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Genocide Reality Chapter 2

Translator: Rockgollem
Editors: Vysne, Gingery Klaus, Skythewood

Illustration: Shadowskyexe

As Kujo Kumiko pressed the floor with the mop, there was a sound of small switch being pressed along with sound of gears turning. The floor split open and a hole opened up.

It was a floor trap.


“What are you getting scared for?”

Seki Midori, who was frightened by the sound suddenly hugged me. He’s a man, he shouldn’t be such a scaredy cat. He blushed and smiled embarrassingly so I smiled as well. Well, I guess it couldn’t be helped since Seki gets scared easily.

“S, sorry. But it doesn't look like a particularly dangerous trap.”

“No, it is a dangerous trap. Floor traps are deadly if you underestimate them.”

I stood in front of Kumiko and decided to investigate the trap. I peered in with a torch and figured it was roughly two or three meters deep. The hole didn’t seem to have any walls inside of it. Perhaps there was a tunnel that this trap led to.

“It seems like going down isn't an option.”

I nodded at Kumiko.

Even if we decided to take the risk and jump down, there was no way to get back up. Plus, we didn’t know what sorts of other traps were waiting below. It was too risky.

“It’s too big of a risk to go down without a rope. Plus, if we landed on a pile of rubble, we’d sprain our ankles or dislocate something. Especially in situations like this, when we don’t know if any help was on its way, a leg injury could be a death sentence. This really is a sinister trap.”

Usually, traps are associated with stupid laughter after celebrities fall into them on variety shows. But traps were originally designed to catch animals. From hunting mammoths in prehistoric times, to the more modern era in Vietnam, where traps were an effective and simple way to kill an enemy.

Thus, the person who set this trap really intended to kill.

“Kumiko, be careful. The situation is more dangerous than I thought.”

“If it’s for Wataru-kun, I don’t mind risking my life.”
This extremely hilarious woman was saying something extremely hilarious. So I decided to give an extremely hilarious answer back.

“Ha! Then Kumiko can become my human shield and die.”

“Hey, you’re supposed to stop me. Even if you tried to hide your embarrassment, telling me to die is too much…”

Seki chided Kumiko, who had a flabbergasted expression.

“Well, it can’t be helped since Shinjo-kun is like that.”

“Yea, that’s how Wataru-kun is. I was wrong to expect him to say “I’ll protect you!” like a man with door-in-the-face technique.”

What’s this? When did you guys get so close? You guys seem strangely in tune. I don’t like it.

Just as I tried to speak to convey my displeasure at the two who were shrugging with secretive smile, a rambunctious and carefree group of people came up behind us.

“Oh- It’s Kumiko-chan!”
“Thank goodness. Kujo Kumiko-kun, you were here.”

It seemed like a group from Class A. Even though I never bothered to memorize anyone outside my own class, I recognized the guy who seemed to be the centre of that group. Excluding us, for them to analyze the situation and get this far before the teachers, they truly seem like a smart bunch.

“Oh my, you guys are here too!”

Kumiko already returned to her calm and exemplary student demeanor when she replied to them.

Also, the tall and handsome guy who called Kumiko “Kujo Kumiko-kun” was one of the top students, Nanami Shuichi.

He’s rich, good looking, and ranked first place in the grade. And despite being in the first year, he was a starter in the Basketball Club. I could concede up until that point. However, he caught the eyes of the Student Council President and was appointed as the Vice-President. Even during school events, he showed his leadership abilities. He was someone who didn’t seem real and would only appear in something like shoujo mangas.

Since he has such high specs as a human being, if you were wondering if he had many girlfriends or received many confessions, the truth was that he didn’t get many of them at all. He’s like a pie in the sky. Only those who were extremely confident in themselves would try to go for him. For example, the other student who was also in the Student Council despite being in the first grade.

I remembered that and glanced at Kumiko, but she coldly ignored me. It was probably something she didn’t want to remember, but for me, her lack of reaction made it boring.

Either way, Nanami Shuichi was a boy who was better than others. A natural and gifted leader who leads students better than any teachers. Because he was so noticeable, even though I’m not interested in others, I remembered his full name.

“It’s a relief. I was worried because you weren’t in the classroom. Ara, isn’t that Class F’s Shinjo Wataru-kun and Seki Midori-kun?”

“Hello. It’s an honour for Vice-President Nanami to know someone like me.”

This is the first time I talked directly to him. I was just an ordinary student in Class F and not some exemplary student like him. So it was really strange for someone like Nanami Shuichi to know my name.

“Well, since I’m in the Student Council, I’ve memorized everyone’s name and face. Of course, even if I wasn’t in the council, I would still learn about everyone because we’re all comrades in the school.”

His refreshing and straight tone honestly made it sound like he was twisting his words. Seki looked happy that someone famous was talking to us, but I personally don’t like Vice-President Nanami.

He’s such a model student that it seemed suspicious. Even if he’s not like that whore Kumiko, and his inside and outside was the same, he was the type of person I didn’t want to be comrades with. Well, even if I did say negative things about him, that can become problematic on its own, so I won’t do anything about it.

“That’s that, but this floor trap, just who made something so dangerous…?”

“Vice-President Nanami, there’s traps all around here. So it’s best not to move around too much.”

I warned him and what happened later would not be my problem.

I gently tugged Seki’s hand and left the place.

“What is it, Shinjo-kun?”

“Come back to the tunnel quietly.”

I directed Seki with a small voice and Kumiko followed silently as well. The Class A group was over there and she could have stuck with them…. but oh well.

That place was dangerous. There was no way there would only be one trap. The Class A group that Nanami led, I didn’t care if they were smart or not, were too careless.

It was a trap that could easily kill. If we prowled around there any more, we were bound to fall into one. Since I already warned them, if somebody gets killed after, it would be their own fault.

We’ll thank their sacrifice and not fall into the trap they fell into. Then immediately, something clacked and a door appeared on the wall to the right.

Was that a trap or a hidden passage?

I had to think for a moment before confirming that it was indeed a trap.

From inside the wall, a monster that looked like a pig-faced human charged out.

It was armed.

“Oi! What’s that!?”
“I don’t know! Let’s run!”

I sincerely hoped it wasn’t some pervert with a pig mask. No... Even if it was a pervert, now was not the time to care. There was no way that the creature approaching with a dull gleaming axe, a battle axe, in hand was friendly.

If this was indeed an RPG dungeon, that would be a monster called an “orc”. I could hear the screams from behind, but we ignored them and ran with all our might.

I had no desire to fight an opponent with a bladed weapon while we didn’t have proper weaponry at all. Also, since we knew nothing about how strong it was, fighting was not an option.

“Uwaaaaaa! It’s scary! Shinjo-kun, what’s that!”

“Shut up and keep running!”

Seki was shouting while crying. I thought it was pathetic as a man, or was he the normal one. Compared to Kumiko, who was a girl and running ahead of us, Seki was definitely the weird one.

I was glad she wasn’t one of the crying girls, but she muttered something as she ran.

“Orcs… Could they be the same as the ones from game apps?”

“Kumiko, I never knew you had game apps on your smartphone.”

It was something I didn’t expect from such an exemplary student. It was all good and well that we managed to run away, but we were reaching the end of the tunnel. The only weapons in our hands were the torch in mine and the mop in Kumiko's.

“Even if we keep running, we’re going to run out of room”

“Do you have any idea on how to kill them?” Kumiko asked.

Since we outnumbered those things, maybe we could do something.

“I saw three of those pig faced things and two small green things with horns on their head like an oni.”

“Seki, you were so scared… but you still saw everything, good work. If you don’t have a weapon, pick up those rocks.”

It was better to have rocks to throw than to not have them. Looking closer at the clean floor, there were rocks everywhere on the sides. They were probably for throwing.

If Seki was right, then the enemies would be three orcs and two goblins. Knowing how many enemies there were was important. I should probably look carefully if there’s a next time.

We were already past half the classes and the monsters didn’t seem to be chasing us. Maybe we needed to get help from the other students.

If we estimated there were 30 students per class, there were total of 180 people plus 6 teachers. It was an overwhelming number compared to the opponents.

If everyone fought together, it wouldn’t be a problem, but all the students were split across the hallway and classes. It was hard to imagine them working together to fight. As a matter of fact, it may even cause a panic.

“Well, the basics would be to attack them while they’re occupied with someone else…”

“Everyone, help! There’s something with a weapon coming to attack!”

Nanami Shuichi ran in while carrying a male student who was injured. To carry someone else while running away in that situation, Nanami sure was something completely different. He should rename himself to Cheat-mi kun.

If he was so smart, he should have expected for that kind of situation to happen and had gone prepared with weapons and everything though… Well, nobody with common sense would think that monsters would pop out either. Even I didn’t think that would be the case until they actually popped out.

“Alright, you can count on me!”

A gigantic boy ran over with a mop to respond to Nanami. He was someone famous in the first year as well. What was his face —

Gigantic stature, pony tail, and eyes like an old samurai. He was from the Kendo club and even received an award in the school assembly. He was also infamous for winning the local championship and defeating the seniors in the club who were picking a fight. What was his name…?

“I’ll trust you with it, Mikami Naotsugu-kun.”

“You can leave it to me, vice-president.”

He was called by a rather cheesy nickname: “The Invincible Mikami”. I remember him being in Class C. I don’t know why, but Nanami Shuichi conveniently called everyone by their full name.

“What are you smiling at, Wataru-kun?”

“Shut up, virgin slut. We’re going to be helping Mikami, too.”

It was an enemy we needed to defeat inevitably. If someone strong was going to take point, we had ways to fight back. Mikami from Kendo club thrust the tip of the mop towards the orc at the front of the group that was chasing us.

The orc collapsed backwards while making a sound like egg being crushed. It looked like it would hurt just from the glance.

The orc’s esophagus was crushed in a flash of moment. Probably an instant kill. Wasn’t thrusting banned in high school clubs? As expected of the “Invincible”.

The enemy was divided. They started to scatter and some even began running away. I don’t know who it was from Class A that died, but their sacrifice won’t be in vain.

I burnt the face of a child sized goblin with my torch. All it wielded was a short sword and its movement was slow, as if it was tired from running after us.

The goblin’s face burned with sizzling sound and it backed off while screeching “Keeeek!”. I hit it once more with the torch and it dropped its sword.

Afterwards, I swept at its short legs and stomped on the head after it fell. I continued stomping away until it stopped moving.

They aren’t as strong as I thought. I picked up the short sword and stabbed the goblin’s chest. Most creatures would die from this.

It was a disgusting sensation to kill something with my own hands and the school uniform was dirty with green blood.

“Shinjo-kun, you’re really good at killing…”

“Seki, throw the rocks or something!”

Even though I said that, I knew it was hard to ask a highschool student to just participate in battle. If you weren’t used to fighting, it was something very difficult.

But this was how we won the first battle. I picked up the battle axe from the orc Mikami killed, and offered it to him but he refused.

“I’d rather use something that I’m used to.”

“Alright, then I’ll keep it.”

The battleaxe became mine because Mikami didn’t want it. Considering the battles that would come ahead, I didn’t have the luxury of giving it away.

“Seki, use the torch! You can scare those goblins with torch!”


While I was talking, Kumiko already killed one of the goblins with a mop. I thought I was good at things like this, but Mikami Natsuo and Kujo Kumiko handled the situation beyond the level of an ordinary highschool student.

There were surprisingly many people who were willing to kill.

The two orcs arrived later than the others.

Vice President Nanami’s comrades brought over bunch of mops so we attacked en mass to defeat the monsters. Thus we took down the first 5 monsters. I guess only way we can win for now is with numbers.

From the first encounter, 2 students from Class A died and 1 received serious injury to his shoulder. The injured one would most likely die without any help.

“Everyone, let’s go forward while watching for any traps.”

On Nanami Shuichi’s words, several volunteers were selected to form the scouts. I guess this is what people call charisma. Even the teachers who should be leading were counting on Nanami.

I had a battleaxe in my hands, so I couldn’t avoid being part of the advance group. Vice President Nanami also followed behind.

I really didn’t like acting in a group nor wanted to help out, but I tagged along. It was safe to move as a group and I didn’t have the confidence to go solo just yet.

Should I say, a Déjà vu…
This dungeon layout... I think I saw it somewhere before…

“Seki, you can wait with the teachers in the rear group.”

“If Shinjo-kun is going, I can’t help but follow along as well….”

Is that right.

He may be shaking every time traps activated, but I was glad that I’m his friend.

“Take this for self-defence.”

“Ok. Urgh, it’s a bit gross.”

Seki frowned at the short sword that was dyed in green goblin blood. I’m sorry, but there wasn’t any place to clean it. Still, it was better to have a weapon than not to have one.

Thought best case would be not needing to use it at all. I didn’t care about anyone else, but since I had a battleaxe, I resolved to at least protect Seki.

“Kujo, you’re coming with us….” “That’s good. I was nervous with just us!” “Let’s work hard together.”

The three girls who seemed to have joined Vice President Nanami’s scout group talked to me all at once. We could all die at any moment, but they seemed oblivious to the fact.

It was a bit difficult to have so many girls come around at once, though they came this way after seeing Kumiko.

“They’re all in Class A with me. The one with glasses, long hair and unnecessarily large boobs is Sashiki Ena, the active girl with brown hair is Matou Aya, and the clam short bob cut girl is Tachibana Mio. You don’t need to get friendly with them, Wataru-kun.”

Kumiko whispered into my ear while edging closer to me. She was way too close.

I understood everything she said, but what kind of description was “unnecessarily large boobs”? Well, Kumiko was flat, so I could see where she was coming from.

Even though I didn’t say it outloud, I could feel her glare burning a hole on my face.

Yea, yea, she probably wanted to say explain that it’s not flat, but just really small.

I personally didn’t really care much about how big the breasts of some girl I didn’t know about nor their name. I wasn’t interested in making any friends with other students in this strange place anyways.

The monsters in that trap were not a joke. In a situation when anyone could die at any moment, it was dangerous to be tagging around with more and more friends.

I didn’t want to form any bond with others when I could barely defend myself. So towards the group of girls who were giving me a half-assed greeting, I replied half-assedly myself.

This was the reality.

I couldn’t afford to look out for girls I barely knew.


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    On a typical day the world had turned black for 6 classrooms in a Japanese middle school and they were all 8th graders? They used their smartphones for light to see what had happened and what they discovered were medieval walls which enclosed them similar to a castle's dungeon. An very angsty teenage boy who gives really dumb nick names and is pretty much a genuine jackass walks out to explore the situation with his trusty female featured boyfriend to with no regards in the presences of their class teacher. They discovered the placed turned into an low budget RPG dungeon with a brick wall with torches on the side and no windows. So in this situation they approach it as an low budget RPG dungeon and try very hard to be characters from the manga 'Cage of Eden'.

    The writing is really bad and I can tell the story going to get worst if the author disregards his own titles name genocide 'REALITY'. Where the reality part doesn't appear anywhere and all I'm getting from this shit is Hurr durr haz mazing character can defeat monster easy woo doo too doo disregard death of student bl gg noob woop woop got me submissive waifu no effort get fuck faggots.

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    2. Maybe he is making a genocide of reality (little pun there don't kill me please).
      Also we the readers as the protagonists are too far away from the facts that could have a great psychological impact on the them, which could give them a purpose to change their behaviors and create a character progression. This just kill the part of realism some of us seeks in fantasy oriented novels. Besides, the fact that there is no shock among the students nor the teachers when they saw the orc worsened the feel of realism.
      But I will continue reading it, maybe it gets better.

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      Where will it be posted?

    2. Have you, well, try to search "frostfire10" on google?

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    I love your teams' translation speed, consistency, and great novel choices (aside from this one). What are some of the teams' favorite novels to perhaps consider?

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