baird’s accent became more bearable. Jasmine then stashed the pretty stone into her pouch.


“Well, there is no harm in trying, let’s do it at the rock over there.”

Jasmine then placed her arms between the rock, with the chain resting on it. Baird took out one of his war axe and shattered the chain in one stroke.

“Thank you Baird, this is a big help.”

“Growl. Growl.”

Turning away from Jasmine, Baird gestured at John and then the truck.

“Yup, it would be a tight squeeze for you, but I will feel bad if I make you sit on top, exposed to the elements.”


“Alright, we will give it a shot. Try to bear with the cold though, give me a holler if you have any problems.”

After ending their dialogue, Baird scaled the truck trailer nimbly as expected of a rogue. John shrugged and entered the truck with Jasmine, leaving the grizzly man alone.

John started the truck and drove slowly, trying to make the ride smoother for Jasmine who was eating and Baird who was sitting on the trailer.

He looked at the foldable scythe he placed on the dashboard. In the end, he opt for a weapon he was familiar with, and this was the closest thing to a bladed hockey stick he would ever find.

♦ ♦ ♦

“So… That’s outerhaven? They seemed a little… on edge.”

After driving for two more hours, John’s group reached the outskirt of Meitogear, the border fortress of Outerhaven. Jasmine was surprised by their speed, they actually covered a week’s journey in mere hours. But for John, he was just happy about the absence of traffic here.


“Sorry Baird, the only Pouchimon I have happens to be a wywern, but I haven’t taught it fly yet, so I can’t ride it.”

“How do you teach them skills like that?”

“Just head to a Pouchimon center, buy the skill disc and jam it down their throats.”


“You are right Baird, summoners are weird.”

“Hey, I didn’t choose the summoner’s life, the summoner’s life chose me!”

John turned towards the city said as he pointed to the entrance:

“So, how should we approach that army over there?”

A group of men in formation and flying banners were right before the gate of the city, facing away from the entrance. John counted about 100 columns by 20 rows of armed men, ready to do battle.

“Maybe we can just go there and say hi?”


“Yup, no point in getting taken prisoners, John. How about waiting for them to march off before we go in?”

“That’s one option. What should we do in the meantime?”

“Growl growl.”

Baird growled suddenly and drew his war axes. Sensing something was wrong, John deployed his scythe and took a stance, while Jasmine dodged behind them.

Something came flying at them, but Baird knocked it down, swinging both of his two-handed war axe in each arm nimbly.

Seeing that their attack was ineffective, the three uninvited guest revealed themselves. One of them rushed Baird with amazing speed, but Baird was faster than the assassin imagined, keeping him at bay with impressive speed and powerful strikes.

The other two assassins didn’t join in, taking up a position to deter John and Jasmine from disrupting the duel instead. They seemed confident that their teammate will secure the win for them. John did the same, he knew the best chance he could give Baird was this one on one duel, and joining in recklessly might worsen the situation.

The duel went on for five minutes. The assassin was faster, but not fast enough to get through Baird’s defences, while Baird overwhelmed his opponent with strength, but couldn’t catch up in terms of speed.

As if he was growing tired of the hide and seek contest, Baird suddenly planted his war axes into the ground. He then opened his arms, letting down his guard completely.

“What are you doing Baird? Now is not the time for theatrics!”

“Growl.” Baird dismissed John’s concern.

The sudden change of event made the assassin wary, but after hesitating for a moment, he dashed in and stabbed at Baird’s head.

Baird took a step back, but kept his arms apart, taunting the enemy to attack him. Without missing a beat, the assassin twirl his dagger and stabbed it into Baird’s shoulder instead. He then activated a switch, sending a bolt of lightning into Baird.

When the assassin was about to stab a second dagger into Baird, he was suddenly grabbed by the rogue, immobilizing him.

With a growl, Baird lifted the assassin off his feet and bend backwards, smashing the assassin’s head into the ground behind him. A supplex.

Releasing the assassin, Baird spring up straight as if he was Michael Jackson defying gravity. He pulled out the dagger stuck in him and toss it behind him with a growl.

It hit the second dagger of the assassin, making it burst into an explosion of flames.

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