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Overlord Volume 4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Dawn of Despair

Translator: Ferro
Editors/Proofreaders: JcqC, Skythewood, TaintedDream, Namorax
Part 1

Cocytus treaded with extremely heavy footsteps towards the Throne Hall. As if they were affected by a contagion, the servants following behind him likewise had footsteps which were slow and heavy.

The reason for these heavy footsteps was because of the defeat they had swallowed as a result of the war against the lizardmen. As the commander of the glorious Nazarick army, he had allowed failure to stain its reputation.

Sure, being created as a warrior, Cocytus himself held a lot of respect for outstanding warriors like the lizardmen.

However, this was a completely different matter.

Nazarick does not tolerate failure. Furthermore, this instance was not a defensive battle like those in the past, but was the first expedition. Anyone who was decorated with defeat in their first battle could not possibly be in a positive mood.

Recalling Demiurge's words, the army assigned to this task had been weak indeed, but was just an excuse. Even if there is a possibility his master planned for the expedition to fail from the very beginning.

Eventually, the Throne Hall lay ahead, and the room just before it, named “Solomon’s Gate”, was already within eyesight. As such, the closer they became, the heavier their footsteps became, as if they were under the influence of some kind of magic effect.

Even if he were to be blamed by the master, it would not matter. Even if he were to be killed, or ordered to commit suicide, he had already mentally prepared himself for any action necessary in order to wash off this shame.

What Cocytus feared the most, was disappointing his master.

If the last remaining Supreme Being were to abandon him, what would he do?

Cocytus thought of himself as a sword, one which was in the hands of the master and would obediently slice anything when ordered. That was why, being considered useless or ineffective by the master was the most terrifying.

Not only that, if the other Guardians were to be given up on for the sake of shared responsibility, Cocytus would not know how to face them.

There is no way this will be forgiven, if it turns out to be severe to that degree. Even if I were to offer up my life, it would still not be enough for forgiveness.


If the master became disappointed because of this, and left this place just like the other Supreme Beings, what then...?

Cocytus shuddered. Being someone who had complete immunity to coldness, the cause of the shudder was of course not from external factors but from within. He was under such considerable mental stress and torment that, if he were human, he would have easily been at the brink of puking.

No, that will not happen. Ainz-sama definitely cannot… give up on us.

The last Supreme Being in this great tomb, where all the others had already left.

Even if he was the individual of highest authority, he was also everybody’s supporting pillar.

Therefore, how could such a kind hearted liege give up on us - he comforted himself with these words, but deep down, he still harboured some uncertainty over events to transpire which could not possibly happen.

They arrived at Solomon’s Gate.

Normally, apart from the golems and crystal monsters which guarded the surroundings, this room would be devoid of any person. Right now however, there were many figures. Specifically, these were four Floor Guardians - Demiurge, Aura, Mare, and Shalltear. In addition, the four had brought along their chosen highest ranking servants.

The spectators all had their eyes on Cocytus. Guilt allowed a look of panic to momentarily flash across his face.

Because he felt that everyone was pointing the finger of blame on his failure. No, Cocytus felt that perhaps everyone was blaming themselves. His thoughts from before once again crossed his mind. Would everybody harbour the same kind of thoughts?

Looking closer, he saw that self-blame was silently floating in everybody’s eyes.

“My apologies, I have arrived late. Even Demiurge who was outside arrived earlier than I did.”

“Not at all, not at all. No need to apologise for such a small matter.”

Demiurge replied on behalf of everybody.

His voice was no different from his usual tone, with no negative emotions detectable. However, Demiurge was a Guardian specialised in strategy, extensive control of emotions and concealing inner thoughts, therefore it was impossible to determine whether or not he felt any displeasure.
Therefore when taking this into account, Demiurge’s earlier outburst during his observation of the fight between Ainz and Shalltear was a rare sight. Although, that display also went to show how much of a loyal heart he possessed.

“The other Guardians have already been informed of the matter. This time let me substitute for Albedo as the representative of the Guardians, does anyone else have anything they wish to discuss regarding this?”

“No, there are no issues with you taking on this responsibility.”

Albedo was currently substituting Sebas’ role in serving the master, and as such was not on site.

“That’s great. Then, after the final person has arrived, let us head to the Throne Hall together. However, since Albedo is not present, I would like to first discuss the order in which we are to pay homage. Ordinarily we would have a practice beforehand, but we have no time for that, therefore we shall omit it this time. There will only be verbal instruction, therefore listen carefully everybody.”

Each Guardian and servant expressed their understanding. Cocytus, who had similarly responded, did have one query. All of the Guardians were already present, therefore who were they waiting for?

However, that person’s arrival immediately answered his question.

Cocytus suddenly detected a living being headed towards this place.

Looking in that direction, he discovered an alien-shaped creature floating in mid air heading straight towards Solomon’s Gate.

The outer appearance was that of a fetus. No, it would be better described as an embryo. It had a tail, and its body was an extremely bright pink colour. Above its head was a halo and on its back was a pair of featherless stick-like wings. This alien was roughly one meter in size, and was slowly moving forward.

“That is?”

Demiurge replied to Aura’s question.

“This is Victim, Guardian of the Eighth Floor.”

“So that is Victim…”

Victim turned a circle after arriving at Solomon’s Gate. Cocytus felt that he was surveying the surroundings.

Victim did not have a neck, therefore to survey his surroundings it was necessary for him to turn his entire body.

“Uoy tresed dna dnuora nur annog reven ,nwod uoy tel annog reven ,pu uoy evig annog reven” [How do you do, I am Victim.] (TL: Victim’s language sounds like gibberish to the ordinary reader)

Demiurge was completely unfazed by Victim’s strange method of speaking, and responded on behalf of everybody:

“Welcome, Victim. I am Demiurge, substituting as representative for Albedo for the first time.”

“ssa latem ynihs ym etiB.” [I have heard about this matter from Ainz-sama.]

After speaking, Victim turned his body one full circle and once again sized everyone up.

“smaeb leets tlem t'nac leuf teJ” [I have also heard about everybody’s reputation, therefore let us kindly spare with introducing ourselves.]

“I see, understood. Then since everybody has arrived, let us clarify what we were discussing earlier.”
Everybody listened attentively to Demiurge’s explanation, because in a moment they would be paying a visit to Ainz-sama, the integration of all of the Supreme Beings, at the heart of the Great Tomb of Nazarick’s heart. If there was even a slight mistake, surely the only acceptable apology would be through death.

After the explanation and a quick moment for everyone to digest what was said, under Demiurge’s lead the Guardians brought along their servants and entered the Throne Hall.

As they entered, Cocytus, who had only been in this room a handful of times before, felt incomparable joy.

Exquisite architecture, as well as the flags representing the Supreme Beings, and also the World class items placed in the deepest part of the room. This room was truly worthy of being hailed as the heart of Nazarick. It was an eye-catching sight, causing any person to momentarily forget their internal torments.

The Guardians left their servants behind along the way and assembled themselves in a row as they arrived before the steps below the throne. Following this, they faced the guild symbol of Ainz Ooal Gown hung on the wall and saluted, expressing their own respect and loyalty.

Afterwards, they all got down and knelt on one knee, with their heads inclined downwards, and silently awaited for their master to arrive.

Before long, the heavy sound of doors being opened resounded from behind, and single pair of footsteps was heard entering into the large room. Without having to look backwards, they knew that those footsteps did not belong to their master, because the master of the Great Tomb of Nazarick could not possibly make his entrance by himself.

“All hail the arrival of the most Supreme Being of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz Ooal Gown-sama, and also Overseer of the Guardians, Albedo-sama.”

That was battlemaid Yuri Alpha’s voice.

Once again the doors made a sound as they were opened, bringing along the crisp sound made by shoes and the repeated sound of a staff striking the floor. From behind those sounds there was also the sound made by someone walking in high-heels.

In general, when the master entered a room, those inside ought to bow in order to demonstrate their sincere respect, but then everybody at the scene did not make any salute at all. This was because they had long already demonstrated their most sincere respects.

However, only Cocytus was different.

Being completely occupied with his internal anxiety caused him to involuntarily make an external movement. The movement was actually extremely slight, but in this kind of situation it had a great impact on the atmosphere.

Through a special ability, Cocytus detected that the other Guardians had directed their attentions towards him. Despite working hard to suppress her anger, Albedo, who was walking behind the master, failed to conceal it. However in this kind of situation, nobody dared to speak out.

The footsteps slowly passed by the row of Guardians, and the sound of stairs being climbed and the throne being sat on could be heard. After this, Albedo’s voice loudly rang out in the room.

“Everybody please raise your heads to gaze upon the noble presence of Ainz Ooal Gown-sama.”

All of the spectators simultaneously raised their heads to look at the master who was seated on the throne, their movements producing a brushing sound made by friction.

Cocytus also raised his head immediately.

With the staff clasped in his hand symbolising the status of a ruler, an eerily frightening aura wrapped around his entire body, and exuding mysterious dark rays from behind his back, this was indeed the Supreme Being of The Great Tomb of Nazarick — Ainz Ooal Gown.
After Albedo, who was standing beside Ainz, inspected all of the Guardians at the foot of the stairs including Cocytus, she nodded in satisfaction then turned to face Ainz.

“Ainz-sama, the Guardians of Nazarick have all gathered before you. Please give us our commands.”

After Ainz gave a low “Un” sound of agreement, he struck the ground heavily with the staff in his hand. This attracted the gazes of everybody, and he slowly opened his mouth to speak:

“Welcome, all of you Guardians before me. First, allow me to express my thanks. Demiurge!”


“Every time an issue arises, you get called upon. You’ve worked hard, thank you for your dedication.”

“Oh, oh, your words are too kind, Ainz-sama! I am your servant, therefore when called upon I must of course immediately respond duly. This is to be expected.”

Demiurge was delighted to the point that he was slightly shaking as he made a deep bow.

“Is that so. Right, have any suspicious individuals appeared on your side?”

“None. I have taken special care in my preparations. If any person gets close, he or she should be very easy to detect…”

“... That is good. However, above everything else you must not slip into laxity during the preparations. This is because the opponent may have some methods inconceivable to us. Apart from that, the skin that you have given to me… according to the conclusion of the Chief Librarian, this can be used to manufacture low rank scrolls. Is there a method to provide a steady supply of such?”
“Yes! There will be no problems at all. We have already accumulated a relatively adequate amount.”

“I see… then, what is the name of the wild beast?”

“Wild beast? … Ha! About the kind of creature that Ainz-sama is referring to…”

Demiurge deliberated for a brief moment, then continued with his reply.

“They are two-legged sheep from the Theocracy. How would you feel about naming them Bellion sheep?”

Demiurge’s elated tone caused some confusion in Cocytus. Basically, Demiurge was a good-tempered, even gentle, person. However, he was only like this to his comrades who were likewise created by Supreme Beings. To others, he was an extremely cruel person.

Under his superficial display of good mood, it was possible to have a brief glimpse of his cruel personality. Although Demiurge’s deep malice was directed towards the wild beasts which were the topic of discussion earlier, would he use such an attitude to talk about beings which lacked sentience?

Judging on the basis of Demiurge’s personality, something felt out of place. However, the current situation rendered it inappropriate to raise this issue with him.

“So that’s what it is… sheep.”

Ainz’ words carried a slightly pleased intonation, causing Demiurge and Albedo to break into smiles.

“Although I would prefer to call them mountain goats… but that name is also satisfactory. Well then, please continue to graft those sheep for their skin… will excessive capturing have an impact on the ecosystem?”
“There should not be. Furthermore, with just the use of healing magic, we are able to immediately repeat the grafting process. That is why as long as the supply required to be produced is not large, it will not be necessary to carry out a large scale capture. All of this is the result of our outstanding tormentor’s hard work.”

“Eh? If healing magic is used, won’t the part that was cut off disappear?”

“About this issue… there is one thing that we now understand through our healing experiments. If, before we apply healing magic, we merely allow that part to undergo a significant change in shape — for example mincing the flesh — then that fleshy body will effectively be preserved. That means to say, if magic is cast after the skin has been removed, healing magic will effectively recognise it as a foreign entity, therefore it will not disappear even when healing magic is applied. This is also the reason why they would not die starve even if they ate the meat. In addition, although this may count as outside the topic, if one aspect of healing magic is rejected by another aspect of healing magic, sometimes it is as if it cannot operate smoothly and results in a scar. Likewise, the lower the rank, the more likely it is that scars will form due to time lapse.”

“So that’s how it is… magic is powerful… very well, continue with your progress.”

“As you command. Henceforth I will proceed with conducting trials according to age and gender. With time, I feel that I will know whether or not a certain species of a certain age’s skin is the most suitable.

“Regarding this… hand the responsibility of this part over to the Chief Librarian. Victim is next.”

“snaem ti kniht uoy tahw snaem ti kniht ton od I .drow taht gnisu peek uoY.” [Yes, Ainz-sama]

“There is only one reason for summoning you here. If an inconceivable event were to occur, your special skill will be required for the protection of me and the other Guardians… sorry about that. I promise that I will immediately assist with your reincarnation, my apologies in advance.”

“siht naht reggib semit eerht …tsael ta eb ot sah gnidliub ehT ?stna rof retnec A ?siht si tahW” [Demiurge had already told me, please do not worry, Ainz-sama. I am also the servant of Ainz-sama. Furthermore, my death is my raison d'être. If this modest ability of mine is able to assist the Supreme Being, I would be joyful beyond compare.]

“Is that so… please forgive me.”

Seeing the Supreme Being lower his head, Victim exclaimed:

“sihT ekaT !enolA oG oT suoregnaD s'tI” [This humble one would not dare!]

“When encountering an extraordinary situation, in order to prevent the opponent from escaping we may even have to kill you. Even if you are cooperative after accepting this, we would like you to know that we won’t be killing you because of anything personal. Although you are also one of my precious children, and I wish not to cause you any harm, if we allow an enemy we do not fully comprehend to escape, we may experience a disastrous end, that is why…”

“tihs suoires emos ees annog er'uoy ...ruoh rep selim 88 stih ybab siht nehw ,tcerroc era snoitaluclac ym fI” [Please say no more, Ainz-sama. I fully understand your feelings]

“In Nazarick, some mechanisms are used by uttering a single phrase. Although it is borrowed from the Gospel, that phrase is [Giving up one’s life for friends is the greatest love of all]. This phrase directly refers to you; thank you for your love.”

Ainz’ gaze shifted from the Guardian who would die for his loyalty to the other Guardians.

“Next is Shalltear.”

Not expecting to be called upon, Shalltear’s shoulders gave a startled jump, and her response was in an abnormally high pitched voice.


“... Come over here.”

Because unlike the other Guardians, only she was called to the master’s side, Shalltear was surprised and stood up in a flurry of panic. From her back, one could see that she was evidently unsettled, similar to someone who was about to be sent up to the chopping block. However, she still stood up attentively, as if the glory she desired was over there.

After Shalltear climbed up the stairs, she immediately got down on one knee at a short distance from the throne.

“Shalltear, I wish to talk about the matter which has been disturbing you.”

Just by hearing these words, Shalltear immediately understood what the master was referring to, and her face turned into a look of shame.

“Ah! Ainz-sama! About that matter, please give me my punishment! Even if I was clearly a Guardian, I still carried out such a grave sin so stupidly, please give me the most severe punishment!”

Shalltear’s pained voice echoed around the Throne Hall, and Cocytus was exceptionally able to relate to her feelings. No, any Guardian and all fellow creations of the Supreme Beings were able to.

Even if they came under the effect of mind control, they would be unable to forgive themselves, who had turned their Supreme Being into an enemy.

“Is that so… then, Shalltear, come over here.”

Seeing the master’s hand beckoning towards her, Shalltear slowly crawled towards the throne.

To Shalltear who had hung her head upon arriving before the throne, Ainz reached out with his bony hand and warmly stroked her head.


Almost frightened to pieces, Shalltear cautiously raised her head and let out a small voice.

“... The failure that time was my miscalculation, even more so because the opposition possessed a World Class item, therefore things were looking south from the very outset. Shalltear… I love all of you who are loyal to Nazarick, all of you who were created from scratch. Of course, this also includes you. You who wishes for me to impose a severe punishment for something you are not guilty of, how could I do such a thing?”

It was as if the master shifted his eyesight out of sadness. Cocytus had no means of knowing which direction the master had shifted his gaze, but it did seem like the master had slightly opened his mouth. The master’s face was completely skeletal and lacked lips, therefore it was impossible to determine this from the shape of his mouth, but the master should have spoken a name.

“Oh, Ainz-sama! You actually said that you love me!”

Shalltear’s emotion-filled voice resounded across the entire room.

Because he was behind Shalltear, Cocytus could not see her face. However, everything was evident from her reaction. Her voice was choked with tears and her shoulders were shaking.

It was possible to see the master’s other hand warmly caressing Shalltear’s face, and his hand even held a white handkerchief.

“All right, all right, Shalltear, stop crying. This would ruin your pretty face.”

Shalltear stayed silent, merely placing her face… probably her lips… upon the back of the hand that was just now stroking her hair.

Both Mare and Aura were already in tears.

Demiurge also slightly rubbed the corner of his eyes. Cocytus was a bit envious of those who were able to shed tears, and once again turned to look at the back of his companion who had pledged loyalty for life.

The thing that Shalltear was the most terrified about was probably the case where the last remaining and kind Supreme Being had given up on the useless, troublesome and disloyal her.

However, the master had shattered this source of concern.

Shattering it by using the word ‘Love’.

How much joy did Shalltear feel inside? He, Cocytus, who stood on a similar platform as her… no … he who stood on a platform that was slightly worse off than hers, could only carry unparalleled envy in his gaze as he silently looked at her figure from behind.

“Then, Shalltear, you can step…”


A cold voice interrupted the master’s speech. This disrespectful act caused Cocytus to angrily stare daggers at Albedo. Following this, he felt his feelings jump into turmoil, and an unsettling feeling arose inside of him.

“Reward and punishment is a natural part of common sense. I still feel that it is necessary to hand out some form of punishment.”

“... Albedo, about my decision, are you not…”

The master’s words stopped halfway. Cocytus had no idea why kind of reason would cause the master to halt his response. The last speech should have settled the issue with Shalltear.

“Ainz-sama, I also support Albedo’s opinion. Please serve a punishment upon me. This will also allow me to achieve joy out of loyalty.”

“... I understand. Let us leave the determination of your punishment for a later time. Step down.”

“Yes, Ainz-sama.”

Shalltear’s originally red eyes had turned even redder as she walked down the stairs and returned to her place and reassumed a respectful posture.


“Cocytus, Ainz-sama has a few words for you. Listen carefully.”

A cold chill crawled down his spine.

It was finally his turn.

Cocytus hung his head incredibly low. When attending to the master, this kind of posture which only allowed him to gaze at the floor did indeed demonstrate an attitude of ultimate respect. However, Cocytus was like this because he lacked the courage to look straight at the master’s eyes.

“I have already seen your battle with the lizardmen, Cocytus.”


“It resulted in a defeat.”

“Yes! This instance was my failure, for which I offer my extreme apologies. Please also punish me—”

Cocytus’ admission and apology was stopped by the sound of a staff striking the floor. Afterwards, Albedo’s cold voice immediately stimulated the hearing sensory organs.

“… Your attitude towards Ainz-sama is too disrespectful, Cocytus. If you wish to apologise, then do so with your head raised.”


He raised his head and looked up at his master who was seated on the throne.

“… Cocytus, as a defeated general, do you have any words you wish to say? This time you did not personally enter the front lines and only commanded from the back lines. What are your thoughts?”

“Yes, I was in charge of the military power. Since despite that I was unable to obtain victory, and furthermore even lost Ainz-sama’s personally created Lich Commander, I am truly, extremely sorry!”

“Eh? Ah, there is no pity in losing that kind of disposable undead, don’t let this bother you. Cocytus, what I meant to ask about was your thoughts about warring with an army. Do treat this as the main purpose in your reply; I do not intend to blame you for this defeat.”

All of the Guardians and all of the servants standing behind them awaiting orders were thoroughly confused. All except for Demiurge and Albedo.
Oh! As it turns out, Demiurge was correct!

Cocytus felt that the master was about to continue speaking, and frantically pieced together his thoughts.

“Because it was destined to be a defeat no matter who was in charge. Even if it were me.”

A brief wry laughter resounded throughout the Throne Hall. For the Supreme Being, Ainz Ooal Gown, how was defeat possible? In fact, up until this point he had never experienced failure. With that in mind, what was said was nothing more than comforting words for Cocytus.

“However, the question is whether or not we have obtained anything from that battle. Cocytus, I now rephrase my question. What do you think needs to be done to obtain victory this time in battle?”

Cocytus began his thought analysis silently. The present him knew what was needed for a victory, therefore he blurted out what he was missing.

“I underestimated the lizardmen too much. It is only prudent to be more cautious with my actions.”

“Yes, that is precisely it! No matter how weak the opponent is, they cannot be underestimated… and Narberal should also be allowed to observe this battle. What else?”

“Yes, there was also insufficient information. From this battle I now understand that in a situation where I am unfamiliar with the opponent’s extent of strength and the terrain, the chance of victory would certainly be diminished.”

“Very good, what else?”

“Having an incompetent commander was also one of the problems. Because the ones battling were lower class undead, a commander should have been sent out who is flexible according to the circumstances and able to give out correct commands at the right times. Also, when taking into account the weapons used by the lizardmen, the zombies should have been used as the main force in carrying out the attack, exhausting the opponent, or alternatively have all of the forces attack together and not act separately.”
“What else in addition?”

“... I am extremely sorry, at the moment I can only come up with this much…“

“No need to apologise, what you say has been correct so far with quite remarkable perception. Of course, there are still other areas which need improvement, but you’ve already completely understood some things. To be honest, I would prefer that you did not have to ask others and discover these flaws by yourself… but it still counts as within the permissible spectrum. Well then, why did you not do those from the start?”

“… I did not consider them. I thought that merely using overwhelming military strength was enough to defeat the enemy.”

“If it’s that… However, after sacrificing those undead, you now think differently right? Very good! So long as you are able to consistently improve yourself, and avoid another similar failure, then there is meaning to this defeat.”

Cocytus thought he saw the master break out a small smile.

“There are many different kinds of defeat, but your defeat was not of the fatal kind. Apart from that lich, the rest were all automatically generated soldiers. Even if those undead were to perish, Nazarick would not be affected in any way. On the contrary, if a Guardian were able to learn a lesson, and no longer be defeated, then this defeat has been rather rewarding.”

“My extreme gratitude, Ainz-sama!”

“However, defeat in battle still remains a fact, therefore I will have you punished alongside Shalltear…”

At this moment, the master stopped speaking. After a short moment of silence waiting for the master to issue a punishment, Cocytus felt uneasy, but knowing that he had not disappointed the master, the axe of anxiety hanging over his head had already dissipated. However, the following words still made Cocytus shudder.
“Originally I planned to have you retreat to the back lines, however, perhaps this way is for the better. Cocytus, you shall personally wash away the shame of your defeat… go exterminate those lizardmen. This time you are not permitted to seek assistance from anyone else.”

If the lizardmen were wiped out, without letting word of this defeat spread, then Nazarick would still remain undefeated.

If one were to treat all living beings outside of Nazarick as inferior, then one would definitely relish the opportunity to slaughter them mercilessly for the sole purpose of washing away Nazarick’s and one’s own defeat. If it were the Cocytus of the past, he would also accept this order without hesitation, but then——

Cocytus shivered all over.

Because he knew what the forthcoming action would represent.

Inhaling deep breaths several times, then exhaling.

Cocytus did not respond to the master’s request, causing all of the others at the scene to feel puzzled before Cocytus eventually replied.

“There is a matter I wish to request of Ainz-sama!”

It was as if the whole world had stopped, with all of the spectators focusing their attention towards him.

Cocytus was a Guardian. Even in Nazarick, he had the highest level of authority and skill, with only a handful of others being able to be compared to him. Despite this, he felt a wave of cold chill that made his entire body shiver.

Although regret gushed out like a torrent from inside of him, it was all already too late to take back his words.
Although Cocytus possessed compound eyes which enabled him to have a quite broad field of vision, his head was completely lowered and thus had no means of seeing the master’s expression. This became his salvation, because if the master expressed anger or displeasure, Cocytus would be frightened to the point of petrification.

“I implore of you, Ainz-sama!”

Before the master made any response, another interrupted Cocytus’ speech.

“You dare!”

The one who made the denouncement was Albedo, with a deafening scream, as expectedly formidable as one would expect from the Overseer of the Guardians. Cocytus, who was powerless to move, felt as if he was a young child scolded harshly by his mother, and could not stop trembling.

“You who allowed the glory of Nazarick to suffer a defeat, what standing do you have to make a request from Ainz-sama?! Simply outrageous!”

Cocytus did not utter a single word and resolved to not raise his head without obtaining the master’s approval first. Even if Albedo’s anger intensified, he would not waver.

“If you don’t—”

However Albedo’s anger was interrupted by a man’s calm voice, and dissipated like smoke.

“—Don’t be like this, Albedo.”

The master repeated his words to pacify Albedo who had burst forth.
“Raise your head, Cocytus. What request do you have, and can you share it with us?”

That calm voice was devoid of any anger, but this just made it even more terrifying. That fear was very similar to peering and feeling imminently sucked into a bottomless lake.

Wearing equipment, Cocytus could resist fear-inducing mental attacks from external forces. That was why the fear attacking his being originated from within himself.

After swallowing a mouthful of his own saliva — more accurately described as a mouthful of poison — Cocytus slowly raised his head, and looked at the Supreme Being who was his master.

The light shining in the master’s empty eye sockets seemed to slightly turn into a shade of bright red.

“I repeat myself again, what request do you have, and can you share it with us?”

He could not utter a single word. Although he tried to speak out many times, it was stuck in his throat, and no words could come out.

“What is it, Cocytus?”

Heavy silence filled the air.

“… I am not angry, I merely wish to know what you are thinking, and what you request.”

As if comforting a child that remained silent, the tone was quite gentle. Under this gentle encouragement, Cocytus eventually said:

“I oppose exterminating all of the lizardmen, and I request for your mercy.”

After giving his decisive speech, Cocytus felt as if the atmosphere was shaking. No, the atmosphere was actually convulsing.
The main source came from the front— from Albedo’s killing intent. The secondary source was from the wavering confidence of the other Guardians. Only Demiurge and the master were as calm as a still lake and were unaffected by any ripples.

“… Cocytus, do you know what you are asking of?”

Albedo’s cold voice was filled with murderous intent, even causing Cocytus, whose entire body was of a frozen attribute, to feel a chill.

“Ainz-sama commanded you to exterminate the lizardmen, as penance for your crime, yet you as the defendant dare to sing a different tune… Guardian of the Fifth Floor Cocytus, have you become afraid of the lizardmen?”

That tone was mocking, but Cocytus could not refute what was asserted.

It was natural for Albedo to have that attitude. If their positions were reversed, Cocytus would probably also be aggravated.

“You remain sil—”

What made Albedo shut her mouth was not a voice, but the sound of a striking sound. That was the resonating sound made by the staff coming into contact with the floor.

“Albedo, quiet. It is I who is asking Cocytus, don’t be presumptuous.”

“My extreme apologies! Please, please forgive me!”

Albedo lowered her head in apology and returned to her original position.

The master turned his gaze around, and stared at Cocytus with sharp eyes. It was still impossible to determine the master’s emotions. It looked as if it was at the bursting point of rage, yet it could also be an amused look.

“Cocytus, seeing as you make such a request, the reason must be due to some benefit towards the Great Tomb of Nazarick right? Do explain.”

“Yes! In the future, tenacious warriors may appear amongst them. As such, exterminating them completely at this stage would be too much of a waste. This subordinate reckons that it is in our interests that we should wait for more tenacious lizardmen to appear in the future, and for now have them pledge their deep loyalty to Nazarick and accept them to serve us.

“... This suggestion is indeed not a bad one. Lizardmen corpses are of high quality when used to serve as undead in comparison to using human corpses. If only it was possible to have a perfect method of collecting the corpses buried in Re-Lantier, then there would be no purpose in using the lizardmen corpses.”

Just as Cocytus was about to say “So then…”, he realised that the master had not finished with his speech. He felt an uneasy premonition which unfortunately became a reality.

“However, compared to using lizardmen, if I were to use corpses to create undead, the efficiency in terms of consumption cost should be higher. Not only is it possible to guarantee loyalty, but it is also not necessary to waste consumables. The lizardmen’s advantage is that eventually they can increase their population, and this advantage would require a lengthy period of time to realise… If I have missed out anything, speak up for us to hear. Is there any other benefit which can convince me?”

If it were possible to obtain the master’s mercy, his own desire would be realised. However, Cocytus could not think of any other benefit.
This was because all along he had considered himself as a weapon, and would only rely on the master to command the troops, and also because he himself had never considered this before, which was why he had no further means to convince the master. He had not considered what should be done to allow for the group as a whole to reap the most benefits beforehand.

Furthermore, what the master requested was a benefit in relation to the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Cocytus did not wish to exterminate the lizardmen because they had dazzling and outstanding individuals; he was attracted to those who protected a group because he was a warrior himself. However, these thoughts were his personal feelings, and not a decision based to serve the wider group.

Cocytus was frantic.

If he allowed his silently watching master to become agitated or displeased, then this miraculous suggestion would become meaningless, and all that would result would be the command to exterminate all of the lizardmen from before.

He desperately racked his brain, but still could not come up with an answer.

“What is it, Cocytus, can you not come up with one? Then shall the final decision be extermination?”

The question had been repeated.

Cocytus’ mind was completely blank, his teeth felt heavy, and only his thoughts were ceaselessly darting around and coming up with nothing.

A deep voice resounded throughout the gravely silent Throne Hall.

“… Is that so… what a shame.”

Just as these ‘what a shame’ words were about to suffocate Cocytus into silence, a calm voice lent out a helping hand.

“Ainz-sama, please allow me to insert a few words from the sidelines.”
“… What is it, Demiurge? Do you have something to add?”

“Yes. About Ainz-sama’s earlier decision, if it is convenient, would you be willing to listen to my humble opinion?”

“... Then speak it out for us to hear.”

“Yes! Ainz-sama, you fully understand the importance of experimentation, therefore, would you consider having a few lizardmen to be taken here for experimentation?”

“Oh, this is an excellent suggestion.”

Cocytus felt that as the master leaned forward from the throne, those two red eyes almost seemed to rest on himself for a brief second.

“Yes. First, no matter how Nazarick turns out to be in the future, we will eventually come across a day where we require a completely different composition of strength, or will require control over different species. This subordinate believes that at that moment, having done a competent amount of controlled experimentation and not having done a sufficient amount of control experimentation will be the determining factor.”

Demiurge stood even more rigidly upright and looked directly at the master seated upon the throne before giving his conclusion.

“I believe that we should control the lizardmen tribe, and commence a controlled experiment that doesn't base on fear.”

The sound of a staff striking the floor resounded throughout the surroundings.

“... An excellent suggestion, Demiurge.”

“A thousand thanks.”

“Then, about the lizardmen group, I shall go with Demiurge’s suggestion and change the extermination order into that of leadership. Does anyone have any objections to the decision? If there are any, raise your hand.”
Those glimmering deep red eyes gazed over each of the Guardians.

“... Looks like there are no objections. Then it shall be decided.”

All of the persons lowered their heads, demonstrating that they understood.

“However, Demiurge, your suggestion is remarkable, impressive even.”

Demiurge lightly smiled.

“I do not dare to assume so, Ainz-sama. You should have already been aware of this long ago, and merely waited for Cocytus to suggest it, right?”

The master did not reply, and only revealed a wry smile. However, the master’s attitude already exposed everything.

Cocytus felt his whole body immediately relax.

He was clearly in charge of commanding the glorious Nazarick army, yet he had produced a defeat. When he voiced a different opinion to the master’s decision, he had not prepared an alternative solution. How should this be described? It would probably be—

Incompetent. I am so incompetent.

“... No, that was not the case, Demiurge. You place me in too high regard. I merely wished that you are able to express your own thoughts, regardless of what kind of thoughts they are.”

The master’s gaze once again shifted and paused at Cocytus for the longest time. Understanding the meaning behind his master’s words, although Cocytus felt shame, he also felt powerless to lower his head.
“The first task is to understand the real meaning behind orders. After paying close attention to understanding the orders, you then carry out the most appropriate course of action. Guardians, after listening carefully, you must not blindly follow orders and take action. Before action, you must give some thought to what should be done for the best interests of Nazarick. If you think that there is a mistake in the contents of your orders, or if you can come up with an even better method, your duty is to come before me, or the one who made the suggestion, to report— So then, Cocytus, going back to the earlier topic, I mentioned that you will be punished, right?”

“Yes. You wanted me to exterminate the lizardmen as a group.”

“Indeed. However, right now you are not to exterminate them, but to control. As such, I have to alter your punishment. The lizardmen group shall be your responsibility to control, and they are to develop a deep loyalty within their hearts towards Nazarick. You are forbidden from using fear to induce control, and the lizardmen are to become a controlled unit not created out of fear.”

Cocytus had never shouldered such a heavy responsibility before— No, amongst all of the Guardians, perhaps only Demiurge had such a kind of experience.

This difficult mission is self-imposed. This thought briefly flashed across Cocytus’ mind, but how could he voice out such cowardly words. These words could not be said regardless if it was to the tolerant Supreme Being to whom he had pledged his undying loyalty, or to his colleague who lent a helping hand.

“I hear and obey. Because there are many concerns, I would be grateful for any assistance and advice from others.”

“Of course, this matter will necessarily require various information, rations and manpower. Regarding these aspects, the responsibility will be left with Nazarick.”
“I am extremely grateful. I, Cocytus, swear that I shall deliver good results and will not squander Ainz-sama’s benevolence.”

Cocytus shouted out these words from his heart.

“Good. Then all of the Guardians are henceforth ordered to head out to attack. One side shall act as bait, and the other side shall be responsible for demonstrating our true strength, to show these lizardmen that our true strength is not merely that small amount. Of course, if Cocytus you think this will detrimentally affect their control in the aftermath, I can rescind my order.”

Cocytus thought carefully then replied:

“There should be no problems.”

“Is that so. Then, all of the Guardians, immediately prepare to depart.”

All of the Guardians at the scene voiced out their affirmation and understanding in unison.

“Albedo, I also wish to head out. Help with preparing the soldiers.”

“As you command. After giving it some thought, there are also some enemies who have a preference for spying. Is it that we can conveniently allow them to miscalculate our true objective?”

“That is precisely it. However, do not forget that we also have an objective of making a demonstration.”

“Then, we can send out Nazarick’s Veteran Guards to act as the main force, so that the composition of the army appears even more powerful.”

Cocytus internally agreed with Albedo’s response.

There was a kind of undead guard known as Veteran Guard.

Nazarick Veteran Guards only existed amongst the guards of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. It could be said that Veteran Guards were high class undead. They possessed items with various magic effects, and were equipped with magic armour and shield, and furthermore were skilled in fighting special abilities. They were quite excellent undead guards.

“There are no problems with that. How many do you require?”

“Three thousand.”

“That’s a little on the small side. With this kind of numbers, it will be difficult to reach an earth shattering effect. … We want to obtain an overwhelming victory this time, causing those who look down on Nazarick to feel true terror. If the number is less than the previous instance, then there is no meaning in it. I hope that I can double the numbers. What other units can we use?”

“Then, we can also mobilize Nazarick’s Elder Guard and Nazarick’s Master Guards, what do you think? With this, the number will reach six thousand.”

No wonder she was the Overseer of the Guardians. Albedo’s response was as fluid as water. To this, Ainz gave a concise answer.

“Very well! Then, have there been any problems in activating Gargantua?”

“None, Ainz-sama. We have already gotten Gargantua operational.”

“Then, Shalltear, you shall use ‘Transfer’ to send all of the forces over.”

“But if it is only myself, then my magic power is insufficient.”

“Allow Pestunia to assist. Have her transfer magic power to you. If it is still not enough, find Lupusregina to assist.”


“Following that, have Nigredo and Pandora’s Actor’s alarm network transferred to our side here. Although this will allow Sebas’ alarm network to slightly weaken… we are only able to physically strengthen our monitoring. Very well! Then, everyone move out! Tomorrow we will give the lizardmen a taste of the Great Tomb of Nazarick’s true strength.”

Part 2

“Thank you, Demiurge.”

After the master had left the Throne Hall, the first thing that Cocytus did was to give his thanks to Demiurge. To Cocytus who was bowing deeply, Demiurge gave one of his regular slight smiles.

“No, it was nothing.”

“That won’t do. If it were not for you, the lizardmen would definitely have been exterminated.”

“... Cocytus, I would say that you should not take Ainz-sama’s words at face level. I believe that Ainz-sama originally expected things to turn out this way.”

Demiurge raised a finger during this explanation, after which there was a surprised voice. The one who gave out that voice sounded like himself, yet also sounded like it came from all of the surrounding Guardians.

“That also means to say that I reckon that Ainz-sama predicted that you would say those words earlier, thus he sent you to be the commander for the invasion of the lizardmen settlement. I also believe this because when you opposed the extermination of the lizardmen settlement, Ainz-sama appeared to be extremely delighted, and when you were unable to suggest an alternative, he looked quite disappointed in comparison.”

“Then what you mean to say is that Ainz-sama felt disappointment because things did not go according to his plan?”

“That is precisely it. It also means that all of the dialogue that happened in this place was quite possibly within Ainz-sama’s predictions.”

“No wonder he is Ainz-sama! Apparently he has perfectly calculated this far ahead!”

“B-But then….a-about tha-that…”

“... If you have something to say then be quick about it.”

Elder sister Aura severely directed her stuttering younger brother Mare to speak quickly.

“Y-yes, about that, I always felt that something was off. At the start, why were those weak undead assigned. Th-that… c-can’t say for certain, maybe Ainz-sama set this expedition up to fail from the very beginning…”

“Instead of thinking of defeat as a given, maybe our master took into account that Cocytus will scout the Lizardmen out and report back the viability of the task?”

Cocytus thought back to that conversation he had with Demiurge and felt ashamed, because he had screwed everything up.

“If he was not familiar with Cocytus’ personality, it would not have been possible to carry out this plan. As expected of Ainz-sama…”
“In the battle with Shalltear it was already possible to figure out Ainz-sama’s fighting ability, but it was not expected that he was also a strategist of the highest class. It truly is remarkable to the highest degree. Although Ainz-sama said what he said, I still feel that it is sufficient to act accordingly to Ainz-sama’s orders…”
“It really is incredible. Being able to bring together all of the Supreme Beings, goes to show that his name is not just for show.”
After Demiurge whose brain was top class finished, Shalltear approved what was said with delight, and all of the other guardians nodded their heads in agreement.

♦ ♦ ♦
Ainz returned to his room and leaped onto his bed. After a lengthy hang time, Ainz’ body fell into the bed, then — he began to roll around.
Rolled right, then rolled left.
He was only able to roll as such because the bed was large enough.
Although his exquisite changpao was already greatly wrinkled, Ainz, who was completely fine with this happening, continued to laugh softly as he rolled around. Of course, he acted so childishly because nobody else apart from himself was allowed to enter.
Not long afterwards, Ainz who was fully satisfied in his indulgence in the mattress, laid there facing the ceiling.
“Haaa, so tired… Ah~ I really wish to indulge myself in alcohol to my heart’s content, and drink myself into a stupor… although that’s no longer possible.”
Ainz finished complaining then gave a big sigh — However Ainz did not breathe, that was why it was merely the appearance of a false sigh.
It was because he was an undead, that was why he was indifferent to physical and mental fatigue. However, to describe it in human terms, for the past month he had been worn out every day. If he still had a stomach, it would have been long ruined by now.
Because Ainz had been enduring pressure.
Momon the warrior had vanquished the silver-haired vampire— Shalltear. For those who didn’t know, perhaps they would only consider this feat as incredible, but to the mysterious person who used a World class item on Shalltear, it would give another impression. The opponent would probably keep a close eye on Momon, or even establish contact.
That was why Ainz had remained on alert for the entire day, and had also prepared several cash items to enable him to escape at any moment. During his free time, apart from maintaining alertness, he had also done some imaginary role playing — or perhaps better called paranoia training — visualising if the opponent had showed up, would he be able to escape whilst at the same time devoting energy to collecting information.
Although being stressed out like this every day had no real impact on Ainz Ooal Gown, it was still mentally taxing on the remnants of humanity he still possessed, as the human Satoru Suzuki. During his free time where he was able to relax and be by himself, he would push aside his attitude as Nazarick’s Supreme Being, and revert to his childish behaviour. This was probably because deep within Ainz, that stressed out and tired Satoru Suzuki desired to act like that.
“I have no memories of ever having such restless and sleepless work before… makes me wonder how much overtime I will be getting this month.”
This outburst of complaint was perhaps due to the Satoru Suzuki personality taking over Ainz.
“The Great Tomb of Nazarick… no, I mean Ainz Ooal Gown… is not a corporation. Joint venture companies are compassionate enterprises, and should fully guarantee compensation for employees’ overtime.”
Rambling as such, Ainz pursed his non-existent eyebrows.
“Eh? … It can’t be because of duty allowance that I am not entitled to overtime compensation? Wow…”
Ainz once again rolled left and right. After rolling over about five or six times, he suddenly stopped moving.
“Enough… meaningless babble needs to stop here… Come to think of it, Cocytus was quite incredible too, being able to speak out as he did.”
It was surprising. Apparently Cocytus would empathise with the lizardmen.
That action of Cocytus had made Ainz feel troubled greatly.
Satoru Suzuki was the kind of person whom, when preparing a briefing, would first fully assemble all of the data, then proceed by following standard practice to the letter. As such, he was not accustomed to dealing with unexpected problems. However, if only it were mentioned in writing as part of the information, then he would be able to handle it according to the data information. In other words, for Satoru Suzuki, the key to the success of his briefings were that any problems were already dealt with at the investigation stage. Such a kind of person was extremely unsuited for situations where it was necessary to adapt to the situation, to the point that he detested such scenarios.
As it was, it was neither possible to bring data into the Throne Hall, nor have the comfort of being able to say “then, please turn to the next page.” Therefore Ainz had prepared for flow of events in the Throne Hall long before, by rehearsing the entire sequence in his mind for more than ten times. In his heart, he had even prayed that nobody would act unexpectedly.
And this small wish of his had thus been shattered by Cocytus.
He was extremely worried about what Cocytus wanted to say, but had also felt delighted.
It was because at the same time he also had the pleasure similar to that of a parent— it was as if there was a docile child in the household who had, for the first time, expressed his own opinion. The most important thing was that the person’s development had exceeded Ainz’ expectations by far.
When he returned to Nazarick previously, he asked a maid to cook a dish. What he asked for was steak. With elements such as proficiency level, she might require more practice, but the steak doesn’t require high levels to be made. He was not expecting the meal to provide buffs upon consumption, just something that could be eaten.
However the result could only be described as a blackened piece of charcoal.
Even if that maid non-stop repeated the exercise, the end product was always charred meat.
Whilst he was accepting that maid’s sincere apologies, Ainz was also able to fully accept these results which were within expectations. It was exactly the same as when Ainz was trying to equip a large sword in the clothing room.
In YGGDRASIL, only those who possessed the job-specific special ability were able to cook. This was because food could temporarily raise battle capability through buffs, which was why requiring a job specific special ability was natural. However, that maid did not have the cooking special ability.
That also meant that if he wanted to do something which required a special ability yet lacked the skill himself, he would be bound to fail.
This matter regarding Cocytus was Ainz’ objective all along, which could also be described as an experiment. Ainz wanted to test if his servants, who already had their settings fixed, were able to learn new things. This experiment concerned proving whether they could continue to develop after learning tactics or strategy. Allowing Cocytus to command weak undead was because he simply thought that through defeat he could probably obtain much more.
Ainz was extremely pleased with the end result. Cocytus had shown Ainz that there was the possibility of such growth.
Of course, there was a large difference between learning through actual actions, and merely learning through memorisation.
Ainz’ eventual objective was to acquire and perfect all of the magic particular to this world— if such did exist. Right now, Ainz was still uncertain of whether the currently existing magic was either technique or knowledge. In any case, this experiment proved that the knowledge aspect could indeed be developed.
Cocytus proved that growth was possible. He demonstrated this exceedingly well.
Ainz thought to himself.
Without growth, one could only wait until eventually one stopped. Even if they were powerful now, there would eventually one day where they would certainly be surpassed.
Even if he had a one hundred year lead in military technology, if he no longer made any progress, then eventually there would be one day where he would lose the position of being the most powerful. Right now, the neighbouring country could probably count as a powerful nation, but if it believed that it would forever preserve its status as the most powerful nation, without any need for further improvement, that would be incredibly foolish to a fault.
“Even if those are my thoughts… but whilst I am overjoyed that the child has grown up, at the same time I worry whether I am a person worthy of their loyalty as Supreme Being.”
As he rambled on, Ainz gazed at the ceiling above the bed.
“Ah, ah, so scary, so terrifying…”
The remnants of human personality, Satoru Suzuki, once again lamented because of this new source of unease.
Since growth represents change, then who can guarantee that their current loyalty will not waver either? Even if it does not change, there is still the possibility that one day I will be considered ill-suited to be the glorious Supreme Being of Nazarick. A worry that I, who was nominated to be the Guild Leader, will lose the right to be branded as such.
“... I have to become a Supreme Being worthy of the Guardians’ loyalty… is there anyone who can teach me in the ways of being an emperor...?”
There shouldn’t be anyone who was so conveniently programmed that way in Nazarick.
Trapped in his own thoughts, the images of two persons came to Ainz’ mind. Those two were part of the dreadful five person team, respectively the one who held the title of Duke, Lord of Terror, and the one who had ‘King’ in his name, Gashokukochuuou. Carefully considering whether or not he should approach those two individuals to be educated, Ainz gave a short response to himself.
“... Pass.”
Unless he ran into a dead end, he did not wish to be taught by those two.
“Let it be… so long as no major mistakes are made during actions, I should be fine for the moment. Anyways… about those bipedal sheep…”
Ainz was already aware of the identity of the bipedal sheep long before, which was why he did not pursue specific details of the bipedal sheep’s appearance. That was a type of monster which he had encountered before in YGGDRASIL.
“Having the heads of both a lion and a mountain goat, as well as the tail of a snake, paws of a lion, and legs of a mountain sheep. That should be right… it is a chimera… “
In YGGDRASIL, chimeras walked around on two sheep legs and used their lion legs as arms to initiate attacks; a monster which was born with a lion’s head and a mountain goat’s head. This monster’s appearance was based off the deity called Baphomet.
Then why did Demiurge not directly say it was a chimera? Although he pondered this question, Ainz already had his answer.
“That is, it could possibly be a chimera subspecies. Is that how it is, Demiurge?”
Ainz laughed heartily, then added a note to his evaluation of Demiurge: ‘Unexpectedly poor name picking taste’.
“In YGGDRASIL there is also a species like Chimera Lord whose appearance was a bit… No, I should say the appearance of fish type chimera is strange to the point of being disgusting. Bipedal sheep is a new species of chimera… Theocracy chimera … having someone bring one to Nazarick isn’t a bad idea either. Then there’s also Victim…”
His appearance was exactly the same as in Ainz’ memories, except there was one feature which caught his attention.
“The language he used… it really is the Enoch language used by angels, right? It feels like conversing with someone who speaks another language…”
Because it was already automatically translated, Ainz had no idea which language was spoken, but he felt that it was a bit strange. Of course, it could very possibly be because Ainz himself didn’t understand the Enoch language.
“Let it be, no need to debate it. Good, it’s about time to set out for battle…”
Ainz once again rolled left and right to get enough of it. After he stopped and lay there, he returned to pondering over the points he was concerned about earlier.
He buried his head inside the bed and took a deep breath.
Of course, Ainz did not have lungs, therefore this was just a pretended movement. However, inconceivably, he could smell a fragrance.
“This is a floral smell… is there perfume on the bed? Could it be that wealthy people’s beds are all like this? If that is so, that really is surprising… perhaps those pretending to be wealthy can also notice this aspect? Mmmm…”

Part 3
There was a type of ability called ‘Danger Perception’.
Amongst adventurers, bandits, and others whom possessed discovery-based skills, this was considered the most important ability. Just as the name stipulates, it was an ability which enabled the detection of danger.

This ability was split into two types. One type was not reliant on reasoning or observation, merely reliant on sense to trigger awareness. The other type was awareness which was reliant on reasoning and observation accumulated from experience. The former can be described as a sixth sense internal feeling, and the latter can be described as one which was derived from the small changes in the surrounding— one derived from minute changes in sound and smell.

The latter would be naturally improved on the battlefield and during solo adventures, even if it were not intentionally trained. It was obtained through experiences by placing oneself in dangerous situations.

And ability-wise, this aspect of lizardmen was many times greater than that of humans. Biologically, their sensory organs were more sensitive, because they lived in harsher environments. Humans tended to live in safe places far from monsters, whereas lizardmen lived as neighbours to such monsters.
Zaryusu, who was a traveller and often travelled alone, was even more sensitive to slight changes in the environment.
Feeling tension filling the air, he opened his eyes.
Before him was a familiar room— although he had only stayed here for several days. Humans, even if they tried to, would not be able to make out details in this room which had no light source, but it was not that difficult for lizardmen.
There was nothing out of the ordinary in the room.
Zaryusu looked around, and after confirming that there were no strange objects, he gave a sigh of relief as he moved to sit upright.
He was an outstanding warrior, which was why even if he was sleeping moments ago, he was as awake as normal. There wasn’t an issue of drowsiness, as he was even energetic enough to immediately enter battle.
This was also related to the fact that lizardmen were habitually light sleepers.
However, Crusch who was sleeping beside Zaryusu showed no signs of waking up.
Having lost the body warmth of Zaryusu, Crush merely sleepily let out a dissatisfied soft murmur.
If it were under normal circumstances, Crusch would also sense the change in the air and wake up, however this time it seemed as if she had not noticed at all.
Zaryusu felt some regret, whether or not he had allowed Crusch to shoulder too much burden.
He recalled last night, and came to the opinion that the burden on Crusch was perhaps greater than his. During the operation of defeating the powerful opponent, the lich, the female Crusch seemed to have suffered a greater burden than the male Zaryusu.
He himself wished that he could allow her to continue sleeping, but after listening carefully, he could hear the frantic movements of many lizardmen beyond the house doors. At these times when various emergencies had already occurred, not waking her up would might be more dangerous.
“Crusch, Crusch.”
Zaryusu used a bit of force to shake Crusch several times.
“Mmm... Mmmm…”
Crusch curled her tail, then immediately revealed her red eyes.
“It looks like something has happened.”
This phrase caused the drowsy Crusch to instantly widen her eyes. Zaryusu grabbed Frost Pain which was by his side and immediately stood up, and not long afterwards, Crusch was also out of bed.
The two of them walked outside and immediately understood the reason for the commotion.
They saw a large thick dark cloud covering the air above the village.
Looking to the distance, they could tell within a moment that the dark cloud was completely different to ordinary dark clouds. This was because it was a clear cloudless sky for miles around.
That also meant that this was—
“It’s… back?”
It was the enemy’s signal for another attack—
“Looks like it.”
Crusch agreed with this view. All of the lizardmen of the five tribes that had grouped together to fight could see the dark cloud in the middle of the sky, and were talking about it. However nobody had a look of fear on their faces.
That was because they were victorious under unfavourable circumstances in the previous battle, causing everyone to become more spirited.
The two of them ran towards the village, giving off a water splashing noise as they sprinted. They passed by several lizardmen who were commencing their battle preparations, and wasted no time in arriving at the main entrance.
There were many warrior class lizardmen already gathered at the main entrance, all of them cautiously prying outwards. Included amongst them was their familiar companion, one who had gone through hell and back with them, Zenberu, and beside him was the tribe chief of the Small Fang Tribe.
After Zenberu waved towards the two individuals who were generating large splashing noises as they came over, he immediately jutted his jaw towards the direction of outside the entrance.
Zaryusu and Crusch stood beside Zenberu and observed outwards from the main entrance.
On the other side of the shore, at the boundary between the wetlands and the forest, was an army composed of skeletons.
“So they have come again.”
Zaryusu responded to Zenberu, then clicked his tongue.
This was anticipated, except it had arrived too soon. At first he reckoned that since their losses were so severe, they would require some time to replenish their troops, and had not considered having completely miscalculated. Apparently, the opponent was capable of once again marshalling units for a large army.
“... However, these skeletons should be weaker than those summoned by the lich.”
These words had a hidden meaning. What Zenberu meant was that he believed that the current skeleton army was in fact stronger than the one which invaded before.
Zaryusu also observed intently at the skeletons arranged on the shore of the other side. This was to size up the opponent’s strength, to then carry out the appropriate defensive actions.
Indeed, they were all skeletons, but the ones this time were different from the previous ones.
For outward appearances, the biggest difference was their equipment. The skeletons from before were only equipped with rusty swords, but the skeletons this time were quite well equipped. Furthermore, their physique seemed better than the ones from last time. The skeletons seemed to have three different kinds of equipment.
The most numerous kind of skeleton wore elaborate breastplates. In one hand they held triangular-shaped shields, kite shields, and in the other hand they held all sorts of weapons. They even carried quivers and compound bows on their backs. These were skeletons which were equipped to be both offensive and defensive, with capabilities to fight at both long and short distances.
Next were helmeted skeletons which wore identical breastplates, draped in tattered red cloaks, holding bucklers and bastard swords.
Finally, and the fewest in number, were the skeletons which were fully equipped. They wore beautiful shining golden full body armour, and held lustrous spears in their hands. Their dazzling fresh red cloaks had not a speck of dirt on them.
Zaryusu observed this much, and discovered a particular fact. He couldn’t help but doubt if he had seen incorrectly, and rubbed his eyes several times. However that remained a reality.
“Eh… that can’t be…”
“H-How is that possible…”
At the same time as Crusch’s exclamation, Zaryusu who had discovered the same fact involuntarily spoke out in a pained low voice. This time, Zenberu replied:
“... Oh, you realised it too.”
Zenberu’s voice was also extremely pained.
Zaryusu was done with speaking, and remained silent. He did not wish to speak, because once words came out, he would be terrified. Yet it was impossible to remain silent:
“... Their weapons seemed to be magic equipment.”
Crusch by his side nodded solemnly.
All of the various equipment on the skeleton army carried magic power. Some of the skeletons carried flaming swords, some held blue electricity hammers, and some skeletons even held spears with tips coated in a green light, or had sickles coated in a viscous purple liquid.
“Looks like that is not it. You two should also look closely at the armours and shields. Those… are also magic defensive equipment.”
Hearing Zenberu utter these words, Zaryusu immediately looked closely.
Following this he even more involuntarily let out a groan. This was because Zaryusu discovered that those shining armour and shields looked simply like they were naturally luminescent, and not at all like if the light given off was from the reflection of sunlight.
Just what kind of authority could enable such numerous skeleton soldiers to all be equipped with magic items? If it were simply magic weapons which had heightened sharpness, Zaryusu had heard it was possible for large countries to achieve this amount over a long period of planning and accumulation. However, to enable each magic weapon to have attribute — furthermore to have quite a large variety of effects — was a completely different matter altogether.
Zaryusu thought of the dwarves which Zenberu had mentioned a few days ago.
Dwarves were a mountainous race which excelled in metalworking. During feasts, those dwarves would often talk about the legend of a particular hero— the King who established the great Kingdom of Dwarves, the hero who wore shining metal armour and solo defeated a dragon, then becoming one of the thirteen heroes, ‘Magic Engineer’. Even within the legends told by the dwarves, there were no stories which told of this kind of magnitude of magic equipment preparation — for a legion exceeding over five thousand units.
Then, what was the scene before Zaryusu?
“... Is that an army from the myths?”
If this was not a story from mankind, then it must be a scenario from a mythical story.
Zaryusu’s entire body was trembling. Because he realised that this exceeded his predictions, and they were facing an enemy which absolutely should not be provoked.
However, from the very start, he himself had gathered everybody here whilst carrying on his conscience the fact that they could all be wiped out. How could he, who had started this outrageous battle, be afraid? He had already figured out that the opponent was a powerful enemy which exceeded their imagination. The importance was on what to do now.
“Impossible. That must be an illusion.”
All of the people at the scene who heard these words shortly displayed an expression that spoke “what kind of nonsense are you spewing.” The opponent was indeed silent and immobile, but their existence was plainly clear. They even gave off an atmosphere which caused people to tremble, therefore they could not be a simple illusion.
However, these words would cause confusion, which was why the one who broke the silence was the tribe chief of the Small Fang Tribe. He absolutely could not have gone deranged, which was why he spoke these words.
“What basis do you have for such an assertion?”
Towards Zaryusu’s question, the Small Fang Tribe chief confidently answered:
“We have taken turns in sending out scouts, yet nobody has seen that kind of undead before. With a number such as that, there is no way they could have remained undiscovered. Of course, all of the scouts who were sent out have returned safely.”
“So that is why… however, I don’t think that is an illusion.”
“... But then… no, perhaps it is not an illusion. If it is not an illusion, we can imagine that an underground tunnel was used for their transport. If there is such an underground passage, it could explain why they were not discovered before their arrival.”
“... It does not matter whether they used a tunnel to get here, or whether they flew through the skies. What should we do now? Although they look as if they have no intention of starting the fight, it still feels like they are not here to negotiate.”
“It does seem that way… however, think about the previous situation. I feel that the opponent will initiate some sort of action…”
Zaryusu stared at the skeleton army.
He was looking for the commander amongst the enemy— at this moment, a chilly wind rises. It didn’t stop and continued to blow.
Such a strange and sudden freezing wind could not be a natural phenomenon. It must be created by magic.
“Wind? Eh… that can’t be! This must be another kind of magic… how is this possible…”
Crusch held herself and trembled. The reason for that did not appear to be because she felt cold, therefore Zaryusu asked:
“Crusch, what is the matter with this cold wind…”
“... Perhaps you will have no way of believing this, but hear me out Zaryusu. I originally thought that the climate change in the past was created through magic of the 4th tier, ‘Cloud Control’, but I was wrong. Although ‘Cloud Control’ is able to control clouds, it is unable to generate these kinds of cold wind. Which is why… this is not simply the control of clouds, but actually causing changes in the weather and meteorology. That means, I believe that the opponent has been activating 6th tier magic… ‘Weather Control’.”
However, that kind of magic belonged to a realm that was beyond her capabilities, which was why she lacked self-confidence— Crusch explained this to Zaryusu in a low voice, such that none else could listen in.
Zaryusu knew how shocking it was to have magic in the realm of the 6th tier. That kind of magic was in a realm which could not even be attained his most powerful adversary to date, Iguvua. It was also believed to be the highest tier of magic in this world.
“Is this… the strength of the Supreme One? So that’s how it is… then it makes sense…”
If 6th tier magic could be used, then being hailed as ‘Supreme One’ was no overstatement.
“Hey, hey, hey, it seems that everyone is anything at all but reassured.”
Zenberu’s complaint accurately pointed out the atmosphere in the surroundings.
Cold wind which could not possibly appear at this moment— meant that this was an unnatural change in the environment. This caused the lizardmen’s morale to plummet to the lowest levels.
The degree of change only extended to clouds last time. If it were only that, even the druids could pull it off by putting together a large bonfire ceremony. However, once the lizardmen felt this kind of autumn-like wind, they realised that the opponent possessed great power. Power to control the weather, which was supposedly an uncontrollable natural phenomenon.
Even if they had not heard Crusch’s words, the ceaselessly blowing cold current was enough to depict just how powerful their impending battle adversary was.
“Cheh, the opponent has begun to move.”
Zaryusu gritted his teeth, using willpower to suppress his tail from fiercely waving about. Just as he anticipated, sure enough the opponent had chosen this moment to move out.
After the organised skeleton army begun their advance, marching uniformly with precise equidistant footsteps, the nearby warrior class lizardmen immediately became frantic, and some even let out deep warning growls. However, Zaryusu who observed the skeleton army moving silently, formed a different opinion. That was not the initiation of a battle.
Just as Zaryusu and Zenberu were about to request aloud for the panicking lizardmen to calm down—
“—Calm down!”
A majestic shout which rippled the atmosphere sounded out.
Everybody looked towards the same direction, and found themselves looking at Shasuryu.
“I say again, calm down.”
In this silent space, only this voice filled with self-confidence and authority reverberated.
“Also, do not be afraid, warriors. Above all else, you must not disappoint the numerous ancestral spirits behind you.”
Shasuryu passed through the group of lizardmen which had retained their calm and were peacefully silent, and arrived by Zaryusu’s side.
“Younger brother, what action has the opponent taken?”
“Hmm, older brother, although they have begun to move… they do not appear to be preparing for battle.”
The five hundred skeletons which had begun to move formed into ten ranks.
“Just what are they planning to do?”
As if the skeleton army had been waiting for this question to be asked, they once again began to move.
Under perfect and precise commands, the legion parted to either side from the centre. What appeared from the gap of approximately twenty skeletons in width was… a figure.
That figure was not very large. Even if it was about two hundred and fifty meters away, it was possible to see that the figure was shorter than Zaryusu.
That person wore a pitch-black robe, and gave off a terrifying aura. He wore a similar attire to the powerful lich from yesterday’s battle, therefore likewise, this opponent should also be a magic caster.
However, there was a decisive difference between the two, that being their strength.
Seeing that figure, Zaryusu felt his back getting the shivers. His instinct was telling himself that if he were to compare this person who had just appeared to yesterday’s lich, the difference in their strength would be like that of a baby to a warrior.
Even if the distance between them was so large, it was still possible to be affected by that terrifying freezing aura emitted from that person’s entire body. Not only that, but the opponent’s equipment were also of a different class.
As if it was impossible to resist death— an absolutely dominating image.
“Is that… an Overlord of Death?”
Zaryusu could not resist speaking out the most appropriate description of this creature, and these words completely hit the point.
That person was an Overlord which dominated over death.
“... Oh, oh!”
What exactly was this Overlord of Death attempting to do?
The lizardmen which were nervously watching this Magic Caster let out a panicked sound altogether. At this moment, an enormous hemisphere-shaped magic array approximately ten metres in diameter expanded outwards with the magic caster at the centre.
A blue and white radiance floated on the surface of the magic array, with semi-translucent markings which looked like it could be words or symbols. Those semi-translucent markings were rapidly changing, and at any given moment none of the words were the same.
Being unable to understand what exactly it was, Zaryusu felt confused.
When a magic caster was casting magic, one would not project it into the air like he did with the magic array. The opponent’s current movements were already beyond Zaryusu’s area of knowledge, therefore he turned to the female lizardman here who was the most familiar with magic and asked:
“What exactly is that?”
“I-I don’t know. I cannot figure out what that is either—”
Crusch’s reply was a bit terrified. It looked like she was even more frightened because she possessed knowledge about magic yet was unable to understand that behaviour.
Just at the moment that Zaryusu was planning to comfort her…
Not knowing if the magic had successfully activated, the magic array broke apart, becoming numerous light particles flying towards the sky. In the next instant— like there had been an explosion in the sky, the particles spread out—
And the lake… completely froze.
Not a single person could understand what exactly had happened.
Shasuryu who was a tribe leader with outstanding qualifications; Crusch who had extraordinary druid powers; even Zaryusu the traveller who had seen much and had a wide breadth of knowledge. Even these individuals, who within lizardmen history could be considered to possess miraculous abilities, could not immediately comprehend the current situation.
No way of understanding why their own feet were inside ice.
Before long— after enough time had passed for the brain to accept the situation before their eyes— a crying rang out—
Every lizardmen— indeed, everybody let out a lamenting cry.
Even Zaryusu was the same. Crusch and Shasuryu, and even the most courageous Zenberu, were no exception. As if terror crept out from the depths of their souls, everybody could not help but scream.
This fact laid out before their eyes was simply too terrifying. The lake, which absolutely would never freeze over, which had never frozen over ever since the moment of their birth, was apparently frozen solid.
The lizardmen frantically lifted their feet. Luckily the layer of ice was not thick, and broke immediately, but the broken areas immediately froze up again. A chilling cold vapour came from underneath, making it painfully obvious that this sight was not an illusion.
After Zaryusu agitatedly clambered up the mud wall, he immediately surveyed the surroundings, then was stunned into silence by what he saw from his widened point of view.
Everything in his field of vision was completely frozen over.
Indeed, it was inconceivable to imagine that such an enormous lake would be entirely frozen solid. However, this radiating ice which covered everything in sight was also reality.
One corner of Zaryusu’s mind was also worried about the situation of his fish farm, but now was not the time to be worried about such things.
“That can’t be…”
Crusch, who had also climbed up, looked around and was lost for words just like Zaryusu. From her gaping mouth, she let out a despaired voice.
Like Zaryusu, she did not wish to believe that this scene she saw before her was real.
She cursed loudly, whilst at the same time wishing that swearing and cursing would mitigate her internal fear.
“Get up here, quick!”
Older brother Shasuryu bellowed.
Several lizardmen had already toppled over. The remaining warriors who were still able to move cooperated together, helping to pull up their collapsed companions from the frozen ground.
Those lizardmen whom were being helped up had pale faces and were shivering constantly. The cold gas which wafted upwards probably had robbed them of their vitality.
“Older brother, I’ll go check on the others!”
Zaryusu who wielded Frost Pain could not be affected by this degree of influence from the cold air.
“No… Do not go!”
“Why, older brother?!”
“The enemy will probably start moving in a short moment. You are not permitted to leave! Grasp the overall situation, do not let any information slip! This is something which can only be entrusted to you who have wandered across the world and acquired various kinds of knowledge.”
Shasuryu’s eyesight moved away from Zaryusu and turned to speak to all of the surrounding warrior class lizardmen.
“Right now I will be casting some ice resistance magic upon you all, ‘Protection Energy Ice’. Quickly go and inform every single person in the village, and avoid coming into contact with the ice.”
“I will also assist with casting the magic.”
“Please do! Then, Crusch, let us act separately. If any individual is discovered to be in an emergency situation, immediately cast healing magic!”
Crusch and Shasuryu began to cast defensive magic on the unharmed lizardmen.
Zaryusu remained on top of the mud wall, and looked towards the enemy’s position with sharp eyes, making sure to grasp the opponent’s every single movement. It was imperative to carry out the task given to him by his brother with perfection.
“Hey ho.”
Zenberu who had climbed up to Zaryusu’s side gazed leisurely at the enemy’s position.
“You need to relax a bit. Your older brother is looking forward to your wisdom right? Even if you miss something, he won’t blame you. The more important thing is to not be too hooked up in it, and end up narrowing your vision.”
Zenberu in his carefree voice had given Zaryusu a sharp warning.
Just like with that lich battle, everyone should cooperate and divide up the labour, and focus on their own role to the best of their ability.
Zaryusu surveyed the surrounding and discovered that warrior class lizardmen had also likewise climbed on top of the mud wall to observe the enemy. Correct, he was not here to fight a war by himself, but to fight shoulder to shoulder with everyone.
It seems that he who had witnessed that overwhelming power — magic — had been shaken.
Zaryusu exhaled one giant breath, as if to get rid of his internal worries all in one go.
“There’s nothing to be sorry about.”
“... That’s right, because you, Zenberu, are also here.”
“Ha, don’t look to me for matters which concern thinking.”
The two of them laughed at each other, then continued to observe the enemy’s movement.
“However, that really is a true monster.”
“Yeah! It is basically on a completely different level…”
The Overlord of Death had the insufferably arrogant posture of a king, and pompously gazed in the direction of Zaryusu and their village. That supposedly quite small body seemed expanded by ten times its size.
“... He should be the one referred to as the Supreme One.”
“That ought to be pretty spot on. Furthermore, I really hope there are no others powerful enough to cast magic that freezes the entire lake.”
“That’s right, and I hope so too. In the eyes of that monster who is even able to freeze the lake, we lizardmen are no more than ants. Ah~ what a shame! We’re no different than small insects. Speaking of which… there’s movement.”
The magic caster who froze the lake raised the hand which was not holding onto a staff, and gave a wave in the direction of the village. That action ought to be a command given— Zaryusu felt as such, and in the next moment received a terrifying proof of it.
“Oh oh oh oh!”
The sound came from various parts from within the village.
“What is… that! What on earth is that?!”
After Zaryusu, who at this stage deeply believed that there was nothing more that could surprise him, saw the sight before his eyes, on reflex gave out an anguished cry.
What appeared before him was a two-armed, two-legged colossus which seemed to be carved out of stone.
There in its thick rock chest region lay a red light which shone just like a heartbeat. With thick hands and stubby legs, its stout body shape was even a bit cute, that was, if it was not over thirty metres in height.
This kind of gigantic rock figure suddenly appeared in the forest. Calling it an illusion would in fact be even easier to mentally accept.
The rock figure slowly began to move, and raised an enormous boulder from who knows where.
And then threw it.
Zaryusu involuntarily covered his eyes. Without a doubt, all those who collided with the giant boulder would be met with nothing but absolute death.
In the darkness, Zaryusu heard the movement sounds of surprised persons, and an enormous collision sound reached him. Even the mud wall began to shake violently.
This was followed by the sound of intense rain— the sound of rebounded gravel as it fell onto the ground, and the exclaiming of both adults and children from the village.
Although he was already accustomed to death, it was still intolerable for him to face such horror which exceeded imagination. The shocking lesson moments ago even caused those who had fought victoriously in the previous war to shriek just like small children.
Comforting himself with the fact that he was still alive, Zaryusu exhaled and calmed himself down. After cautiously opening his eyes, what he saw reflected in his eyes was the sight of the undead army beginning to move, and the giant stone figure was nowhere to be seen.
In the wetlands between the two armies was the giant rock boulder which was non-existent moments ago. The undead legion gathered close to the rock, raised their shields flatly above themselves before kneeling down. The other skeletons jumped on top of the raised shields, nimbly maintained their balance then, like the skeletons below, likewise raised their own shields.
At that moment, Zaryusu understood what the opponent was doing and, as if he had been struck by lightning, started trembling.
“Could it be… stairs? Apparently even this myth-like army is used as mere stairs!”
The skeletons approached the giant boulder at abnormal speed— and the stairs made out of undead army units was finally completed.
Following this, the other undead soldiers also began to move. These undead were even more impressive looking than the skeletons moments ago, and numbered approximately one hundred. In their hands were spears with a piece of cloth attached, like the kind used by horse-back spearmen.
Bright red cloth— all of their spear-flags had a single emblem.
Those undead wore cloaks billowing in the wind, and stepped into the wetlands one after each other in perfect unison, advancing forward silently as they shattered the ice beneath their feet. This was followed by another group of skeletons which also entered the wetlands in perfect unison. The second group maintaining a fixed distance from the first group before stopping and crossing spears with each skeleton on the other side.
The crossed spears formed a single path leading directly to the large boulder.
“... Is that a path for the Overlord?”
Zenberu was correct.
The ‘death’ magic caster stepped on the path arranged by the undead, and following behind him were numerous figures who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere.
Leading the path was the magic caster whose extent of true strength had reached unfathomable heights.
On his body he wore a pitch-black changpao, so dark that it looked as if it had been cut from a piece of the night, and in his hand he held a staff which radiated a black aura. That radiating aura seemed to form into agonised human expressions, which collapsed and disappeared. Even under the hood was a skull, with vacant eye sockets which had a shining small red light in either of them.
The opponent wore innumerable magic accessories which were absolutely beyond Zaryusu’s comprehension, and walked forward at a commensurate pace with the authority of a king.
There was a white clothed woman following behind the Overlord of Death. Although she had a human appearance, there were one particular area which was different to humans. Namely, that was the wings attached to her body at the waist.
“She can’t be… an Akuma?”
Demons were those who used violence to bring about destruction, and Devils were those who used their intelligence to bring about depravity. These kinds of otherworldly existences grouped together were referred to as demons. It is said that they are atrocious monsters which existed solely for the extermination of all sentient and good living beings. They were also synonymous with the word ‘evil’.
Zaryusu had once before heard about demons during his travels.
He had heard how terrifying demons were. It was said that two hundred years ago, a being known as the king of the demons — the Demon God — had led demons under his banner, and had almost exterminated the entire world.
The Demon God had met his end at the hands of the thirteen heroes which vanquished him, and in a certain place it was still possible to see traces of that battle.
If undead could be described as creatures which detested the living, then demons were creatures which tormented the living.
A pair of dark elf twins followed behind the demon, and behind them was a silver-haired girl. Not only that, there was also a bizarre creature floating in the air, and lastly there was a human-like male with a long tail.
Although the bizarre creature gave off an impression that it was not strong, a single glance of each of the others would cause tails to start to tremble. His feral instincts were fiercely warning himself, saying it was crucial to quickly get away at full speed.
This line of persons walked forward silently, passed through underneath the spear banners, and climbed up the stairs leading to the giant boulder. Without hesitation, they stepped on the undead soldiers, and stood on top of the giant boulder like royalty. The Overlord of Death, who walked in front, stretched out his hand and gave it a wave.
In the next moment, a high back throne giving off a black radiance appeared, and the Overlord of Death directly proceeded to sit on top of it.
The ones which walked behind, which should be his trusted people, formed a line, and as if waiting for something they looked towards the village. However apart from this, they did not make any other movements.
What kind of situation was this?
Several lizardmen looked at each other uncomfortably, and finally decided to allow the cleverest person at the scene to make a judgment call.
“... P-Please tell us, what we should do, Zaryusu-sama? Shall we prepare to flee?”
This speech was devoid of battle intent. Their powerless and drooped tails spoke volumes about how they felt inside.
“No, that will not be necessary. Think about the previous lich. Our opponent is a magic caster who is by far more superior to that lich, and making an attack at this distance should be child’s play for him. The most frightening thing is… what kind of words does he have for us.”
The lizardmen revealed an expression of agreement.
During this period of time, Zaryusu’s gaze remained focused on a line people that had approached. Like a commoner looking at royalty, he did not stop observing the powerful creatures standing on top of the giant boulder.
This was so that he would not let any information slip his attention.
When the distance between them had closed, he could already make quite detailed observations, and it could even be said that they were close enough to exchange gazes.
Was the Overlord of Death seated on the throne observing the lizardmen? The outward appearances of the dark elves did not show any hostile intent, the silver haired girl had a mocking expression, the demon’s gentle appearance conversely caused hairs to raise on end, it was completely impossible to see if the bizarre creature was up to anything, and the male who had grown a tail had no emotions in his eyes.
After exchanging observations like this for a while, the Overlord of Death once again gently raised the hand not holding a staff to the vicinity of his chest. Several lizardmen who saw this action flickered their tails intensely.
“—Do not be afraid. Do not put an embarrassing display in front of our opponent.”
Zaryusu’s razor-sharp rebuke made all of the lizardmen at the scene immediately raise their heads and straighten their backs.
A number of black clouds appeared in front of the Overlord of Death, numbering twenty. The black clouds spun ceaselessly, growing in size and each becoming approximately one hundred and fifty centimetres in size. Before long, many horrifying faces appeared floating inside the black clouds.
“Those are…”
Zaryusu recalled that it was the monster which had approached the village, and was also the same kind of undead monster which he had once come across during his travels.
Although he had already explained this in Crusch’s village, unless they were to use magic weapons, weapons forged from special metals, magic or special martial arts, it would be exceedingly difficult to harm this kind of incorporeal creature.
Even when all of the lizardmen tribes were aggregated, they only possessed a small number of magic weapons, which meant to say that even defeating one would be very difficult.
Not to mention that the opponent had apparently summoned twenty of that kind of monster with great ease.
“... So, that’s what it means to be able to control death itself.”
Zaryusu despairingly thought to himself that the opponent was indeed a supremely powerful being able to have the powerful lich swear loyalty to him.
After the Overlord of Death uttered some unknown words, he stretched out his hand and waved as if intending for everyone to attack. Following this, the monsters flew over, surrounded the village and began to chant in unison.
『The Supreme One transmits his message to you as such.』
『The Supreme One requests a dialogue. Will the representative please step forward.』
『Should you waste our time, it shall only serve to aggravate the Supreme One.』
After this unilateral declaration, the incorporeal undead returned to their masters’ side.
“Ha...? It can’t be… That is it?”
Zaryusu had a stumped look as he said this.
So he sent out such powerful undead just to transmit this message?
However, what was even harder to believe was when the silver haired girl, who was waiting at attention at the back, forcefully used both hands to make a clap once she received her instructions from the supreme ruler of death.
At the moment of the hand clap— those undead were exterminated.
Zaryusu, who had taken in a large shock, involuntarily shouted out.
Since that move was not to return the summoned monsters, but to exterminate them.
Priests could exterminate undead. Although normally sending them back was already not easy, if there were two individuals and there was a great difference in strength, they could do more than make the undead retreat, and even directly exterminate them. However, to exterminate a group of undead at the same time was impossible.
What that meant was that the silver haired girl’s strength was on par with the Overlord of Death. If that was so, then the others by his side were fearfully also the same.
“Ha ha ha ha—”
Zaryusu could not stop his own laughter.
This was natural. At this moment, what could he do other than laugh? If the difference in their strength was as such—
“Younger brother!”
“—Ah, older brother!”
Zaryusu replied as he glanced to the voice which came from the under of the mud wall, and discovered that both Shasuryu and Crusch had arrived at the wall. Both individuals climbed up the mud wall and looked in the direction of the magic caster’s entourage.
Crusch forcefully squeezed herself between Zenberu and Zaryusu, almost causing Zenberu to fall over. However, this should have counted as a forgivable action.
“Is that the enemy's leader? The atmosphere around him is so strong that merely looking at him will cause people’s bones to chill. Although the appearance is similar to the lich which you defeated… but the strength of both individuals simply cannot be compared…”
“... Older brother, have you finished on your side?”
“Mm, pretty much. My and Crusch’s magic reserves have been depleted. Furthermore, after hearing that being’s words… I also think that we must resolve this matter first. About what that being said… Zaryusu, are you willing to come along?”
Zaryusu looked silently at Shasuryu for a while, then nodded gravely. Shasuryu momentarily showed an anguished look, but immediately returned to normal, so fast that nobody had noticed his expression.
“Don’t mind it, older brother.”
Shasuryu had only apologised before jumping off the mud wall, treading on the thin layer of ice coating the wetlands, and letting out splashing sounds.
“I’m off then.”
“Be careful.”
After Zaryusu hugged Crusch tightly, he also followed Shasuryu and jumped down into the wetlands.
Zaryusu and Shasuryu treaded across the thin ice above the lake, moving forward together. After they walked through the main entrance, Zaryusu felt the Overlord of Death’s group gaze intently at the two of them, as if their gazes carried actual pressuring strength. He desperately restrained his strong emotions telling him not to get away.
At this moment, Shasuryu spoke out.
“... Sorry.”
“... Sorry for what, older brother?”
“... If negotiations fall apart, the opponent may perhaps kill the two of us there and then.”
Zaryusu had already prepared himself mentally a while ago. It was because of this that he had hugged Crusch so tightly first.
“... Considering the opponent’s numbers, I cannot allow older brother to go forward alone. If you were by yourself, the opponent would probably also form the opinion that we are not paying them enough respect.”
Amongst lizardmen, Zaryusu was indeed widely known, and extremely suitable to take part in negotiations. However, his identity was that of a traveller, therefore even if he were sacrificed, it would not affect the lizardmen group structure. From this perspective, his loss would not be regretted.
Even if the hero were to be killed, so long as there were other remaining tribe chiefs, the battle could be continued. The only pity would be the loss of Frost Pain. Without it, there would be no means to block the cold wind coming from the frozen lake.
The two of them continued silently forward, getting step-by-step closer to death.
They arrived before the undead stairs leading up to the throne, and announced their arrival loudly. If the throne was situated even further back, they could have chosen to climb up the stairs first, but the opponent stood at the brink of the stairs, showing that they were not intended to climb up.
The king must sit at a higher level.
Although lizardmen did not have such a rule, many tribes had the habit where those in a higher position would look down on the others. Of course, from the perspective of holding talks, this was considered disrespectful treatment of the other party.
Therefore, whilst on the surface it was called negotiation, blatantly there was no intention for these negotiations to be conducted between equals.
However, requesting equality in talks would be overconfidence. Indeed, Zaryusu and the others had won the previous battle, but after seeing the rows of enemy soldiers on top of the enormous boulder, they were forced to realise that their previous victory had no meaning even if they did not wish to believe so. All of it had been just a game.
“Our delegation has arrived! I am the lizardmen representative, Shasuryu Shasha, the strongest hero amongst the lizardmen!”
“I am Zaryusu Shasha!”
Even so, their sonorous voices still had no flattery in them. They knew that this was foolishness, but this was their remaining dignity. Perhaps the previous battle was only a game in the opponent’s eyes, but they absolutely could not forfeit the honour of those who sacrificed their lives in that battle.
No response. The Overlord of Death seated on top of the throne merely looked critically at them, unceremoniously sizing them up. It was completely impossible to tell if there was any intent to take action.
The one who replied was the demon who had a pair of black wings which grew from her waist.
“Our master does not consider that you have not entered into a listening posture which demonstrates respect.”
“... What?”
Once the female heard the confused voice, she called out to the man by her side who had a tail.
Suddenly, Zaryusu and Shasuryu knelt down, with their heads buried into the wetlands. Their actions made it look like these two persons thought it was only natural to do.
The cold mud stained the two persons’ bodies, and the shattered ice blocks immediately froze up again.
It was impossible to stand up. Even if they used their entire body’s strength, their bodies did not budge. As if there was an invisible giant hand which was pressing down on them from above, their bodies had completely lost all freedom of movement.
“『Do not Resist』.”
In the moment that the sound once again was heard in their heads, Zaryusu and Shasuryu felt as if their bodies had given birth to another mind— taking over their decision making organs. Their bodies seemed to act according to the instructions of that organ.
After seeing the two energy-drained persons awkwardly kneeling in the muddy ground, the female demons seemed to look very satisfied, and faced the master as she reported:
“Ainz-sama, their respectful listening postures are prepared.”
“Thank you for your hard work— Raise your heads.”
“『Permitted to Raise your Heads』.”
Zaryusu and Shasuryu moved their heads which was the only body part able to freely move, and gazed upwards as if respectfully welcoming a king.
“I am… the master of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz Ooal Gown. First, I give you my thanks for helping me complete my experiment.”
Experiment? So many of our companions’ lives were taken away, yet he still dares to call it an experiment?
The despise in their hearts roused their burning anger, but then they still restrained their emotions. It was because now was still not the time to turn the tables.
“Then, let us directly address the main issue… accept my authority.”
Ainz the magic caster gently raised his hand, stopping Shasuryu who desired to speak out.
Knowing that insisting on speaking out would not be wise, Shasuryu could only obediently stay silent.
“— However you defeated us earlier, which should mean that you are unwilling to accept my authority. This is why we shall attack again four hours later. If you are still able to win, I promise to take no further action against you, and will even guarantee to support reasonable compensation to you.”
“... May I please ask a question?”
“You may, ask away.”
“The one who will be attacking… will it be Your Mightiness?”
The silver-haired girl standing at the back raised her brow slightly and the female demon smiled more deeply, possibly because they were unsatisfied with the ‘Your Excellency’ title. However, they did not make any particular action, perhaps because the master did not say anything about it.
Ainz ignored those two persons, and continued talking.
“How can that be possible. I will not be taking action myself. Instead, the one who will be attacking will be my trustworthy aide… furthermore I will only be sending out one person. He is called Cocytus.”
Hearing these words, Zaryusu felt a deep despair as if the world had ended.
If it were a large army that would attack, perhaps the lizardmen would have a chance of victory. This meant that, at first, he had believed that this time could also be a continuation of yesterday’s unfortunate battle which was called an experiment. If it were like that, then there should still be a miniscule chance of victory.
However, it was not going to be a large army which was sent out to attack.
The one attacking would only be one person.
The previously defeated army had once again made such a big declaration, but would only send one person this time. Unless it was a punishment, or there was some hidden meaning behind his words, he must have complete faith in that person.
Someone who was trusted by the Overlord of Death who possessed overwhelming strength. Then, there could only be one answer: that person also possessed overwhelming strength, and furthermore the kind of strength that would make lizardmen feel that there was no chance of winning.
"We choose to surren..."
"Losing without a fight is simply too boring. Do put up a bit of a fight, we would also like to have a taste of victory."
Ainz interrupted Shasuryu, not allowing him to continue.
So blatantly, he would make an example out of us, this bastard.
Zaryusu cursed as such in his thoughts.
The powerful using slaughter to wipe away the shame of defeat.
What that meant was that in a moment the opponent would be carrying out a live sacrifice. It would be a performance, eradicating the rebellious lizardmen.
"That is all that I wish to say. Then, four hours later, do your best to enjoy it."
"Please wait a minute— will this ice melt away?"
Regardless of who won or lost, with the lake frozen, the lizardmen would find it very difficult to survive.
"... Ah, I almost forgot."
Saying that he had forgotten. This airy attitude of Ainz surfaced in his reply.
"I only wished not to dirty myself with the wetlands mud as I walked, which is why, after returning to the shore, the magic effect will be dispelled."
Zaryusu and Shasuryu were shocked into silence, and questioned if they had heard wrongly.
He froze the lake simply because he did not wish to get dirty?
This was no longer at the level of being hard to believe. The opponent's strength was simply too overwhelming, even able to easily change the force of nature, and furthermore for such a silly reason.
So it turned out that they were opposing such a powerful being— Zaryusu and Shasuryu both felt the same fear as a child would being all alone.
"Until next time, lizardmen— 「Portal」."
Feeling that everything that needed to be said was said, Ainz stretched out his hand and gave it a gentle wave, and a dark hemisphere appeared in front of the throne. Next, he jumped into that darkness.
"See you, lizardmen."
"Goodbye, Mr. Lizardmen."
"Farewell, lizardmen."
The two attending females and one male also jumped into the darkness after speaking with an attitude that was as if they had lost interest.
"E-Eh, t-then, good bye, take care."
"drows ym fo enob eht ma I" [Then, goodbye.]
After the dark elf female, the bizarre creature also followed and entered the darkness. 
"『Freedom Granted』. Then, try to enjoy it as best you can, lizardmen."
At the same moment the last one, the man with the tail, entered the darkness, he spoke with a gentle voice and also the weight pressing down on the two lizardmen disappeared without a trace.
Zaryusu and Shasuryu who were left behind in their spots were sprawled in the mud and did not move. This was because they lacked the strength to pull themselves up.
They no longer even felt pain from the continuous freezing wind, because they had suffered a mental attack which exceeded their physical pain by far.
“Damn it…”
Shasuryu cursed in a low voice, quite unlike his personality, and contained in it was a mix of many emotions.
The two were welcomed back by the various tribe chiefs who had climbed on top of the mud wall in order to avoid the cold gas. There were no other lizardmen in the surroundings.
Possibly, this was arranged because they had already considered early on that there were some matters which needed to be discussed in confidentiality. Shasuryu roughly thought that this was the case, and that there was no need to conceal it any further. He then directly informed everybody of what he had gathered about the progression of that meeting that hardly could called a proper negotiation.
Nobody had too much of a reaction, except for being slightly alarmed, towards Shasuryu’s explanation which was said in a heavy tone. They were most likely like this because they had probably predicted the conclusion of the negotiation from a long while back.
“Understood… then the ice will melt, right? If it does not melt, then we won’t be able to fight even if we wanted to.”
“Not a problem. The opponent said that the magic would be dispelled.”
“Was this an exchange brought about by the negotiation?”
Towards the question posed by the Small Fang Tribe chief, Shasuryu did not reply, but merely smiled a little. Seeing that reaction, and understanding what it meant, the tribe chief of the Small Fang Tribe shook his head disheartedly.
“When you were heading to the negotiations, we conducted an investigation… and discovered the shadows of enemies inside of the lake which look like skeleton soldiers. We fear that they are in a formation surrounding us and awaiting orders.”
“I do not think… our opponent… plans to let us go.”
“The opponent was quite serious, so this means…”
“That is only speculation.”
The four who had not participated in the negotiations gave a long sigh. The conclusion that they had reached should also be a belief that what would follow was a live sacrificial ritual.
“Then what shall we do?”
“... Mobilise all warrior class lizardmen, and also… the ones here…”
“Older brother… can you permit only five people to participate?”
Out of the corner of his eye, Zaryusu saw the puzzled expression on Crusch’s face. He continued, appealing towards all of the male lizardmen including his older brother.
“If the opponent’s objective is to demonstrate his own powerful strength, then lizardmen shouldn’t be exterminated completely. Therefore, we need an individual who is able to lead, a central figure to bring together all of the survivors. If all of the people here were to lose their lives, it would be a huge loss for the future of lizardmen.”
“... That is a valid point. Isn’t that right, Shasuryu.”
“Hmm, Zaryusu… is correct.”
The two tribe chiefs alternatively looked at Zaryusu and Crusch, then both expressed their agreement.
“— There’s nothing unacceptable with that; I also agree.”
After the approval of the final tribe chief Zenberu, Shasuryu could not find any reasons to refuse his younger brother’s request.
“Our decision is thus settled then. I have also thought about it, that it is necessary to have someone survive to lead and bring together the tribes— Crusch should be very suitable to carry out this responsibility. Her albinism may perhaps be a hindrance, but her abilities as a druid are indispensable.”
“Wait a moment. I also want to fight together!”
Crusch shouted loudly, protesting why she was excluded now out of all times.
“Furthermore, if we were to leave one person behind, wouldn’t leaving behind Shasuryu be better? He is the most trusted tribe leader amongst us!”
“And that is exactly why we cannot leave him behind. The opponent’s objective is to demonstrate overwhelming force, probably in hopes that we will despair, so that we will submit to his authority easier. However, what would happen if there was someone amongst the survivors they could pin their hopes on, hmm?”
“And… amongst the tribe chiefs present, the one with the lowest popularity is Crusch.”
Crusch was speechless. It was an indisputable fact that she as an albino had the lowest popularity.
Knowing that nothing she said would convince them, Crusch fixated on Zaryusu.
“I also want to go together. When you called me here, you had already decided let me make my own decision, so why do you still say such words?”
“... Because at that time, everybody would very likely all be killed, but now we have a relatively large opportunity to allow one person to survive.”
“Don’t joke with me!”
The air was shaking as if it were echoing Crusch’s anger. Because of her agitated emotions, the sound of the mud wall being slapped numerous times could be heard as Crusch’s tail went into an uncontrollable frenzy.
“—Zaryusu, you convince her. See you again in four hours’ time.”
Shasuryu threw down these words before departing quickly with long strides, followed by the sound of shattering ice and splashing water. Three tribe chiefs jumped down the mud wall and followed Shasuryu. Zenberu also had his back towards the two as he waved his hand gently to give his regards.
After seeing them off, Zaryusu turned to face Crusch.
“Crusch, please understand.”
“How can I understand! And it is not a given that you will lose! If you had the support of my druid powers, perhaps you may win!”
This sentence was so hollow that even Crusch who said it did not believe in it herself.
“I do not wish for my loved female lizardmen to be killed. Please fulfil this foolish male lizardman’s desire.”
Crusch showed a pained expression, and hugged Zaryusu.
“You’re too selfish!”
“You might die.”
“Uh huh…”
Indeed, the chance of surviving was incredibly low. No, rather it could be said with certainty that there was no chance of surviving.
“In just one short week, you’ve already captured my heart, yet you still tell me to watch helplessly as you get killed?”
“Meeting you was my stroke of luck, but also my misfortune.”
Crusch who was hugging Zaryusu’s torso tightened her grip, as if she had no intentions of letting go.
Zaryusu made no noise.
What should he say?
What could he say?
His thoughts all along had been stuck on the same problem.
After a period of time, Crusch raised her head, with her expression filled with determination.
Zaryusu felt uncomfortable in his heart as he sensed that Crusch would be adamant about coming along. At this moment, Crusch spoke a few words concisely to Zaryusu.
“—Get me pregnant.”
“Come quick!”


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    9/11 meme, princess bride, zoolander, legend of zelda, back to the future, fate/stay night. He's the "guardian with a mouth"

  72. IF MY CALCULATIONS ARE CORRECT WHEN THIS BABY HITS 88 MILES PER HOUR….. YOU’RE GONNA SEE SOME SERIOUS SHIT [Please say no more, Ainz-sama. I fully understand your feelings]
    IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE! TAKE THIS [This humble one would not dare!]
    WHAT IS THIS? A CENTER FOR ANTS? THE BUILDING HAS TO BE AT LEAST......THREE TIMES BIGGER THAN THIS [Demiurge had already told me, please do not worry, Ainz-sama. I am also the servant of Ainz-sama. Furthermore, my death is my raison d'être. If this modest ability of mine is able to assist the Supreme Being, I would be joyful beyond compare.]
    BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS [I have heard about this matter from Ainz-sama.]
    JET FUEL CAN’T MELT STEEL BEAMS [I have also heard about everybody’s reputation, therefore let us kindly spare with introducing ourselves.]
    IAM THE BONE OF MY SWORD [Then, goodbye.]


    1. I love that the translators/editors chose to include these references hahaha. I got some of them while some I hàd to check knowyourmeme.
      I wonder what the official translation would look like... Just the random colors?

  73. This is so Epic! Would love to see this scene drawn in manga or even get animated in anime!

  74. Lmao Victim's gibberish lines are gold. Thanks for this!

  75. "drows ym fo enob eht ma I" should have been "Dellik era yeht nehw eid elpoep" :P