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Summary for Knight's and Magic School Arc

In an unnamed world not yet fully explored by its inhabitants, there exists the continent Zetterlund.

The eastern and western regions separated by the Aubigne mountain range.

It’s eastern region inhabited by the kingdom of Fremmevira. At its capital, there is an academy teaching knights.

At the arena, two knights piloting giant robots known as Silhouette Knights, an instructor is observing them.

Kurata Tsubasa, newly reborn, approaches his father accompanied by his mother. Kurata is now known as Ernesti and he is focused on the Silhouette Knights dueling. He inherited his mother’s features.

He then becomes abnormally focused on Silhouette Knights and decided to devote his second life towards this, to pilot a Silhouette Knight and become a knight. Since he was obsessed about robots in his previous life.

At home, he asks his parents how to become a knight. His father tells him to study magic first.

His mother teaches him magic. Thanks to his matured mind, he is able to easily learn at a faster pace than other children.

The process of casting magic is similar to programming, since he was a professional programmer, he is able to cast a basic spell. But suddenly collapses due to lack of mana. 

After learning about limits of mana and how to increase it, he vows to train hard.
The next day, Eru begins his special training and used a physical boost spell but failed. He then sought to improve it and continues training.

When Eru reached the age of 8, he’s already begun advancing his special training by jumping on the roofs of the city at night using physical boost spells. Focusing on mobility and training without rest and without interacting with children at his age.

On one such night, he encounters two children at one roof. Archid and Adeltrud. When he jumped off the roof, the two are amazed and admired him. The next night, Eru encounters them again. They plead with Eru to train them as well. Adeltrud becomes infatuated with Eru’s appearance being cute and similar after his mother. Eru accepts.

The next day, the twins, Ady and Chid visit Eru’s house. Eru’s mother greets them warmly and then later, Eru teaches the twins. He made new friends and his life got livelier.
Due to the existence of demonic beasts, walls have been erected to protect the city. It’s often a spot where children played together.

 One day, several children tease a slow dwarf child named Batson then ran away. Eru, Chid, and Ady were around then Eru wanted to play a prank. The twins grab Batson and they chased after the children. They launch Batson at them, hitting them hard and destroying several boxes. 

Batson gets enrage and chases after them, leaving the children there to take the blame. Batson soon gives up chasing after getting tired. They arrive at his house, his father’s workshop.

After a small tour, Eru asks Batson to create a staff. He returns home to create the design, and entrusts it to Batson.

Batson makes the Winchester Rifle. Pleased with it, Eru wanted another one built since they greatly enhanced and influenced Eru’s fighting style.

At the age of 8 and a half, Eru received a letter to enroll at Laihiala Academy. He’s troubled since he wants to be a knight runner. After consulting his family and friends, he remembered his height is too small to pilot a Silhouette Knight. His mother apologized since he takes after her in appearance and height but Eru denied it and decided to create a Silhouette Knight himself.

When the time came for the academy to welcome new students, Eru and his friends enter. When they started to eat at the cafeteria, they meet Chid and Ady’s half-sister, Stefania Serrati. She develops a fondness for Eru hear. She introduces herself being acquainted with Eru. Eru notices that Chid and Ady act strange.

Later, the twins confide to Eru about their family troubles, and their cruel brother and step-mother. 

The next day, they formally begin classes. Eru notices at the time table a class that allowed him to study about Silhouette Knights however another class is in his way.

 He gets determined to get it out of his way. When the day for Fundamental Magic class begins, he asks the teacher to allow him to skip his class if he proves his ability to be far superior to the rest. Although doubtful, he’s given a chance, he shows off an overwhelming display of magical prowess, using an advanced spell without difficulty. Chid and Ady follow suit as the class is amazed at their performance, somewhat reluctantly the teacher gives her permission.

Later, Eru encounters Stefania who shows a fondness for Eru when Ady appears, they chat about his cuteness, troubling Eru. 

The bell rings later and they head to class. Chid encounters Baltsar later on, his and Ady’s  half-brother.

After two years, their lifestyles remain the same. Eru forcibly used his abilities to be exempted from classes to attend those he wants to attend. While Chid and Ady duel using dual magic and swordplay. Stefania watches in amazement as the two display abilities unthinkable for children their age.

 Baltsar secretly observes the duel and retreats.

Expressing frustration due to being inferior in terms of abilities in comparison towards Chid and Ady, Baltsar plots to dispose of them.

The next day, Baltsar corners Ady with his lackeys and they capture her. Baltsar challenges Chid later on while holding Ady’s hair pin. Baltsar beats Chid mercilessly, leaving Chid to count on Eru.

Eru encounters Stefania while looking for Chid. Stefania informs Eru of Baltsar plot and this enrages Eru. He searched for Ady and relentlessly crushed the lackeys guarding her. He takes her and rushes to where Chid is.

Chid is severely beaten when Eru appears with Ady. Chid gets serious and mercilessly beats Baltsar. The audience understood Baltsar’s scheme after seeing Ady. His lackeys take him away and Eru consults Stefania to deal with everything else later.

A few days later, Baltsar was severely warned by the school and his family and was sent to the Red Rhino Knights for reformation. Eru and Ady play and chat as usual while Ady develops feelings for Eru. Life is peaceful for Eru and his friends.

Brought to you by Storm Loki/bladerain, editor for Skythewood Translations.


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  3. To all our readers, this is a summary for School Arc of Knights and Magic. It's nothing more than a summary detailing main events. I did my best writing this summary, and I intend on making a summary for the Demon Beast Arc as well. As for the next update for volume 2, please wait patiently for Skythewood to update it when it's ready.

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