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Altina the Sword Princess Volume 4 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Princess Elizabeth

Translator: Mythos IX
Editor: Darkdhaos, Skythewood, Storm Loki, AMetroid

In the morning when the visitors arrived.
In the midst of the morning fog, the female dormitory door was knocked.

St. Edward Independent Academy was surrounded by old walls that were damaged during a war in the past, and were preserved with the damage as such.

There were times when ruffians broke in.

But bandits would not knock...

The female dorm manager was a veteran from the military. She opened the door in her sleepwear with a longsword that was passed down from her ancestors in her hand.

There were six knights outside the door.

Instead of their usual red cloaks, they were currently in a black outerwear.

“We apologise for disturbing you so early. We are knights under Queen Charlotte's direct service.”


The dorm manager could tell they were real knights from their manner and built.

Needless to say, they also had the pendent that represent the Royal Coat of Arms. There was no reason for her to doubt their firm gaze and serious tone.

The knight at the front spoke.

“Is there someone here named Elise Archibald?


Only the dorm manager knew Elise’s real identity in this dorm. Precisely because of that, she knew that Elise’s destiny had come even though she was still a student.

“Madam, do you understand the current situation?”


“Then I will cut to the chase. I hope that you will bring us to princess Elizabeth Victoria’s room.”

The door to the one calling herself Elise—— Elizabeth’s door was knocked.

She had finished tidying up and opened the door.

The six knights knelt and bowed to her beside the bed.

Other students who were curious wanted to find out what happened, only to be chased back to their room by the glare of the dorm manager.

The students were of an age full of curiosity, moreover, their school lives lacked excitement. Hence, there were still a number of people peeping from their door.

It seemed impossible to hide it completely.

However, the knights were not bothered at all.

“Princess Elizabeth, we apologise for our sudden arrival due to this urgent matter. Please forgive us.”

… Did something happened to Her Majesty?”

“The health of Her Majesty is weak. The chief doctor concluded without any

“What!… …”

“Please allow me to present this from Her Majesty.”

He took out a box covered in sapphires.

Elizabeth took the box with her left hand and opened the box——

It was a rose ring.

It was the symbol of the High Britannia Royalty. The royal symbol was engraved on the ring while gold was used to craft the rose.

“Does this mean that... I have to become... the next queen?”

“It's the will of Her Majesty Charlotte.”

The knights were like silent statues, waiting for a reply.

Elizabeth hesitated.

Accepting the ring meant that she could not live a normal life anymore.

She would not be able to go to school.

Moreover, she would have to carry the fate of the whole nation on her shoulders. She would obtained great authority, but at the expense of her freedom.

… … Because it’s my duty… … … I won’t run from it.”

She picked the ring up and put it on her left hand ring finger.

The ring was slightly bigger than her finger.

Just a slight movement would cause the ring to fall off unless she held it tightly.

“Looks like the ring is a little too big for me.”

For a formal succession, the parliament has to acknowledge you… … However, according to the traditional ways of the royal family, at this moment, Lady Elizabeth, is already the queen of High Britannia.”

In short, she was not recognised as the queen by law, but was recognised as a queen according to the traditions.

As the knights valued traditions, they were already treating Elizabeth as a queen, and simply conveyed this to her.

The knight pulled the sword out of the scabbard from his waist.

And place the tip onto the floor.

“Although it isn’t the castle here and the ceremony is simply without witnesses,… … we swear on our honour as knight, to be loyal to Lady Elizabeth forever.”

The girl nodded.

“I appreciate that. This nation and I, will be left in your care.”

“We’re willing to do so even if it cost us our lives!”

The knights’ hand were together, bowing their head down.

After that, they immediately kept the sword back to their waist and had a serious expression.

“Although it’s a little rushed, please return to the castle, Lady Elizabeth.”

“To see the queen?”

… That will be the best scenario.”

The knights’ expression conveyed the bad situation to her.

According to High Britannia Law——

After the death of the queen, seven days would be spent mourning, which was also known as “The Silent Week.”

After the mourning period, when the parliament recognised the selected candidate, she would be the new queen.

Also known as “Dawn of the Declaration.”

“In other words, we have to return before the Silent week… … Is that it? Is it in such a severe situation?”

They were racing against time.

The knights fell silent.

Elizabeth looked back into her room.

The study table which she was used to, the uniform on the wall and the bag she used.

In addition, a boy face surfaced in her brain.

It was silent for a moment.

Elizabeth raised her small head, all the thoughts she had vanished.

… We must set off now.”

“Yes. I believe that the men sent by Margaret will not expect Lady Elizabeth travel to the castle so swiftly.”

The knight who was at the most back spat out spiteful words.

“Those people have the thoughts to trample you, Lady Elizabeth.”

Although the other knights tried to quiet him down, the words he used show that he was already controlling his emotion the best he could.

Elizabeth nodded.

“In other words, you mean that they will try to assassinate me?”

“We will not let that happen, if anyone tries to do so, we will show no mercy. Originally, we should have come with the royal carriage, but considering that the trip will take five days… … We used the steam-powered vehicle that only requires one day to reach Applewood.”

“Even though you are all knights, you used the steam-powered vehicle?”

This was certainly outside her expectation.

The imperial knights would do things with formality as they were very particular about it.

The knight has a proud look smiled.

“The men sent by Margaret will not expect us not using the carriage. We came by horse from Applewood station and had prepared a carriage there… … Although this does not suit you, princess Elizabeth.”

“I have yet to be acknowledge by the parliament. A loaned carriage is fine.”

“I’m grateful for that. We will be sitting the steam-powered vehicle back to the capital while Margaret’s men continue to chase after the royal carriage.”

According to traditions, the new queen would use the royal carriage to enter the capital.

However, the situation right now does not allow it.

Elizabeth’s hand was stretched towards the closet at the room's end.

“I’ll be ready in a moment, please wait for awhile.”

The six knights lowered their head together.

Not long after that, the girl name Elise, queen Elizabeth boarded the carriage and set off towards Applewood station.

From behind, the school clock resounded.


Out of the dorm to the road that was surrounded by the walls, a large number of students already enter the school buildings.

Bastian was walking to his classroom while trying to stay awake.

His sight stopped at Elise’s seat.

How strange, for her not to be around.

Usually she would come early in the morning to study or clean the room alone, even though she does not have any social activities.

“Hmm… …How rare for me to have inspiration for the story yesterday night.”

Bastian dusted his bag.

Inside was the masterpiece he spent the whole night to write.

The print by the bull was still there.

“Hu… … Hurry up and come, you will definitely be moved after reading it!”

Although he spoke quite softly to himself, the surrounding students had an surprised look.

However, Elise did not appear.

The girls looked at Elise’s seat and was whispering something.

They looked quite focus.

As Bastian did not have many friends, he was sensitive to negative mood.

If want to do, just do it, actions should be taken!

Bastian went and talk to the girls who were whispering.

“Hi, do you have a moment?”

“Eh? Ah, okay.”

They actually listened to me.

Foreigners are great!

According to Belgaria’s palace etiquette, if one interrupted a noblewomen's conversation, everyone's face would pale, and the one who interrupted them would be very awkward to the point that his body would feel like it was sent flying.

Strangely, the nobles were afraid of Bastian.

In this school, those things won’t happen right? It should be okay to have a normal conversation.

“Elise, did she catch a cold?”


The girls looked at each other.

And were speechless.

“What is it? Is it something that has to be hidden from me?”

“I,it’s not really that way… …”

The girl’s face was slowly showing fear.

Not good.

He maintained an image of a serious and kind young man at this school.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Can’t you tell me about it?”

“T,that… … Lady Elise, she…”

“Lady Elise?”

“Yes. Lady Elise is actually princess Elizabeth Victoria!”

Bang bang! Following the momentum of such sound, the girl replied.

The class was filled with surprised sounds and sighs.

Bastian went “okay” and nodded his head.

“Ahh, is that so, then? The reason why she didn’t come to school is a cold right?”

“Are you not surprised!? Ah, could it be that you knew it!? After all, the relation between you two seems rather good.”

“No, I didn’t know at all… …”

The people around him gave a astonished look.

Oh no.

Not being surprised after hearing that our classmate is actually a High Britannia princess is a big no!

“A,ah! T,that surprised me!”

… … To a  Belgariane like you, High Britannia Royal family means nothing to you, hmph.”

He was given the cold treatment.

Moreover, his whole class was starring at him. The stares hurt.

“T,that’s not it.”

It’s not that I’m looking down on this country—— How do I say, that girl and I are similar—— Thinking this way, rather than being surprised, we will resonate with each other instead.

Still, you’re also a Belgaria Nobility, even if your actions are wrong… … … Lady Elise isn’t sick or anything.”

“Then, why is she not coming to class?”

“The knights have come to fetch her. She should be heading towards the capital. It must be that she’s becoming our nation's new queen!”

The girls were quite excited as the topic slowly changed.

Once again, the class got noisy.

Having the queen as their classmate was a huge honour.

Some were worried about their attitude towards her.

Those kind of thoughts were also mixed in. Talking about that, Dick and his followers had pale faces.

As they often put Bastian in a tough spot, there were several times they argued with her, hence their reaction was normal.

“Eh? Ah, wait a moment, in other words, she won’t be coming to school anymore?”

“What are you talking about! She’s no longer a normal citizen! Nor is she nobility! She’s High Britannia queen, hence it’s unlikely she will be coming out just for school.”

“Ehh!? Then… … If I want to meet with her again.”

“Are you calling her disrespectfully? You must call her queen Elizabeth or her majesty!”

“Is it for real? … For her to be the queen…”

“You two are no longer in the same world.”

“Doesn’t that means that I can’t meet her other than for diplomatic negotiation? So I need to be a diplomat for that!?”

“Eh, talking about diplomat… … For Belgaria!? Could it be that your house is a prestigious house? I certainly heard of such a Duke house before, or something similar?”

Someone from a Duke's house position was higher than others, however that was not enough to represent the nation. Precisely because of that, he used it for his fake identity.

Talking with the girls caused Bastian to cool down.

“Hnn… No I'm from an Earl house”

“Putting that aside, isn't it fairly difficult for even a duke from Belgaria to meet the High Britannia Queen?”

“That’s right.”

In actual fact, Bastian was the third prince, hence he had the chance to meet her as a royalty.

However, as a diplomat, do I give my work together with the letter written by the Emperor?

That’s impossible!

… Hey, just now… you said she is the new queen… right?”

“What about it?”

“In that case, doesn’t it mean officially, she’s not the queen yet!?”

Pressed by Bastian, the girls became afraid and retreated a few steps back.

“Y,yes… In High Britannia, the new queen only inherit the throne after the Dawn of Declaration.”

Talking about this, I did remember hearing this.

When the current queen die, there should be a mourning period called Silent Week, but it’s best that I don’t say it out loud.

Even for Bastian, he knew how to read the mood.

“In short, she’s not the new queen yet right? Good! It’s only possible for me to give it to her right now~”


“I must meet with her before she becomes the queen no matter what.”

“Putting it that way… Do you have some message to pass to her?”

“Eh? Yeah, you can say that.”

Since I already wrote it with resolve, it’s obviously that I have to give it to her.

Bastian was only thinking about things like ‘this is so cool’ and such.

The girls’ face began to redden.

“Ehhh~ A love that transcend social status! Moreover, it’s across borders!”

“But it’s not that type of story though?”

What Bastian wrote was “Magic dwells in my right hand and I beat up demons from hell with it”.

Huhu, the girls shook their heads.

Their eyes were sparkling as if they saw a good dream.

“It’s fine! You don’t have to be embarrassed about it! We will even support you!”

… Okay… … …”

It seems there’s some misunderstanding.

Still, compared to being loathed, being misunderstood is better.

I still need to find out where Elise is.

“Elise, where is she now? Going towards the castle in a carriage?”

The girls frowned, correcting him “She’s Lady Elizabeth, not Elise,” and replied.

“If they set out from here by using a carriage, they should be on their way to Applewood station. Still, I think they have yet to reach there as they set off only slightly before we came to school.”

The clock on the wall was not reliable at all.

Bastian took a pocket watch out from his shirt.

“Seems like there’s still 30 minutes. I wonder if a carriage could reach Applewood in time.”

“Erm, including the waiting time for the steam-powered train, perhaps you probably can just make it?”

Even so, once it is time for the train to leave, I will still not be able to see her.

Hu—— Bastian inhaled a breath.

“Recently I have been slacking off, I have no idea how far I can go… Still, if I get serious now, I should be able to catch up with her halfway.”


“So that’s it, I’m leaving early today. I’ll leave informing the teacher to you, thanks.”

Bastian picked up his bag and dashed out of the class.

His class was in an uproar.

The girls who seemed to be misunderstanding something as they waved their handkerchiefs to encourage Bastian.

Since she’s not yet the queen, I will be able to pass her the book directly.

Hearing a ‘thank you’ from her will be difficult, based on her personality, she will definitely write one out instead.

Bastian was acting casually as he did not know about High Britannia’s political situation.

He panted as he ran in the cold April.

Using all his strength to run.

Chest hurts.

As the bag hindered him running, he took the black book out and toss the bag aside.

He slotted the book between his waist and belt, and fastened the belt to secure it.

The school shoes were out of shape.

It was not that their quality was bad.

In the first place, there was no shoe that was suitable for a human that runs faster than a horse.     


The knight's name was Graham.

He was the eldest son of a reputable family that has served the Britannia Royalty since the first generation.

He thoroughly trained his swordsmanship, and carried the pride of his family in his chest, he faced this mission with the resolve to be the queen's shield.

Even when law changed and technology advancement changed people’s lives, the imperial knights still valued tradition. Even so, the royal carriage which was a tradition was used as a decoy instead.

The subordinates of the six man team who all wore the crimson cloak vowed to protect the green carriage.

They might even fall during the escort.

Even knowing that, they still accepted the task. They were indeed patriotic.

If things were smooth, Graham and the knights would use the locomotive, while their subordinates act as the decoy to safely escort Princess Elizabeth.

Although he considered leading the military to welcome Elizabeth, he rejected the idea as the castle had to be adequately guarded while the Queen was on her sickbed.

In addition, when the manpower increased, be it preparation or the execution speed would suffer, and they did not have the leisure to do so.

Though I’m a little uneasy… …

Things have been smooth for now.

Two small horses were chosen with speed in their mind.

Saint Edward Independent Academy was located in the endless field at the east of High Britannia

The sea was just a little further towards the east.

As it was the border, the roads were not maintained nor were there any relay stations.

Currently, they could only use a carriage to travel towards the train station which was the best they could do.

The six knights were surrounding the carriage, protecting it. Graham and another knight were sitting opposite of Elizabeth.

There were four people in the carriage.

The last person who was travelling together with them was the owner of the carriage.

The journey was silent throughout.

Ever since Elizabeth left the school, she has been keeping quiet.

“Are you not in a good mood?”

Elizabeth shook her head towards Graham who asked the question.

“No, there’s no problem. Although I’m a little nervous… … Leaving that aside, there’s a promise that I have yet to fulfill, so it’s a little regretful.”

“Is it a promise with your classmate?”

“Yes. Although I said that, it’s just a childish promise. He should also understand that.”

“That’s obvious.”

Graham did not continued asking, nodding his head instead.

The other party should be a boy.

Hearing the young and beautiful princess speaking about an opposite sex causes ripples in Graham’s heart.

There’s no need to dwell on this, Princess Elizabeth is intelligent, she will not mix her private affairs with her work.

Starting from now, she is someone who is going to shoulder the whole nation throughout her life.

Unconsciously, Graham’s sight stopped at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth slightly shift her sight downwards.

“Hmph… …”

“M,my apologies.”

Graham quickly shift his sight towards outside.

The surrounding was a forest.

The road cut a path through the trees, a barren path that had not been paved with anything. The rain last night form puddles in the uneven grounds.

This time, Elizabeth asked.

… Sir, have your written a story before?”

“Story is it? No, other than writing a report, I have never written other things.”

“That’s normal.”

“Has Lady Elizabeth written one before?”

“No… … I never thought about leaving my story behind.”

Graham fell silent and did not probe further.

Elizabeth who mentioned this topic seemed vulnerable and like a girl of her age.

Although that might make young girls attractive, it is not suitable for someone who is going to be the ruler.

Still, there shouldn’t be a problem. After inheriting the throne in the capital, worldly wants will certainly disappear.

Just like the instant when a butterfly comes out of the cocoon, the she right now is stuck in the gap, was what Graham thought.

Suddenly, a gunshot resounded.

Immediately after that was Graham’s teammate voice, causing Graham’s heart to skip a beat.

“The driver has fallen!”

Elizabeth and company were in a stagecoach carriage, where there was only a door. The driver stage was outside, hence they could not recklessly move.

Therefore, Graham shouted towards the knights outside.

“Guide the horse! Do not stop until we reach the road!”

Graham held the sword in his hand.

--Just what has happened!?

The other knights were also holding their sword as they paled and shoulders shaking.

“I,is it an ambush?”

“If that’s the case, then it should be bandits and the likes, we shouldn’t have been discovered by Margaret’s faction!”

“Hmph… Hyaah! Isn’t it a little too fast?”

The shaking of the carriage was getting more and more intense.

It was obvious that the horses were picking up speed.

The path in the forest was shaped like a snake. It wouldn't be certain if one could get through on horseback. Traversing it with a heavy carriage in tow would be even more doubtful.

In addition, the horses had no breaks during the journey.

The speed was too fast and the wheels were rolling on uneven ground.

“Watch out! Lady Elizabeth-- Argh!”


Graham hugged the girl opposite of him tightly.

An attack.

The other knights let out a shriek

Graham’s head received an strong impact.

He seemed to lose focus for a moment.

He was unsure how much time had passed.

After the few impacts, Graham opened his eyes.

Confirming the warmth on his hand.

“Lady Elizabeth, are you alright!?”

… I’m fine.”

“What a relief… … can you move?”


The carriage had toppled.

The other knight who was with them was unlucky. His head was twisted in a direction that was impossible.

There was no time for prayers.

“Lady Elizabeth, we need to get outside immediately.”

Graham turned towards the seat and push open the door which was on top of their heads.

The enemy should have yet to catch up.

The carriage toppling over is due to the speed, there should be some distance between us and the enemy.

“Lady Elizabeth, please allow other knights to escort you on horse! Although it’s not comfortable, please carry out the punishment only after reaching the capital.”

“Sir, what are you planning to do?”

… I will catch up later.”

Graham carried her out of the carriage.

The enemy formation is unknown.

If there are many bandits, I can only stall for time at most.


“If it’s just mere bandits, I will not lose no matter how many come at me.”

“Is it really just bandits?”


There was too little information. Graham did not even see the enemy’s shadow.

But if it were the other knights who were guarding outside, then he could make a judgement.

After coming out of the carriage, Graham scanned the surrounding.

There were fallen horses.

Knights who were wearing black outerwear were lying on the ground near them.

They should be the knights who were the same as Graham.

Graham’s brothers, his fellow imperial guards, were motionless on the ground.

“W,what has happened …!?

… Could it be… … that they are… … dead?”

Elizabeth’s voice was shaking.

Although it was an age of war, Elizabeth was still a normal girl who attended school in High Britannia’s noble academy. This was probably her first time seeing someone dying in battle.

It was natural for her to be shaken.

Graham had experience on the frontline, but he left the battlefield quite some time ago. Moreover, the friends who were in the same path as him was dead, thus he was unable to control his emotion too.

Nevertheless, the enemy was stronger than expected as they could even defeat an imperial guard.

From the road, sound of numerous footsteps were approaching.

It was a squad.

They were holding lances and rifles, their bodies were wrapped with light armors of the High Britannia army.

The one leading them seemed to be the border’s commander. He was wearing a blue military uniform, with a gold medal on his chest.

Graham shouted,

“You bastard, which unit are you from!? You dare attack knowing that I’m an imperial guard?!”

“Kukuku… … As a guard of the queen, to actually use a loaned carriage, moreover you changed your crimson cloak to a black outerwear. Your ancestors are crying.”

“To point the muzzle at me after knowing I’m an imperial guard… and you dare insult my ancestors! Nonsense!”

“This is for the country.”

Graham drew his sword, protecting Elizabeth. Behind him was the carriage and the forest.

The soldiers that were led by the commander were at a distance to fire at any signal.

The distance was about 30 steps.

There were about 300 soldiers, which was not a lot.

However, there was only Graham left, protecting Elizabeth and escorting her escape successfully would be difficult.

Sweat rolled down his forehead.

… Sir, you’re also a commander of High Britannia, this person here is Lady Elizabeth, the candidate chosen by Queen Charlotte. Are you going to kill her with your own hands??”

“Right now, a pacifist queen will only hinder the development of this country. For you to be unaware of this, looks like the imperial guards have also rusted.”

“You bastard… … …”

Apparently, he did not care about Graham being an imperial knight or that Elizabeth was the next queen.

After that, a gun was pointed at them.

Graham said softly.

… Please escape, Lady Elizabeth… … I will stall for time.”

“That!? … Are you going to sacrifice yourself?”

“That’s not what I wished for… because I’m not that smart. The decoy must have been seen through by them.”

“Exactly why… …”

“I believe it is princess Margaret’s close aide, Oswald Coulthard. Rumours that he is someone that’s quick to respond.”

Hence, a resolution was made.

After much consideration, mobilising the military to receive Elizabeth might only finish when the queen died—— Hence, only a few imperial guards were sent instead.

In the end, it was not that this was a wrong judgement.

Exactly why was that the enemy able to see through this?

The reason was unclear, but it was a fact that there was an ambush here.

It was a desperate situation.

Even so, as long as Elizabeth survived, there was a possibility that she would be rescued.

Graham hid her behind his back.

“Please escape! I won’t be able to battle with you around!”

“Y,you are not allowed to die!”

“Of course, I will definitely catch up with you later!”

Although it was a lie.

After sending Elizabeth off with just moving his brows, Graham picked his sword up and entered a battle stance.

Endless guns were pointing at him.

They would probably fire if he were to rush forward.

On the ground were his fallen friends.

He would soon meet the same fate as his friends… … His only regret was that he could not escort the future queen back safely.

Graham shed a tear.

Oh God, have you abandoned me?

Just when Elizabeth was escaping.

Equipped with a silver armour, steel shield and a small gun. Graham covered for her with him standing in front with a fighting stance.

The enemy commander raised his fist and swung down.


The innumerous gun sounds resounded loudly.


Elizabeth ran towards the forest.

She did not expect such a cruel thing to happen. As she did not want to trouble the knights anymore, she wore leather shoes instead. Thanks to that, she could run towards the forest without much trouble.

If she was wearing ceremonial shoes instead, she would not have been able to run.

However, she was still a 16 year old girl.

Her speed could not be compared with a trained soldier.

Even if they were equipped with armour and hands holding guns.

Innumerous sounds of footsteps were approaching.

It seemed that there really were about 300 soldiers, hence hiding herself was a difficult task.

Someone fired a gun towards the tree that Elizabeth hid behind.

They attacked,

Have they seen me?

The soldiers gathered after hearing the gunshot. “Found you,” said the soldiers while hints of laughter could be heard.

This was just like a fox hunt.

Elizabeth did not like fox hunting in the first place, if she survived, she swore that she would never hunt a fox her whole life.

Another shot was fired.

Her shoulder was hot from the graze.


Not only just the pain from the shot, her legs stopped due to her fear.

Hence, she tripped.

Her hands came in contact with the twigs on the floor while rolling.


Her pinky grazed the twigs, causing it to bleed.

“It’s done!” the soldiers shouted to pass down the message.

I,I can still move.


What about it? Continue escaping would result in getting attack again.

I’m sure that this time, I will be hit.

If it’s a shot to the head, it might be painless, but if it is on the leg or the waist, it will be very painful.


Regardless, this seems to be my limit.

Be it Graham who let me escape, or the imperial knight who died when the carriage topple over, I’m sorry.

Also the queen who chose me too, for me to die at this kind of place, she must be disappointed.

When Margaret becomes the queen, a war will surely happens.

Although Elizabeth only spoke with her cousin Margaret a few times, the image of Margaret smiling and saying “I don’t care about politics, it’s fine if it’s interesting” appeared in her mind.

Elizabeth was also aware that more and more citizens were supporting going to war.

But that was only limited to the men.

Elizabeth felt sorry for the female population who could not protect them, and lost their fathers, husbands or brothers.

Those who supported a war had not experienced what she had gone through——Soldiers using guns to take lives away.

Such cruel and tragic things, they might even regretted being born. Once they understand that… … They would definitely think twice about going to war.

Footsteps were drawing closer.

The voices of the soldiers could be heard.

“I’m the one who hit her!”

“No, it was me!”

“Nonsense! It is me who stopped her!”

“If we are talking about who hit her, it should be me!”

It was like a carnival to them

If they were aware that the target was still alive, how would they react?

Tracing the blood, the soldiers found Elizabeth.

Their eyes met each other.

“She’s still alive!” someone shouted.

All of them were excited.

Just like a beast howling.

The men were ready to attack...

Elizabeth was not confident that she could maintain her consciousness till the very last moment.

She was scared.

Too scared..

She even forgot  to say her prayers.

Just like this, she closed her eyes.

At this moment, she heard a familiar voice.


That boy came flying from the forest.

The boy then used his monstrous strength and defeated the soldiers who were equipped with guns.

After that, that boy carried Elizabeth who was on the floor tightly.

A gunshot resounded.

Faster than the sound of the gunshot, the boy leaped.

The place where Elizabeth was moments ago was riddled with bullets.

Even when he was carrying someone, he was just like a deer in its habitat, running through the trees in a flash.

A smile emerged from his face.

“Stupid! Didn’t I tell you to retaliate by screaming out loud to counter the killing intent from others?!”

“Y,you… … Am I seeing things…”

“Did you bite your tongue, Elise?”

The face of the boy who was hugging her drew closer.

It was actually a face that she thought she would never see again.



“W,why are you here!?”

“Because of the promise.”

He was expressionless, just like a gale, he came here at a speed comparable to a train.

Tat tat, his steps on the ground sounded like hooves.


“Yeah! The one that you promised to read my script if I finished it!”

Are you a fool?”

“Eh… Were you lying to me!?”

“It’s not a lie. Although I didn’t lie to you… … But… … to actually outrun a carriage for something like that.”

Moreover, he saved her from the soldiers.

Bastian frowned.

“According to my plan, I wanted to pass the work to you before you reach the station. After all, you are the type that will write a reply about your impression of it.”

“It’s obvious that I will do that… … “

“It’s good if that’s the case… but, the horses and people were dead, and the carriage was toppled.”

… …”

Remembering the dead driver and knights, Elizabeth pace of breathing increased.

Is Bastian used to seeing dead people? He doesn’t seems shaken at all.

“Based on their clothes, they should be the imperial guards, yet I couldn’t find your body. After that, I heard noise coming from the forest. It is normal to assume someone was pursuing you.”

“Normally, people will just escape as they sensed danger.

“What a fool you are, Elise.”


“If that’s the case, you won’t be able to read my masterpiece. It’s something that I wrote overnight.”

… … The fool should be you instead… …”

“Eh, eh?”

“A genuine… fool.”

Elizabeth cried.

“Eh!? Erm, Elizabeth, why are you crying!? Are you feeling pain!?  Are you injured anywhere!?”

She used her fingers to wipe away her tears.

She shook her head.

“I’m not… feeling any pain… I’m fine… …”

She was not injured anywhere.

It was just that she was overcome with grief for the people who were dead. At the same time, thankful that she was saved. Feeling of ease, grief and remorse were mixing and busting out.

She seemed to felt something warm at the corner of her eyes.

Bastian’s voice was heard.

“Spare me. Although my masterpiece is breathtaking, but to be moved to tears before reading

… Fool.”

Faster than a horse, Bastian emerged out of the forest.


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