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Natsutabi V1 Prologue & Chapter 1

Translator: Pingas

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At that time, I was super excited about the driver’s license I got a day prior.



The supermarket is filled with people buying ingredients for their dinner. I just stopped my car at the parking lot. Then, my eyes met with a girl in uniform walking from the boulevard.

The evening breezes caress her silver hair that reaches her nape.

I only know a single girl with such outstanding hair color.

She’s a first-year student. Two years younger than me.

The Disciplinary Committee member, Ayari Ayukawa.

“Sawakita-senpai, you got your driver’s license already?”

I remained in my seat. She glared at me coldly.

Even though boys in the school say she has “adorable and round eyes”, it’s more like “sharp and cold eyes” to me. Her “aurora-like silver hair” is more like “sparkling aluminum foil” to me. Some people say, “She smells super good up close-“, but those people must be corporate spies who pay attention to her life day and night. Also, she looks very unhealthy. Her iron wire-like limbs are installed on her stick-like torso. If I call her “Yajirobe” in front of her, she’ll glare at me with an incredibly horrifying expression and say, “I’m not that fat.” That’s not what I meant.

How can a woman like her be so popular-

I guess my school’s screwed.

“…Senpai, you are thinking about something very mean, right?”

“Nope, I’m not.”

Her face looks like a vicious detective or Satan giving his hellish orders.

Anyway, she’s bad news.

And out of all people, she’s the one who sees me.

“Uh- well, this is…”

I scrambled my brain for an excuse. Oh, my mom went shopping. I’m just sitting on her seat for a bit. Nope, it won’t work. She clearly saw me turning off the engine. In the end, Mom can’t teleport here since she’s still working. It’s a checkmate.

“…Yeah, I got my license.”

“That’s breaking the school rules.”

“But it’s not breaking the law.”

“Right, come to think of it, senpai is already 18 years old.”

She hmphed and put her index finger on her lips.

That’s her thinking pose.

I tried to prank her a while ago and said, “Are you sucking on pacifiers?” She ended up forcing me to clean the toilets for a week. This person is too heartless.

“It takes at least 2 months of training for a regular license, right? Isn’t senpai’s birthday last month?”

“I can train 2 months before my birthday!”

“I see, but you’re still breaking the school rules, no matter what.”



My dream will die if this goes on.

“Hey, kouhai.”

“I’m not listening to your excuses. …What is it?”

“What do you think a license is?”

She slightly tilted her head in confusion.

“What is it? Isn’t that a permit for you to drive? Something like an ID, right?”

I sighed deeply on purpose.

“You really don’t know anything.”


“A driver’s license is like the wings of freedom, you know?”


She looks stunned.

“We have wings as long as we have this. We can fly anywhere we want. It’s not just for a super rural place like Hachioji. We can even fly to other worlds too. Yes, a driver’s license is freedom! It’s the wings toward freedom! It’s the wings of a man who soars majestically! This isn’t something you show when you’re selling your manga or games to a second-hand shop when your pocket money is in danger! Do you understand, kouhai!?”

“Can this car fly, though?”

Kouhai looked at my car. The right body of it is so clean that it’s sparkling, by the way. No, but it won’t grow wings for real.

“That’s just a figure of speech! Don’t you understand a man’s romance?”

“Sorry, I’m a girl.”


This person is so cold-hearted.

There’s a reason why people call her “Snow Woman”. Well, even though I’m the only one who calls her that way.

Kouhai squinted her round and useless eyes.

“Seeking my compassion at moments like this, aren’t you getting your hopes up too much?”


“You hate me so much, right? ‘Out-of-season Snow Woman’, ‘3mm Complaining Gatling Gun’, you’ve been giving me weird nicknames every day.”

“Shut up! I was just caught in the moment!”

“You’ve even called me ‘aluminum foil’ before. Are you trying to wrap me around to roast something?”

Her slim eyebrows are twitching. It looks like she really cares about that. Very well, I’ll continue calling her that way.

“I’ll say this ahead. You’re the one who starts the fight.”

“Huh? …What are you talking about?”

“You think of me as a thorn in your eye first. That’s why I decided to fight back. You’re the aggressor. Don’t forget.”

She quickly shook her head.

“No, no, no, it’s you.”

“Nope, it’s you.”

“It’s senpai.”

“It’s you!”

“It’s senpai! …No, it’s I think it’s senpai.”

She still went out of her way to change her mind after getting angry. This part of her is really not adorable.

The aunties with their shopping bags are observing our argument in the parking lot. It’s like they are watching a funny scene.

We always argue childishly whenever I see this kouhai.

That’s our relationship.

“Onii-chan? What’s wrong?”

I turned to the voice. It’s my little sister with her school bag. She just finished her cram school lessons.

Her puppy eyes bulged curiously. She looked between kouhai and me as her short double ponytails wiggled.

“You’re back. That’s fast.”

“Yep, the exam was over pretty quickly!”

Kouhai froze for a moment before speaking up.

“Senpai, is this your little sister?”

“Yes! I’m the little sister!”

My little sister lowered her head and bowed. The cover of her school bag immediately covered the back of her head. Sheesh, fasten it properly.

Kouhai fixed my little sister’s schoolbag before I even left my seat. It looks like this girl can be friendly to any human besides me.

“Are you here to pick up your little sister?”


I don’t want her to know this.

“There’s a cram school behind here. Mom’s busy working.”

Our family has a convenience store.

Even though Mom normally picks her up, I’ll be here if she needs to fill in the shift when someone’s absent. This happens 2 or 3 times a month, and it’s also part of why I decided to get a license.

“You should say it earlier if you have reasons like this. My complaint toward you will change depending on the context.”

“So, you’re going to complain, no matter what?”

“Of course, I can’t just ignore people breaking the school rules. …However-“

Kouhai glanced at my little sister, who’s totally attracted to her silver hair while yelling, “Yahoo!”

“I’ll give you a chance to plead because of your little sister.”


“Come to the Disciplinary Committee Room tomorrow after school.”


That place is where I’m getting preached.

Up until now, I’ve been called there a couple of times by this un-cute kouhai.

At this point, this abuser has already taken away many times of my precious lunch and after-school time.

Also, the scariest part is that, for some reason, it’s always her and me only. Even though more than 10 people are on the committee, she always manages to appear before me. Her face is practically saying, “Senpai is my prey.” Seriously, what’s up with her? Is she playing as an opponent in a shonen manga?

“Listen, I won’t forgive you if you try to run away.”

“Alright, alright.”

“You only need to say that once.”


I rebelled until the last moment. Kouhai gave me cold stares before leaving.


I leaned on the steering wheel of my precious car and sighed.

I’ve fallen from the heaven of getting my license into hell.

That silver girl thinks I’ve murdered her father. I bet she’ll tell the school about me getting my license, and then I’ll probably be punished. All of the students who’ve earned their licenses before are seemingly suspended…

My little sister tugged my sleeve hard next to me.

“Hey, hey, is that girl onii-chan’s girlfriend?”

“Are you blind…?”


“Eh, what a shame! She’s super cute! This is the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful person!”

Beautiful? Her? That pile of snow or aluminum or stainless steel? Cute?


100% impossible.

If that kouhai is beautiful, the auntie who just went past me with her trolley is Cleopatra. The old lady behind her with a cane is Yang Guifei. As for my little sister, who keeps saying, “Tsundere! Onii-chan is a tsundere!” while rubbing my face, she will be Ono no Komachi.

If that kouhai counts as cute-

This nation is utterly helpless.

“Alright, fasten your seatbelt. We’re going back.”


I started the engine deflatedly. Just as I shifted to D gear-

Suddenly, an irrelevant question appeared in my heart.

-How did that girl know my birthday?

The next day, after school.

I walked across the corridor with heavy steps. My classmates’ smiles are full of a sense of liberation. Oh, the envy, jealousy, and hate. I’m going to get stressed down right now. I have to say “sorry” and “it’s my fault” to that presumptuous woman and beg her to forgive me.

I knocked on the door leading to the Disciplinary Committee Room. A clear voice answered, “Please come in.”

The room is around 8 tatamis. There’s a steel bookshelf before the wall. A bunch of cardboard boxes is next to that. Perhaps it’s because this is where all of the school’s old information is. This smells like a second-hand bookstore. Being a frequent visitor, I’m already used to this smell.

A conference table along with 6 chairs is in the center of the room.

As for Ayari Ayukawa, she’s sitting on one of them with a straightened back.

“Please take a seat.”

Her manners are well-displayed as usual.

The other committee members aren’t here today as well. She’s the only one here.

I used to bring this up with my friends. They always said stuff like, “How envious!” “I’m willing to pay to talk to Ayari-chan alone.” This damn piece of aluminum foil is really popular among third-year students too. Are everyone’s eyes rotten?

“Senpai, you must be thinking about something mean again, right?”

“Nope, I’m not.”

I felt like kouhai just shot an ice beam toward me with her eyes. Sheesh, that’s enough.

Why are you only so strict with me?

“You should know why I called you here, right?”

“It’s because I got the license, right?”

She took a student handbook out from her uniform’s pocket.

“Rule 37. Students aren’t allowed to get a car license, motorcycle license, scooter licenser, etc. You should know that, right?”


“Then, do you know why it’s banned?”

I shook my head. She flipped open the thick ring folder next to her.

I was thinking about what she was going to do.

“Are these news articles?”

Reports after reports of car accidents are all tidily placed into the folder. They are all about cars.

“I investigated in the city library.”

Even though she said it like it was nothing, is this whole folder about those accidents?

“Please look at this.”

Her pale finger pointed to a detailed report. There’s an image of a thoroughly destroyed truck and car.

“This happened to an 18-year-old who just received his license. He hit a truck driving toward his way during a right-turn at a crossroad.”

Kouhai and I read the report.

Since she’s not tall, her body naturally leans forward. Then, she even mumbled to herself. She’s clearly pretending to be cold, yet this is where she falls off. I pointed this out before and said, “Are you still a kid?” She then forced me to pick up stones in the playground for an hour. How cold. How heartless.

“Are you listening to me, senpai?”

“Yes, yes. You’re saying that I may end up like that, right?”

She didn’t say anything and straightened her body once again.

“Based on the government census I got from the internet, teenagers between 16 to 19 years old had the highest traffic accident rate last year.”

“You’re lying. From what I’ve read, teenagers have had fewer accidents recently. Old people are way more likely to cause accidents.”

“That’s because there are fewer teenagers getting licenses. Also, look at the death rate per 100 thousand in the population with scooter licenses. Teenagers have just as many deaths as older people. Aside from that, teenagers account for the highest ratio in direct hits and severe accidents.”

“…You can get that much information online?”

“Nope, I asked the Traffic Department in the police station.”

Why did you go that far…? I stopped just as I was about to say it.

I realized what kouhai meant.

“The school banned getting a license because of accidents?”

She nodded forcefully.

“There’s a reason why school rules exist. Senpai, you’re a beginner and a high school student. It’s very likely for you to get into an accident. I’m really worried- no, it’s dangerous.”

Even though I wanted to deny ominous presumptions like this, what she said makes sense.

My eyeballs nearly flew out when I saw the high price on the car insurance website last week. I even called customer service to ask why. The onee-san on the call explained in a natural tone. “It’s because it’s very possible for teenage drivers to have accidents. This is reflected onto the insurance cost.”

But I have to say something.

“Hey, can I say something?”

“It’s useless to quibble, …but I’ll hear you out.”

She’s arrogant, but she still listens to people. This is one of the few good points this kouhai has.

“Indeed, it’s more likely for teenagers to get into accidents. But if we go along with your logic, doesn’t that mean I can never drive? Everyone’s a newbie at the start.”

“I still think it’s too early for a high school student. Why not just wait until university?”

“I’m not going to a university.”

She gently stood up from the chair.

“You’re not studying anymore!? Why?”

“What why?”

“S-Senpai, you have good grades, right? Didn’t you get 7th place in the mid-term exam?”

How did this girl know my grades too?

Well, the ranking for third-year students is posted on the corridor. I guess it’s not weird.

“You know my family runs a convenience store, right?”

“Yeah, so what?”

“Actually, my father passed away in spring this year.”

She gasped. Her expression turned stiff.

Then, she dropped her shoulder and lowered her head.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know that. …I’m really sorry.”

She’s way too depressed. I’m getting nervous.

“No, no, no! Of course, you won’t know! Please don’t worry about it!”

Sheesh, I messed up.

I have to make this nasty kouhai keep hating me.

If she shows her gentle…and cute side to me like this-

Well, I’ll be bothered.

“…Ah, well. Anyway, I’ll be busy running the store. Mom can’t handle all the work alone. That’s why I’m inheriting the business after graduation. Honestly, I wouldn’t say I like studying either. Instead of being a company slave after graduating, this is much better.”

This is what I sincerely think.

In the end, I don’t really want to get into a university. Even though I look forward to living alone a bit, I don’t have to get a degree for that.

“That’s why I got my license right now in my third year.”

“Is it because you’ll be busy right after graduation?”

“That’s one of the reasons. Also, it’s actually because I have a summer journey during the holiday.”

“Summer journey?”

She tilted her head in confusion again.

“Why a trip? Why now?”

“…Anyway, there are two reasons.”


I scratched my head.

“I can’t say it here. Anyway, I’m doing it because now’s the only time I can do it.”

“There are always holidays no matter how busy the convenience store is, right? Why can’t you just go after growing up?”

“It’ll be too normal if I go after growing up.”

She dropped her jaws.

“Won’t a normal trip do?”

“No, no, it definitely won’t do. Normal isn’t fun at all!”

I won’t back down on this one.

“Imagine going on a sightseeing trip during the university’s or company’s holiday with everyone after growing up! Holding your phones while checking the tourist’s hotspots out, dining in a restaurant rated 3.5 stars in a food magazine, living in a motel that you’ve checked online, going to the hot springs, getting a massage, drinking cocktails in a luxurious room at night? Posting the photos and showing them off on SNS non-stop! Hey, hey? Aren’t we just normies enjoying life!? And then your friends just keep on liking the post after seeing it! Ah! Boring! Ah! Uwah!”

“Senpai, you’re spitting everywhere.”

Kouhai wiped her cheeks with a handkerchief calmly. I continued.

“Listen, kouhai! Those people are just sightseeing! It’s a tour! It’s a vacation! But I’m different! I want a summer journey! A journey! The greatest journey! It’s the jourrrrney that I can only go now! Get it!? Their difference! Get it!?”

“I get that senpai has always been like this.”

I don’t know whether she understands. Anyway, she suddenly sighed.

“Yeah, I understand. For me.”


I feel like her tone is more gentle than before. Why is that?

Her eyes seem to be fixed in the distance. It’s like she’s reminiscing a nostalgic scene.



The room went silent. She seems to be thinking about something.

Even so, hmm.

It looks like she’s not planning to tell the school about it, right?

I’ve been really nervous since this morning. I was afraid that the class teacher would suddenly call me to the teacher’s office and say, “Did you get a license?”

It’s because kouhai may have already reported it.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Showing me those accident reports must be to persuade me not to drive, right?

It takes some time and effort to prepare the data.

…Huh, this girl can be unexpectedly nice sometimes too?

“I understand.”

She spoke up calmly.

Her face is full of determination.

I have a bad feeling about this.

“Forget about the summer journey. It’s probably necessary for senpai to have a license to pick up your little sister, right? I’ll admit that. However, the possibility of an accident hasn’t disappeared yet.”

“That won’t disappear, right?”

There’s always a risk as long as I drive. Even though no accidents will happen if cars don’t exist, doesn’t that mean we’re bringing the world back to before the Second Industrial Revolution?

“Senpai can get too carried away sometimes. Won’t you get past the speed limit when you’re not paying attention?”

“I won’t! I still drive safely according to the law!”

…Actually, I did speed up a little.

One time, I drove a bit too fast on a quiet highway at midnight. I couldn’t help but test my precious baby out. Yeah, I couldn’t help it.

“There are also other omissions, right? Like accident parking over the line. I feel like that’s really possible for you.”

“That’s not true! I definitely won’t!”


Her tone is stern.

“I can’t believe something I haven’t seen yet.”

“What do you want then?”

Her cold eyes are sparkling sharply.

“Let’s do a test this Sunday. I’ll check how good senpai’s driving is.”


I’m shocked.

I can’t help but stare at her.

“What’s with your face? You got a problem?”

“No, it’s more like…”

Wait, I’m a bit confused.

“You say it’s a test, but we’re going for a ride, right?”

“It’s a test.”

“Me? And you? Going for a ride?”

“It’s a test.”

Her tone remains calm, but there’s an unobjectionable pressure.

“It’s not like I really want to do this too. Senpai and I are going for a ride, …no, test. Also, even though you’re a problematic student who always arrives late, I’ll feel bad if an accident happens. This is also part of my responsibility since I’m a witness. It can’t be helped, right?”

Her eyebrows are twitching slightly.

“You’ll be in trouble if people know about the test too, right?”

“It’s going for a ride. …Ah, it’s a test.”


Fine, whatever.

“Anyway, we’ll leave everything after I’ve confirmed senpai’s driving.”

She suddenly looked away from me.


I, Rentaro Sawakita, and my kouhai, Ayari Ayukawa.

Why is our relationship so poor?

The rumor spreading among the students of Metropolitan Nanjou High School is very simple.

“Sawakita is always late. That’s why he’s on Ayukawa-san’s watchlist.”

“Ayukawa-san proposed the goal to zero out lateness completely upon joining the Disciplinary Committee.”

“Sawakita always argues with her whenever she tries to remind him at the school entrance.”

“To a top-grade student who wants to make the school better like her, Rentaro Sawakita is an unforgivable enemy.”

-Sheesh, what a load of BS.

I’m indeed always late, but that’s because I’m busy with housework. Our convenience store is at the corner of the residential area. We’re always super busy during the morning. It’s too much for the employees alone to handle. That’s why I sometimes help out too. Even though I try to avoid being late, I can’t do anything if there are too many customers.

Of course, I’m not making up excuses for my tardiness.

I know it can’t be helped for such a serious and clean girl like her to hate me.

However, if I have to say something, the “order” is wrong.

She does not hate me because I’m late. Kouhai already has her eyes on me upon the entrance ceremony. It was far before she became a Disciplinary Committee member and the “zeroing out lateness goal” stuff.

I can’t forget it.

That early April, when I first met that girl.

Although it was a Saturday, there was a career advising session in the school hall. I went there after the class teacher discussed going to universities with me in the office. I remembered. Even though that was a sunny day, it was pretty windy.

I was late as usual. Yet, the person waiting for me at the hall’s entrance was the fresh first-year student, Ayari Ayukawa.

I had heard rumors about this cute new student with silver hair. I felt something upon seeing her for real. Ignoring whether she’s cute, her whole body feels white or pale. “An out-of-season snow woman”. That was my first impression. It’s fine during the summer, but she feels freezing during the winter.

“Nice to meet you, Sawakita-senpai.”

She knew my name for some reason.

She was standing on top of the stairs before the entrance. She looked down at me.

Her glares were fierce. She spoke up in an icy tone.

“I’m Ayari Ayukawa, first year. I just joined the Disciplinary Committee. Now, senpai, there’s something that I wish to ‘discuss’ with you. Please spare a moment.”


The school hall in which the career advising session is held is next to the second-year students’ building.

We were standing in the gap between the 2-story school hall and 4-story school building.

Perhaps it’s because of the building layout. Huge breezes blow over this gap sometimes.

Obviously, it’s natural for a new student like her to be unaware of that.

No matter how much time you’ve put in making up your hair, your efforts are wasted as long as you pass through here. All of the girls in Nanjou High School feel nothing but despair when an announcement of assembly in the school hall is made.

Of course, it’s reasonable for her not to know that.

At that point, a pretty strong breeze blew through.

It gently blew up her brand-new uniform skirt.

She couldn’t stop it at all. It all happened too fast.

…It’s reasonable for her not to know that.



An awkward silence passed between us.

Her pale face quickly turned as red as a tomato.

Her lips were trembling non-stop as if she was holding something back.

Huge drops of tears formed around her eyes-



“I’m calling Mom.”


Why!? That new student quickly ran away before I could even ask.

What? Her parents? Will her parents be here!? Am I getting scolded? By her mother? Why? Will she say you’ve seen what’s inside my daughter’s skirt or something like that!? What kind of sin is that? No, I mean, it’s a sin, but that’s not my fault!

Then, on the next day.

The new Disciplinary Committee member suggested something called a “school entrance guidance”. I was quickly caught due to my lateness. We met again.

“Nice to meet you, senpai. I’m Ayari Ayukawa, first year.”


What happened yesterday was utterly disregarded.

That’s the “beginning” of the fierce battle between the un-cute kouhai and me. [TL: The original word is なれそめ, which specifically means the beginning of love.]


“Hmph, hmph, I see.”

A flippant rhythm echoes in the morning classroom.

It comes from the guy next to me, who’s leisurely chewing on a mountain of snack bread. His name is Sango Shinyokohama. Either because of fate or something, we’ve been in the same class since the first year. In other words, he’s a so-called “bad company”.

“Well, if Ren-chan’s rival Ayari-chan knows about that-“

“Yeah, that would be bad.”

He nodded as he chugged a liter worth of milk. The bread and milk were bought in my store this morning. As usual, I really appreciate this skinny glutton’s help with our sales.

“However, it’s unbelievable-“


“Ren-chan, aren’t you more on time lately? You’re on time today too.”


It’s 8:20 AM. There are 10 minutes until the morning assembly. Safe.

“It’s because that snow woman will be nagging me non-stop if I’m late. I have to do something at least.”

This results from a serious discussion with Mom and the convenience store’s HQ. They gave us more staffing in the morning. Right now, I can be at school on time as long as no one’s absent on that day.

“But she’s still not giving up on you, right?”

“She just doesn’t like me.”

My bad company rolled the package of the snack bread into a ball.

“Actually, perhaps Ayari-chan is doing that whole school entrance guidance thing just to talk to Ren-chan, right?”


I couldn’t help but look back at him.

“That’s the most interesting thing I’ve heard from you in the 2 years and 3 months we’ve been in the same class.”

“Maybe she actually likes Ren-chan or something like that?”

“The most interesting record is broken again.”

I see.

People always say we’re close enough to argue.

Nagging about my tardiness is actually her showing her affection on the other side. Well, it’s kind of cliché at this point.

However, however-

“Impossible. It’s absolutely and crushingly impossible for that arrogant piece of aluminum foil.”

“…Hmm, heh.”

“Why can’t she just hang out with me normally if she likes me? Is there a reason for this hostility?”

“Well, I guess. Ah, my butt is itchy.”

My lousy friend slowly stood up and scratched his ass. Vulgar. I can’t feel this guy’s effort toward his life at all.

“Anyway, Ren-chan’s summer journey will be over in a volume if you can’t pass Ayari-chan’s test, right?”

“That’s right.”

I’ve only told this guy about getting a license. This is because Sango Shinyokohama is a good man who keeps secrets- not at all. It’s just that this guy’s brother vouched for a driving school for me. It’s cheaper to train there.

Getting a license is very expensive for a high school student like me.

I spent a considerable chunk of my bank savings on that. I’ve been saving since elementary school.

Even though Mom does give me the hourly pay, I should have a better plan considering the gas price, insurance cost, taxes, and inspection fees.

Also, I have a grand plan for my summer holiday-

“But it’s much luckier than you’ve expected, right? Isn’t this a date?”

“Going with that un-cute woman? What kind of date is that?”

“Eh?” He slightly leaned backward. What’s with his reaction?

“You’re talking about Ayari-chan, right? She’s not cute?”

“Not cute.”

“…R-Ren-chan, do you love older women?”

“Yeah, I like mature and cool women.”

“For example?”

“Shizuku-san. She’s working at our store. Also…”


“Fujiko Mine.”

My bad friend sighed deeply. He patted my shoulder.

“…Sheesh, you’re always overthinking about everything.”

I wanted to ask him what he meant, but the bell rang.

Everyone quickly returned to their seats from their chatters. My lousy friend threw the trash into the bin and went back.

No one probably returns to their seats even after the bell rings in a rambling class. However, that won’t happen in Class 3-1. It’s because of our class teacher’s widespread prestige.

The class teacher walked inside upon the bell.

“Class president.”

Our class president Nakagome stood up and yelled, “Yes, sir!” The morning greeting is very disciplined. The army-like scene is a feature of Class 1.

Yurin Onigawara. 33 years old. Unmarried.

She’s teaching us Japanese. At the same time, she’s also our Life Guidance Director and the Disciplinary Committee’s advisor.

Her sharp anti-social glares remain on the students as she makes several announcements regarding the morning. The procrastinating boys and the girls with their eyes on phones quickly straightened their backs. All of them looked forward with their hands on kneecaps.

“That’s all. Don’t relax just because it’s almost summer holiday, …especially you, Shinyokohama.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Not you. I’m talking to your messy bangs. Cut it before tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir!”

My bad company’s overly long bangs started shivering.

Onigawara, this strong and independent woman, has never once failed her stern last name. As for the first name, well, please ignore it.

Her body is as slim as a katana. It matches her navy blue suit very well. She has a pretty face too. However, since her eyes are too sharp, most guys are slightly afraid of her. She once said, “A guy tried to talk to me in the station last time. I turned around, and he immediately ran away with an ‘ah’. Who starts a conversation with an ‘ah’? What does ‘ah’ even mean!?” However, although her overall appearance is fear-inducing, she sometimes talks casually.

Well, anyway, she’s a serious person.

Even though I like older women, this person induces more fear than affection.

“Oh, right. I’ll say this ahead just in case-“

After looking around, Onigawara-sensei said this.

“Don’t you guys dare to get a license during the summer.”

Sweat dripped down my back.

But I don’t think I’m showing it on my face.

Even though it’s thanks to my training in the convenience store dealing with customers, I still can’t control my cold sweat.

“Some guy got a license without the school’s permission before. Motorcycles and cars are both banned here, alright? Even though I don’t think none of you are dumb enough, I’ll give you a heads-up.”

The classmates nodded, “Got it.” Everyone has “it’s exam time, why would we have time” on their faces. Year 3’s summer holiday is critical for preparing for the public exam. As for this class, 99% of us are going to universities.

Being the remaining 1%, I feel very anxious.

Even though I don’t think Onigawara-sensei is explicitly referring to me…

“Also, breaking the rules will result in suspension for 2 weeks. Your license will be confiscated until graduation. Getting suspended at this time means extra lessons during the holiday. Remember.”

Suspension is already bad enough. My summer journey will be voided if I lose my license and have to go to extra lessons simultaneously.

Yeah, I have to keep this a secret.

To do that, I have to make that un-cute kouhai shut up, no matter what.

I must pass her so-called “test”, or whatever that is.

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