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Altina the Sword Princess Volume 4 Chapter 3

Stone Bridge

Translator: Mythos IX
Editor: Darkdhaos, Skythewood, Storm Loki

16th April, evening.

In one out of thirteen rooms that belongs to Margaret.

In front of the huge window that was facing the west, the rays of light from the setting sun shone upon the room.

There was cake and black tea on the table.

The maids stood near the wall, ready to serve.

The owner of the room was wrapped in a fur coat that was larger than the bed.

As she was wearing a skimpy silk dress, her chest and thighs were exposed.

Under the setting sun, her body was dyed red, as if she was enveloped in flames.

It was like she was drenched in blood

Be it her black hair or her amber coloured eyes.

“So, is there any interesting things written in there?”

“My apologies, there is nothing in this report that could be of interest to the elegant princess Margaret.”

Oswald held the report behind him and lowered his head.

Margaret repeatedly curved her index finger, the closest maid then walked to her.

The maid carried a basket of roses over.

“Then, I wonder if Liz was found.”

“... … My sincere apologies… …  Although she appeared in Applewood, she escaped in the end.”

“Ara ara, Liz sure is fast. Or could it be you not having the intention to catch her, hence letting her off?”

“Something like that is…”

“I like men who are gentle~”

“To eliminate anyone who is harmful to Your Highness is my raison d'etre. Hence, it is impossible for me to have any pity for princess Elizabeth.”

“Ara, what a shame. I feel sorry for Liz who is quite unfortunate. Which is why I chose the roses.”

All the roses in the basket that the maid held were dyed red by the setting sun.

But the finer details could not be seen clearly.

It was no exaggeration to say that in this room, only Margaret knew the reason why roses were chosen in this kind of situation.

Oswald did not ask for any clarification.

The more he ask, the more confused he would get.

“It happened this morning. A soldier noticed a girl that looks like Elizabeth in Applewood. However, she escaped with the aid of a boy who is traveling with her.”

“It’s different from what I thought. If it’s a play, she would be captured immediately, following that would be our reunion. Two sisters who are close, turned into enemies. In a play, there should be a scene in which both us part ways. In that play, the main female lead will be someone who is skilled enough to excite the audience.”

“It is as you said.”

“But… … it’s a shame that it’s not like a play … … … That reminds me, it seems that Glenda also went to Applewood.”

“It is as you said, Lieutenant also joined the fight… … but was wounded by the boy that was mentioned earlier.”

“Ara ara, how disappointing.”

That boy seems to be quite skilled——

Who is he exactly? Oswald thought.

Even in the army, Glenda was one of the best. To actually suppressed her in a one-on-one duel.

Moreover, the weapon used was just a dagger.

From the report, it was likely that he was a Belgariane.

Even if he was the elite of the Empire’s army, Oswald was not agreeable with the existence of people stronger than Glenda.

For this war, he gathered information prudently.

New guns, cannons and equipment like swords and guns were made from the new metal. Hence the gap between their equipment should help to boost the probability of victory.

That was what Oswald concluded.

Moreover, they also sold these new weapons to the Grand Duchy of Varden and neighbouring countries. This was not simply for funds.

The practical result was also confirmed.

That was precisely why there was a need to investigate who that young boy was——

Exactly who is protecting princess Elizabeth?

Margaret squinted at the roses which were letting out an aroma.

“How annoying… … Failure upon failure. Failure upon failure, how great, really put me in a good mood.”

“Thanks to Your Highness’ tolerance, this humble servant won’t have to endure shame, however, please grant an me a little more time.”

“I wonder whether Liz will come here.”

“I highly doubt so. Not just Applewood, all of the stations and trains are under strict observation.”

On the surface, it was to keep in check the rebels who might move when the news of the death of the queen spread.

Although the distance between Applewood and the capital was only 100ml(160km), there were dense forests and mountains between them. It would take five days to reach here using a carriage. Moreover, I sent men to various checkpoints. Hence it is not possible for them to reach here.”

“It will be tiring if they walk here.”

“It is as you said.”

Oswald calculated——

If they travelled via the forest, it was impossible for them to reach here within seven days.

Although Elizabeth was outside of his expectation, the plan was still proceeding smoothly as queen Charlotte died earlier than expected.

Furthermore, Glenda only has minor injuries. Glenda would be summoned back, but the knights working under her doesn’t matter, they will be reassigned to hunt princess Elizabeth down . If the boy was settled, the assassination of princess Elizabeth would be far more simple.

Margaret pressed the rose against her lips.

Her tongue licked the rose as if she was licking a wine bottle.

“So Liz is not coming? And I was still thinking about a reunion.”

“Regarding the reunion, I believe it will happen on the Dawn of Declaration when Your Highness Margaret becomes the queen… … … at the state funeral.”

The queen Charlotte’s funeral  would happened on the last day of the Silent Week. The new queen would be coronated the next day.

In other words, before the crowning of the new queen, the funeral of the previous queen must take place.

Oswald gave a deep bow.

Margaret used her lips to pick a rose up.

“Take it.”

“... This is… … a great honour.”

Using a single hand to accept something from a noble was unacceptable.

Oswald put the report on the floor, one knee on the floor and both hand opened.

The rose was put on top of his hands.

Margaret’s line of sight shift to the report on the floor.

“Fufufu… … So the capturing of Liz is a failure.”

“It is as what the report says.”

“Looks like punishment should be mete out to the one who failed, what shall I do?”

“It’s up to your decision.”

“Then a death sentence.”

“... … … Death sentence is it?”

“Fufufu... Yes, a death sentence is good.”

“I can only feel admiration to the decision made by the clever princess Margaret. It is certain that the High Britannia army will be involved in a war few days later—— If one simply neglects the failure of capturing just a girl, victory will not be obtained even with countless preparations. Using the life of someone responsible and meting out punishment will serve as a good warning to the army.”

“Yes, isn’t that good?”

Margaret picked another rose from the basket that the maid was holding.

And plucked out the petals, letting it fall onto the tea.

Red coloured flower and red coloured tea.

She drank the red liquid which was dyed red by the setting sun.

16th April, morning——

No carriage was available.

Bastian and Elise who escaped from Applewood was heading towards the forest.

However, it was impossible for them to reach the capital before the morning on 23rd April.

There were no other methods other than the carriage either.

They were taking a break under a tree, a distance away from the city before entering the forest.

If there was a carriage passing by, they could negotiate with the driver.

If it was pursuers, they would continue to hide here.

If it was in the forest, Bastian could make use of his hearing, so it was safer than the city.

Elizabeth looked at the map that was drawn on the floor, while Bastian sighed.

“It’s far. Even if we managed to get a carriage, they will be guarding the checkpoints.”

“It’s also dangerous in large cities.”

Elise nodded.

“If that’s the case, we can alight somewhere near those locations, though it will get harder to avoid the streets as we get closer to the capital.”

“... … … That’s true.”

Looking at the map, Elise made a difficult expression.

However, the resolve to protect her country was not shaken at all.

That being said, it would be troublesome if they were surrounded by enemies in an open area. No matter how fast they could run, it would be useless if they were attacked from all sides.

Do we really need to travel on foot all the way to the capital?

Elise pointed at the map.

The area was a place southeast of the capital.

“I wish to go here.”

“Is there anything there?”

“The Gray Bridge fort is there。 The commander, Bruno Carlo, is my father’s younger brother. In other words, my uncle.”

“I see… … However, is it really okay to believe him just because he is your relative? In my house, the second brother is someone capable of poisoning the eldest son and sending our younger sister to the frontline.”

“And so the third son escaped oversea?”

“That is so.”

“What an incredible Earl horse.”

Ahh—— Bastian quickly used his hand to cover his mouth.

Still, it’s fine… … … it’s half and half, truth and lies were mixed inside.

Considering Elise’s knowledge, she should have a clear grasp of Belgaria’s affairs. Anyway, she is already aware of it.

Compared to that, the important thing is——

“Is it really fine to trust him? That commander?”

“As he is from a militaristic family, he became the substitute for the eldest son, hence Bruno Carlo joined the military. The eldest son is my father…my diplomat father married my mother who is from the royal family.”

“I see.”

The more amazing someone was during negotiation, the reaction from others would be different.

For those related to royalty, instead of being a soldier, their performance as a diplomat  would be valued more greatly.

In the future, maybe Bastian would request to be a diplomat in Belgaria.

“I don’t really like diplomatic missions.”

“But your use of the High Britannia language isn’t too bad.”

“That’s because I’m someone who is going to write a masterpiece!”

“I see, so it seems that your mother tongue still have a long way to go .”

“That’s not it, it’s just a little bad, probably.”

“Although my power is limited, I will fully support you.”

Elise said so with a smile.

Bastian who felt embarrassed lowered his head

“Uncle Bruno Carlo’s patriotism had been praised by queen Charlotte that if he was 10 years younger, she would recommend him to join the imperial knight. Even though he is a soldier, he is a pacifist. The distance between the capital and the fort is one day of travel. If he dispatch soldiers to escort us, we should be able to make it on time.”

Bastian assessed her words a little.

True, with only me protecting her all the way is a little tough. If there is someone we can rely on and is not far from the capital, if he has the soldiers, we can really reach the capital safely.

“Looks like there’s no other choice… … I only pray that your uncle is trustworthy.”

“Although he’s already fifty, his body and heart is still healthy. I believe he will help us.”

“I get it, since you already said it that way. Then, let’s proceed to that fort.”

After the discussion, they harvested some aralia in the forest near the road while waiting for a carriage.

Although salt was required to cook this properly… … … It could be eaten directly. It just would not taste nice.

Although he could not let Elise eat these kind of wild sprouts, Bastian was taught by his grandfather when they went for a hike.

If there’re a few more days to spare, I would really cross the forest to reach the capital.

The road during the morning was different than when it was during dawn.

Just as they were getting impatient——

A wagon that was pulled by two horses was moving towards their direction.

On the driver seat was a man with beard.

There were no guards at all. Perhaps the goods in the wagon was not much, or that the driver was confident of his own strength.

Whatever is fine, Bastian revealed himself.

“Excuse me!”

“Ah!? Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!”

Seeing someone that looked like a student appearing from the shadow, the driver stopped while being cautious.

Bastian ran towards him and lowered his head.

“Can you do us a favor!? We need to rush to Gray Bridge Fort! Please allow us to travel together with you!”

“Gray Bridge Fort is it? Although we will pass by cities on the way to that fort… “

The man said so with a heavy accent.


Bastian clasped his hand together and raised it.

His knowledge of the geography of this region was based on the map drawn on the floor, but as long as they hitch this carriage who was going towards that direction, they could try their luck.


Elise also lowered her head.

The driver rubbed his beard.

And narrowed his brows.

“Please move aside, you need a carriage desperately right? Then there should be some available in Applewood.”

“T,that… …”

Bastian stepped forward to replace Elise in speaking.

He whispered into Elise’s ear.

“... Leave it to me… I have an idea.”

“... That will be a great help.”

Bastian straighten his back

And faced the driver.

“We are Holy knights, fighting against the knights of darkness. However, due to an evil warlock, we were thrown out here. If we do not return to the fort quickly, this country will be doomed. You should help us out.”

Elise knocked him away with a violently.



As Bastian was not aware Elise coming, he fell flat to the ground.

Keke, Elise coughed a little.

The driver gave them a strange look.

“... … The Holy… … what?”

“My apologies. This person here has the habit of weaving stories… but, he, he is someone important to me.”

Elise’s face redden.

“... A,actually… we, are in the midst of eloping!”


Elise kicked Bastian’s shin as he yelled and attempted to stand.

“This fool isn’t that promising, even I’m not clear about myself… But him as a student, and I, who is a daughter of a noble… fell in, l,lo… that… l,lo…”

“So you two fell in love?”

In response to the driver’s words, Elise nodded her head.

“That’s what happened… but my father does not allow me to be with an Earl with terrible personality.”

“Hmm… Ahh, things are very suspicious recently, the nobles are also problematic.”

“At Gray Bridge Fort, I can rely on my uncle. No matter what, please allow us to travel together!?”

Elise pleaded.

The driver fell into thoughts while rubbing his beard.

Elise looked at him with a serious gaze

Be it elopement or engagement, she has already resorted to these excuses.

However, her resolve to follow him all the way was real.

Her being so desperate was not just for herself, but also for her country’s future. Bastian also thought that way

While squatting down, their eyes were focused on the driver.

The driver rubbed his beard while pointing behind, towards Applewood.


“I,is that a no?”

“Get in the wagon behind. If a noble boy and girl are to sit at the driver seat, it will be eye-catching.”

“Thank you very much!”

Elise bowed deeply.

On the other hand, Bastian was wondering if he had ever receive such gratitude before.

That night, they slept in the open besides the wagon.

Though they couldn't guess the driver's age because of his beard, he was probably in the business of transporting cargo for quite a long time as he was accustomed to traveling.

“An inn? if you stay at that place your earnings will disappear. As for the bonfire, it's troublesome to take care of the fire, so it's best to just sleep at night”

They ate preserved food for dinner, the driver drank alcohol but, he gave the teens the same water as the horses. It was water drawn from the river, but they had no place to ask for luxuries.

He also kindly lent them cloths to protect them from the cold.

Bastian wrapped himself with the stiff cloth and lied down under the tree.

Next to him, Elise was doing the same.

The driver slept under the wagon's hood.

“The stars…”

「……What’s wrong?」

"...In the past, I got angry and ran away from the grand chamberlain and went into the mountain. I didn't go back even after night falls. At that moment, I looked at the sky just like this."

The night sky could be seen in between the vegetation, it seemed possible to reach the glittering stars with their hands.

Elise changed her posture.

It could be heard the sound of the cloth rubbing.

“... I ... I never looked up at the sky like this before.”

“I see…”

He suddenly looked at the side.

The glimpse of the side of the girl's face bathed in the moonlight was very sublime.

Bastian muttered unconsciously.


“.... The stars are so pretty at night.”



Elise looked at him.

Bastian feeling embarrassed turned his back.

“I... I talk a lot when the starry sky is beautiful... Well, let's sleep, we could get a lift on a wagon but we can't be unprepared.”


Soon, the breathing of sleeping people could be heard.

For only a little today, they took time before they slept.

On the 17th, it started raining since dusk.

The driver prepared a place for them to sleep on the wagon.

Although the goods would be drenched if left outside, he said that it would be troublesome to catch a cold instead.

On the 18th, it kept raining.

A carriage wheel came rolling towards them on the road.

Although the other party was shouting to stop the wheel… Bastian actually chased after the wheel and got it back.

April 19th, they encountered soldiers who were doing checks.

Bastian grabbed Elise and escaped from the wagon without being noticed by the soldiers.

They hid in the forest to avoid the check.

They thought they won’t see the wagon again, but the bearded driver was waiting for them ahead.

April 20th, the sky finally cleared up.

Even though it was spring now, it felt like summer.

Gray Bridge Fort was located on the side of a rocky mountain. Although the steep slope was not so elevated that climbing was impossible. It was possible to use siege weapons and cavalry only on the rather flimsy platform halfway up the hill

At the foot of the mountain was a vast city.

Two different streams looked as if they were engraved onto the mountain. Because of the recent rain, the volume of water was more than usual, letting out a sound as if flow down the mountain.

Under the effect of the setting sun, shadows were pulled as if they were indicating the direction of the road from east to west.

Walking out of the forest, they could no longer hear the sound of water flowing.

At the entrance of the pathway stood an enormous stone bridge.

It was a rather old bridge, but it made people feel at ease.

The driver pointed at it.

“This gray bridge is the origin of this city’s name.

“I see. So that’s the Gray Bridge…… It seems usable.”

Seeing Bastian who seemed to have thought of a new special technique, Elise had a helpless look.

“Are you still fantasizing?”

“For the future masterpiece, normal way of thinking is not required.”

“Although nothing much happened since Applewood, but we still need to be cautious.”

“Leave it to me, I’ll protect you.”

“Ah… er… I’m not talking about that. I mean you, Bastian, please don’t get hurt.”

“Hm? Ah, okay.”

Bastian did not seem to be too concerned about it.

Although nothing much happened, there was still the probability of getting injured in the future.

The wagon went past the bridge as the wheels rattled.

Bastian and Elise who were in the wagon were looking around from the inside.

Although there were people in armour that looked like mercenaries.

There were no soldiers in High Britannia uniform.

It seemed that they have yet to catch up.

Gray Bridge City was very disorganised. There were several small roads extending out from the town square, but there was not a single road that could be called as the main road.

The black flag that was hung was the evidence of the Silent Week mourning.

If it was the capital, most shops would have closed. However, it was not so for cities that were further away.

Stalls were set up disorderly on the narrow road as customers walked while avoiding one another.

“It feels quite messy here.”

“That’s rude, Bastian.”

“What is going on around here? It feels like there was a war here. Merchants are gathering together as if this is a busy market. Although it’s a lively city, it’s quite chaotic.”


Elise added

“Because Gray Bridge city is in between the two river. Furthermore, there are mines over there and the precious metals dug up are made into ornaments.”

“So it seems that the ornaments here are quite popular.”

“That is so.”

During parties in the palace, the noblewomen often talked about jewelry.

Maybe they mentioned this city by name before.

Knowing the reason what the city was famous for, they were charmed for some reason upon looking at the bustling street.

The driver stopped at one corner of the town square.

“It’s great that you two are fine.”

This was the first time they saw him smile.

Bastian and Elise alighted from the wagon and bowed deeply.

“I’ll also thanks you on behalf of my uncle.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine… It is great that lovers can stay together. Take care.”

“Ah… … …”

Elise who lied had a sad face, just as she was about to say something,

Bastian stretched his hand out and stopped her.

The driver swung the reins and the wagon that accompanied them for five days just left like this.

The rattling of the wheels blended with the noisy streets.

Eventually, it disappeared into the shadow of a building.

“There’s no need to brood over this.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Raising their head, they could see the fort on the mountain.

It was not inferior to the bridge in terms of age and sturdiness.

Subconsciously, Bastian began wondering about ways to attack the fort but he shook his head to push away those thoughts.

From the foot of the mountain to the fort, it was quite a distance away.

Bastian looked for his pocket watch.

“I wonder if we can reach before dinner…”

“If you’re hungry, it’s fine if you look for food here.”

“But we don’t have any money. Unless you are going to sell off your dress after the handkerchief.”

Elise’s face redden.

“You’re shameless, Bastian!?”

“I’m just joking. Hm? Huh?”

“What is it?”

“Well… … My watch… … seems to be missing… …”


No matter how he search, he could not find the watch he brought from Belgaria.

Haa, Bastian sighed.

He was sure that he took it with him as they left Applewood.

During those days, he did not ran around, neither did he stay in any cities.

Even the people he came in contact with were countable.

Elise looked depressed.

Bastian tilted his head, took out his sunglasses and wore it.

He then laughed.

“Well, it probably dropped on the way here.”



A smile appeared on Elise’s depressed face.

“Nothing, so you actually have this kind of image… …”

“Well, Let’s go quickly! I would like to eat something warm  today!”

“Fufu… That’s right.”

Bastian stretched his hand out and held Elise’s hand.

With their hands together, they continued to walk towards Gray Bridge Fort.


A few days before Bastian and Elise reached the fort

This happened on the night of the 19th.

“Pardon me."

With her forehead wrapped in bandage, Glenda gave a bow..

This was Oswald’s office in the capital.

Books and data were lined neatly on one side of the wall. In addition, there was a large work desk.

In the middle of the room was a conference table that was used for strategic discussion.

On the table was two map, one of the map was of High Britannia’s neighbours and another was of its own territory.

The owner of the room, Oswald, was standing beside the table.

A girl in a dress used that table as a chair

Princess Margaret.

Although there was no sofa and such, there was a leather chair in front of the work desk. However, she chose to sit on the hard conference table instead.

She also sat on the map.

Leaving aside the table, beside the walls were Margaret’s maids.

The attire they wore today was the normal maid clothing.

The maids shifted their sight to the person who just entered.

Even though they were of the same gender, the maids have a strange feeling considering that Glenda wore an armour that produced a grinding sound.

Even in the capital, Glenda was still wearing armour.

She then gave a bow as per normal.

“Lieutenant Glenda Graham reporting.”

“You did a good job.”

Just like always, Oswald’s subordinates were polite, not even once were they rude.

Margaret looked over happily.

Although she was not that tall and was sitting down, sitting on the table causes her line of sight to match Oswald.

“Ara ara, what is going on, Oswald.”

“What is it, benevolent princess Margaret.”

“Glenda is right here.”

“That’s because this minor servant has a new mission for her, hence I summoned her back from Applewood.”

“Fufufu… … I remember saying that it would be death sentence for those who failed their mission. How weird, what is going on here~”

She seemed to be in a good mood.

Having this kind of unexpected situation made her happy as she always get whatever she want. It was boring when things always go the way as she wants, hence she wanted something to stimulate her.

Margaret stared at Glenda. Her beautiful amber eyes looked as if they were giving off light.

It was beautiful indeed… … However, that look of her was scary at the same time.

Glenda was ranked within the top ten in High Britannia army. She was a courageous knight, yet she could not hide nervousness.

Princess Margaret was not simply a princess.

Be it a soldier or a citizen, none had her level of authority.

Even if she ascended and become the queen, she could not simply punish a soldier or a citizen on a whim.

For a punishment to be meted out, it need to be recognised by the senate. If more than twenty-four out of thirty people in the parliament objected, the queen’s order would be void.

Normally, that would be the case.

That said, Margaret was special. Her orders would become reality. Oswald was just a colonel, over that rank would be major general, lieutenant general and general. None of the staff officer in the capital’s Headquarters were present.

However, his authority could affect the entire High Britannia army.

Margaret reviewed her situation.

She was looking forward what Oswald might say. That high ranking officer with the gift of the gab was unusually quiet right now.

Glenda gulped.

And lowered her head.

“M,my sincere apologies!”

“Why are you apologising? Is it for letting Liz escape at Applewood, or for not being able to track Liz’s shadow? Perhaps you are apologising that you were born?”


“You can’t do that, Glenda. You have such a beautiful face, so don’t make that scary expression.”

“Ugh… … I will capture the boy who was with Elizabeth to atone for my mistakes.”

“Ara, you don’t have to mind about it. Compared to that, how I wish that I can meet Liz earlier.”

“... I understand.” At this moment, Oswald finally joined the conversation.

“Oh gentle princess Margaret, please allow this minor officer to give a detailed report about the death penalty.”

“Fufu… Let’s hear it. It’s fine even if you care more about your subordinates more than me.”

“How could that be. The execution was carried out against the one person responsible to serve as a warning for the entire army.

“Ara ara, how incredible, what actually happened?”

“Although the wise princess Margaret already knew, allow this minor officer to add on… … The commander for Applewood isn’t Glenda, she was just a lieutenant while the commander was a lieutenant colonel.”

Ahh—— Margaret nodded.

It was as if she also enjoyed it.

“What a shame that you avoided that. I wanted to see you with a troubled face… … Looks like my effort was wasted.”

“Minor officers like her are just like the stones along the road. There is no need for the great princess Margaret to pay attention to such person.”

Margaret shrugged and called the maid who was beside the wall.

The maid brought a cup to her.

Oswald entered into the main topic.

“Lieutenant, compile the soldiers’ reports. I believe princess Elizabeth will not come here directly.”


Glenda straighten her body and nodded.

She recovered back to original state.

“Princess Elizabeth has to return here before the 23rd morning, that is something everyone knows. Since she can’t use the train, the only option is the carriage. Even if that’s the case, there are still some limits... “

He traced his finger on the map.

Oswald’s sight was on a certain location on the conference table.

Margaret was sitting on the map, drinking black tea elegantly.

However, Oswald continued to say as if nothing happened.

“... … That limit is breaking through the capital’s encirclement. it is something that a sole boy is unable to do.”

Glenda was quietly listening while not moving at all.

Margaret complained that it was a little warm, causing the maid to keep apologising.

I see —— Suddenly, Margaret asked a question.

“Hey, Oswald.”

“What is your order?”

Even though it was sudden, his reply was immediate.

“Will Liz really go there?”

Oswald’s sight fell onto the place where she was sitting.

“Based on my conjecture… I believe they are heading towards Gray Bridge Fort.”

According to the reports,

Elizabeth’s network

And her geographical knowledge.

Considering all these, there was no other places they could go.

Normally, they would give up on returning and escaped. The possibility of her relying on the boy and escaped to Belgaria was not nil… … But she was not someone who would do that. Otherwise, she would not risk herself and appeared in Applewood city.

“Gray Bridge Fort?”

“That’s right.”

“Fufufu… … In other words, it’s quite near here.”

Margaret repositioned her legs seductively.

One could almost see inside the short dress.

Oswald was expressionless.

While Glenda froze on the spot.

In between the high quality dress and her snow-white legs was the map showing the area around the capital Queen’s Tower.

Towards Oswald who did not show any expression, Margaret looked upwards.

“Fufufu… … Gray Bridge, I wonder where is it at~”

“As per the noble princess Margaret’s question, Gray Bridge fort is over here.”

Oswald pointed at the map with his index finger without any hesitation.

His finger could somewhat felt Margaret’s temperature.

It looked as if the finger was inside of her dress.

Margaret raised a nasal voice.

“Ah… … It’s closer than I expected.”

“Although one cannot travel via train to there, a carriage will take one day to reach. Travelling on foot requires five days.”

“So… Glenda will be dispatch to there?”

“That’s right. Furthermore, a musketeer squad will be dispatch. If necessary, they can aid in capturing princess Elizabeth alive.”


“Towards the magnanimous you, I will not disappoint you any further. Please wait for the good news.”

“Fufu… I hope you keep your promise.”


For a moment, he was at a loss for words.

Margaret stretched out his hand, touching Oswald’s cheeks.

A warm smile appeared on her face.

“I want to go there too. I had enough staying in this boring place.”

“I understand… Everything will be as you wished.”

As his face was held by Margaret, Oswald could only reply with words as his body and head could not move.

Not noticing when, Margaret released his head..

Margaret jumped from the conference table elegantly, causing the dress to flutter.

The maids were still like statues all this time, and just started to react when Margaret started to move.

She was like a wild cat, agile and lively.

“That’s great, Liz, that’s great. I’m so happy for you. What shall I do, which dress shall I wear? Which one, I wonder? I can’t present myself negligently.”

The maids followed Margaret and left the office. The room finally returned back to the usual atmosphere and quietness.

Oswald rubbed his forehead with his finger and sighed.

He looked at Glenda, who was red in the face and ears.

Although Glenda was older than him...

It was cruel to compare him and her that way.

“... … Just leave this to the musketeer squad and Margaret’s guards.”

Oswald gave out the paper orders that he already prepared.

Glenda opened her eyes wide.

“Eh!? Could it be that your Excellency thought this might happen?”

Although it was a little arrogant, she was not wrong.

Oswald shrugged his shoulders.

“Only fools will fail to bring an umbrella just because it’s not raining.”


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