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Cooking with Wild Game Volume 13 (2 of 5)

Translator: Skythewood
Editor: Hiiro


“… I didn’t have the chance to learn your name…”

Pyschkurewuss slowly shift his gaze to Yamiel Lei.

Yamiel Lei answered with a flirty smile:

“I was formerly the eldest daughter of the Tsun clan, Yamiel Lei. Besides me are Diga, Doddo and Mida. These two are Aura and Zwei. Aura was Zuro Tsun’s former spouse, and the rest of us are his children. However… Aura’s only child is Zwei, the other children are borne by different mothers.”

“Yes… You do have the audacity befitting a successor of Zattsu Tsun’s bloodline.”

“Should I feel honored and offer my sincere gratitude in response?”

Yamiel Lei’s tone was combative, and it made us all break out in cold sweat.

“I have been meaning to ask, did you summon us here because you think the Tsun clan’s punishment is too light? We came here with the resolve to accept the punishment as dictated by the Genos law.”

Yamiel Lei swept her gaze across her former family as she said that.

The one who reacted to her gaze was Mida.

“Yes… Mida did many wrong, so Mida properly… a-tone…? Wu clan people tell me I need to atone…”

It wasn’t clear how much Mida understood about the conversation earlier, and he stuttered badly like a child. But his words were filled with sincerity.

“Mida wants to live in the Wu clan as a Forest’s Edge denizen… No matter what punishment there is, Mida won’t cry...”

The hall feel silent once more.

Shileru muttered: “Freak”, which could be heard in the entire hall.

For a moment, I felt my veins were going to burst from anger, but someone grabbed my arm to stop me from losing myself. I turned back, and saw Ai Fa who was as furious as me leaned towards my ears and whisper:

“Don’t be rash. Our tribes mate feels the same way as you do.”

I quickly steadied my breathing, then apologized with a nod.

Yamiel Lei sneering voice echoed in the hall once again:

“As you can see, even Mida who is the most childish among us has made his resolve. However, for some reason, you are discussing that the punishment decided by the tribal chiefs are inadequate?”

“… In the previous meeting, we didn’t know about Kamyua Yost and Asuta’s schemes. It doesn’t change the fact that we need to re-examine the seriousness of your crimes.”

“I see… but no matter what you plan to do, it is impossible for the Tsun clan to become the tribal chief clan again, Count Turan.”

“Is that so… but why…?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Right now, no one in the Forest’s Edge settlement wishes for the Tsun clan who had betrayed their tribe mates to be reinstalled as the tribal chief clan.”

Yamiel Lei said coldly:

“The Forest’s Edge can’t forgive depravity and betrayal. If the Tsun clan becomes the tribal chief clan again, everyone in the Forest’s Edge will probably revolt. Maybe they would abandon the Morga Forest. Lord Count… is that what you wish for?”

“But… the Forest’s Edge tribe also respects the law, right? Since you have judged that except for Zuro Tsun, all the other Tsun clan members are innocent, then another clansman can…”

“No, the Tsun clan had neglected to hunt for more than a decade. The branch house members just started learning to hunt from the other houses. And as you can see, this is the current state of the main house.”

Yamiel Lei pointed at Diga and company with her soft finger.

“The Forest’s Edge denizens will never accept a clan that can’t hunt kiba to be tribal chief. No matter what, the Tsun clan has lost the rights to be the tribal chief clan.”

Depending on the situation, I will take on the role of tribal chief just like what Pyschkurewuss wants— Yamiel Lei who said that and was stopped by Grandma Jiba and Graff Zaza was now refuting Pyschkurewuss.

Pyschkurewuss fell into deep thought at this unexpected attack. His brother said impatiently:

“Woman, you might think you make a lot of sense, but that is just the ramblings of a barbarian! Your nonsense holds no water in the eyes of the law!”

Yamiel Lei looked towards Shileru coldly.

Shileru laughed hysterically, and his mushroom-like hair shook along with him:

“The rights isn’t decided by one’s ability! It depends on one’s bloodline and status! No matter how incompetent or devious one might be, the most important is his bloodline!”

“… So you are saying, it doesn’t matter how incompetent or evil the heir is, it will be fine if he isn’t a criminal?”

“That’s right! No one in the world understand this better than me and my brother!”

Pyschkurewuss made a blank facial expression and closed his eyes.

For some reason— the air felt strange.

“Lord Malfreed, Lord Xylas, you must know what I mean. Our father and older brother were incompetent and foolish! They weren’t bad to the bones, but they were mere mortals unworthy of inheriting the Count Turan House! Before my father and elder brother were summoned to meet Selva, we were living in their shadows!”

Elder brother— so the current house head Pyschkurewuss has an older brother?

Anyway, a strange emotion was burning in the eyes of the flushed face Shileru.

“But before Selva opened a path for us, we can only endure! And worry about the future of house Turan! Denizens of Forest’s Edge, if you want to live in Genos, then you have to follow the rules of Genos! Even if your tribal chief is incompetent, even if he is a retard, you have to support him and follow him. That is your only choice!”

“I don’t know what you have been through… But does the law of Genos dictates that the Tsun clan must be reinstated as the tribal chief clan?”

Yamiel Lei stared right at the rambling Shileru and answered:
“The Tsun clan was elected to the position of tribal chief by our tribemates decades ago. And now, all the house head unanimously elect the Wu clan, Sauti clan and Zaza house as our tribal chiefs. I think this has nothing to do with the law of Genos.”

“Since this was decided by the denizens of Forest’s Edge, then we can’t interfere… But it will be a different matter if people who attempts to disrupt the order in Genos are elected.”

Pyschkurewuss has revived.

His strange face and silence were gone, and he looked back at Yamiel Lei with a cringey smile.

“I think it is too dangerous to accept the three house heads that got elected because of the schemes of Kamyua Yost and the Migrant Asuta… I’m worried about these three clans bringing more harm to the Forest’s Edge and Genos than the Tsun clan…”

“So you want the eldest son of the Tsun clan to be the new tribal chief?”

Donda Wu spoke for the first time.

Compared to the furious Graff Zaza and Dali Sauti, he looked very calm.

“If bloodline is so important to you, then Diga would be the most qualified.”

Diga looked back at Donda Wu with surprise, his frail face filled with fear.

“Diga Tsun, so you are the eldest son…”

Pyschkurewuss’ cringey eyes locked onto Diga.

“Your father will be put on trial as the former tribal chief and clan head… As his heir, aren’t you responsible for leading your tribe down the right path?”

“I… I…”

Diga stuttered.

Like a frog caught by a snake.

“You are still young… I think that you will be the most suitable person to right the wrong of your father and grandfather… What do you think…?”

Diga gulped.

And— for some reason, he glanced at Ai Fa and me before saying:

“I,I… I was stripped of the Tsun family name a month ago. I… don’t have the right to inherit the position of tribal chief.”

“I see… But, if stripping of your family name is a mistake, then you—”

“I-I didn’t overcome my fear of the villain Zattsu Tsun, and fled from the Dom village! And I also escaped from Zattsu Tsun! I don’t have the right to call myself a Tsun!”

Diga suddenly shouted.

Tears flowed out of his sunken eyes.

“Tay Tsun also fled with us out of the Dom village! But he stayed with Zattsu Tsun to take back the Tsun name… And died a criminal! Doddo and me who abandoned Tay Tsun don’t have the right to call ourselves a Tsun! How could we!? If you still insist on giving the Tsun name back to me, then scalp me together with my father!”

“…If Diga is executed, then I will be the next in line as the second son.”

Doddo mumbled with a gloomy voice:

“But I feel the same as Diga. So… Next in line will be Mida.”

Mida looked down at his brothers with eyes wide open.

Yamiel Lei glanced their way before showing a flirty smile:

“Mida is just 14, and can only inherit the role of clan head next year. Before that, I will take on the role as the eldest daughter… And of course, I don’t want anything to do with the malicious role of Tsun clan head.”

“… When there aren’t any heirs above 15, according to tradition, the spouse of the head can become the clan head.”

Aura held Zwei’s hand tightly and replied calmly:

“I don’t want to become the clan head either. Please execute me with Diga and the others.”

Everyone turned down the position of Tsun clan head.

Yamiel Lei raised the corner of her lips as she looked at the silent Pyschkurewuss:

“It seems we have run out of candidates from the main house. If there are no heirs from the main house, the branch house that are closer may become the clan head. However… Zuro Tsun’s brothers died without leaving any descendents, so a branch house member that isn’t as closely related has to take on the role.”


“But even if someone does take on the role of clan head, they won’t be able to handle being the Tribal Chief. The branch house members living under the tyranny of Zattsu Tsun has already lost the guts to inherit this post.”

Yamiel Lei paused and gazed towards Graff Zaza with a strange look in her eye:

“If a branch house member becomes the clan head, then they would want to become the subordinate house of their former kin house. In order to revitalize our fallen bloodline, seeking refuge with the most powerful Zaza house will be the best choice. So in the end, Graff Zaza will still inherit the role of Tribal Chief.”

“If you place so much emphasis on the Tsun clan’s bloodline, then this is the only choice. Are you satisfied now, Count Turan?”

“Don’t be ridiculous! Aside from Mida and me, everyone is executed, I can’t accept that!”

Zwei suddenly stood up.

“Don’t leave your seat!”

Shileru shouted, and Zwei responded with an: “Annoying.”

“I have been sitting here listening quietly, but every one of you are so stubborn! We don’t need to be manipulated by you nobles in the first place!”

“You! Are you looking down on the Genos aristocrats!?”

Shileru unconsciously reached for the weapon on his waist, but of course, there wasn’t anything there.

Zwei snort and glared at him:

“If you call yourself Masters of the Forest’s Edge, then take responsibility! Zattsu Tsun made a mockery of the law, but aren’t you the same? Why are you acting so conceited towards us?”


“The denizens of the Forest’s Edge decided to atone for Zattsu Tsun’s crimes together! For the Tsun clan, living on righteously is our way to atone, and for the others, guiding the Tsun clan down the correct path is how they will atone! So the Wu clan, Lutim house and Dom house accepted us into their family!”

The smallest sized Zwei stood up, and glared at Shileru as if she was protecting her mother. Her sanpaku eyes had an even more intense flame than yesterday.

“When Zattsu Tsun committed crimes outside the Forest’s Edge, you gave your silent consentment by not interfering, so you are accomplices too! What rights do you have to blame the denizens of Forest’s Edge?”

“That’s just the wild ramblings of that outlaw Kamyua Yost! And we have no idea of the Tsun clan’s crimes!”

“Are your eyes just decorations!? The Wu clan and Lutim house who uncovered these crimes first are more competent!”

Zwei then continued with her eyes half closed:

“Also— Diga and Doddo already said this before, right? The people from the city is afraid of bringing the Tsun clan members to task. When Doddo and Mida caused trouble in the Post Station Town, didn’t you settle them under the table?”

“That’s true. When we brought this up during the last meeting, it was brushed off too. Can you give us a satisfying answer this time?”

Kaslan Lutim reached his long arm out to pull Zwei back to her seat, then interjected calmly:

“You mentioned that you didn’t know about the crimes of Zattsu Tsun and the others. But you have been unjustly condoning the wrongdoings of Doddo and Mida. Why is that so?”

“I’m asking you, Captain of the Towns Guard, Shileru. The ones covering up for Doddo and Mida are the guards in town, and you are their Captain, correct?”

“Hmmp! How can I be responsible for the negligence of the guards in the Post Station Town!? My job is to lead the entire Towns Guard!”
“So managing the guards isn’t your responsibility?”

Kaslan Lutim pressed calmly, and Shileru responded with an ugly sneer:

“If you have a problem with, then I can give you the head of the Lead Sergeant. I’m not responsible for that!”

“So the Lead Sergeant did so on his own digression? I heard that guards rushed down from the city to pay for Mida’s damage to the stall and settle the dispute.”

“How would I know!? Show me proof that someone from the Towns Guard did all that!”

“… Regrettably, I don’t think anyone will scrutinize your every move.”

Kaslan Lutim remained calm throughout all this:

“Asuta is actually a born and bred denizen of the Forest’s Edge. Will you believe me if I say that…?”

“What? What bollocks is that?”

“In the Forest’s Edge settlement, people with Asuta’s features would be born from time to time. Asuta claiming to be a Migrant is just a joke, so please retract your suspicion of him colluding with Kamyua Yost.”

“What nonsense! Who do you think you are fooling by saying all that—”

“Then, do you have proof that Asuta is a Migrant? Asuta just happen to look this way, and ventured into the Post Station Town for the first time when he was 17. How then, could he collude with someone from town to bring disaster to the Forest’s Edge and Genos?”

Kaslan Lutim said all that with a serious face, then smiled.

“That’s how you sound like. If you won’t believe us, we won’t believe you either.”

Shileru kept his mouth shut with a furious face.

At this moment, Leito pressed on with a smile:

“Well then, it’s almost time for us to make our move. Showing the evidence will be helpful to everyone.”

“… Child, you must be the serf of that Kamyua Yost.”

Pyschkurewuss looked at Leito with sly eyes.

“I heard you are the son of the caravan leader that was attacked ten years ago. I feel sorry for your loss, but a child like you isn’t any good as a witness…”
“Yes, I have no value as a witness. I’m just attending on Kamyua Yost’s behalf. The witness invited by Kamyua Yost to visit Genos is Barcia over here.”

Pyschkurewuss narrowed his eyes in surprise.

Leito smiled even more gleefully when he saw that expression:

“As Kamyua couldn’t make it to this conference, so you think he is pushing me to be a witness? You are mistaken. The person Kamyua was searching for outside Genos, is Barcia.”

Barcia glared at Shileru without a word.

Leito glanced at her, then continued:

“Barcia is the wife of the late Goram of the ‘Red Beard Gang’. Do you understand her value as a witness now?”

“Wife… Woman? She is… a woman…?”

“How rude. But I’m used to being mistaken for a man.”

Barcia smiled fearlessly. She pulled off the string tying up her hair. Her unexpectedly long dark brown hair fell beside her face.

“How’s this? Do I look like a lady now? Although the phrase feminine doesn’t suit me at all.”

Everyone probably realized something was different.

The flushed face Shileru turned stiff like a statue, and the color was fading from his face.

“For the past decade, I retrained my rusted body. I was slim back then, so you didn’t recognize me, right? As for you… I know who you are at first sight.”

“W-Who are…”

“Stop pretending to be retarded. Aren’t you the one who asked my husband to attack the Banam envoy, Shileru?”

An intense fire was lit in Barcia’s eyes.

“If you are still doubting me, why don’t you pull back your ugle bangs? The wound inflicted by the furious Goram on your forehead should still be there, correct?”

Shileru pressed his back onto his chair, and started shaking. He probably didn’t even realize that he was covering his forehead with his hand.

“I didn’t think a noble would subjugate the bandits himself. It seems that Kamyua was right.”

Leito was smiling as usual:

“Before your appointment as Captain of the Towns Guard, you must be really idle. Kamyua also said that you won’t entrust such unlawful deeds to anyone who isn’t your kin, Lord Pyschkurewuss.”

“I see… So it’s the scheme of that foolish man…”

Pyschkurewuss smiled gloomily.

“He thought up this scheme after learning about the old wound on Shileru’s head… That woman over there, if you don’t want to die, then stop your nefarious actions…”

“Hmmp, you don’t have to worry about that. If I don’t have the resolve to put my life on the line, do you think I will dare challenge you nobles?”

“Oh… So you do understand…? The wife of Red Beard Goram was a member of a bandit gang before she gave birth, you know…?”

“I know that very well.”

“Hmm… So you have the resolve to be execute as a survivor of that bandit gang…?”

Pyschkurewuss shot a viscious gaze towards her.

“We can’t forgive your crimes even after ten years… Since you claim to be the wife of Red Beard Goram, then before accusing Shileru of his crimes, you will have to be executed as a criminal…”

“You sure is long winded. Didn’t I say I’m willing to put my life on the line?”

Barcia glared at Pyschkurewuss with a bold grin.

“I’m the last member of the ‘Red Beard Gang’, the wife of Red Beard Goram, Barcia. I’m prepared to face all consequences. I wouldn’t have come without this resolve.”

I held my breath.

And recalled Barcia from this morning.

She mentioned wanting to see her son Geta— so that was the determination Barcia had when she said that.

Ai Fa beside me was also staring at Barcia.

“I swear on my life to the western god Selva, that I’m Red Beard Goram’s wife, and that man over there is the despicable villain who coerced Goram to commit banditry. He told my husband about Banam despatching envoys, the time of departure, the route they will take and details on their security and escorts. He then coerced my husband to massacre the envoy and seize their goods.”

“S-Shut up! A man with the Count Turan House bloodline won’t seek out bandits like you—”

“Isn’t a count in Genos just an honorary position? Kamyua Yost said that aside from the head and the heir, the others won’t be appointed to crucial roles or given large amount of wealth.”

In contrast to the panicking Shileru, Barcia was high spirit:
“So you are only running an errand on your house head’s orders? Never mind, I don’t care. The only thing I can do is give my testimony that you are the one who coerced my husband. I will leave the rest to others.”

The hall turned silent once more.

The one who broke this silence was Malfreed:

“Lord Shileru, you were appointed as the Captain of the Towns Guard right after the Banam envoy was attacked. I heard that Lord Pyschkurewuss gave his strong recommendation, contrary to the rules.”


“And after your appointment, you determined that the ones who murdered your predecessor and the Banam envoy was the ‘Red Beard Gang’, and send out a subjugation team. However… the reason why the ‘Red Beard Gang’ was suspected, was because they were the only bandit gang that was powerful enough to pull this off.”

“However, the Morga Forest attack that was pinned on the ‘Red Beard Gang’, was actually committed by Zattsu Tsun’s group. Don’t you think this was because his plan to take in the ‘Red Beard Gang’ as his subordinates fell through, so he framed them to seal their lips?”

“Bollocks! The ‘Red Beard Gang’ are vicious bandits! There is no doubt that they committed serious crimes for many years!”

“That’s true. They might have the principle of not killing people, they are still criminals. They can only pay for their crimes for banditry with their lives.”

Which means— Barcia’s fate was sealed.

Ai Fa gritted her teeth as I turned anxious.

“That is exactly why, before the sword of justice is brought down on her, we have to make everything clear. Even if they are criminals, we can’t pin crimes on them unjustly.”

“Please wait, Lord Malfreed… This is the scheme of that outlaw Kamyua Yost. That despicable man set many traps in order to frame Shileru and me.”

Pyschkurewuss held back Shileru whose face was turning red and green. His eyes were like a cornered beast, but he still had a twisted smile.

“That woman might be a survivor of that bandit gang… but she might not be stating the truth…”

“You mean she is lying? Why would she risk her life to lie?”

“She probably has personal reasons… For example, if Kamyua Yost has a hostage more important to her than her own life…”

Barcia said with disdain: “Hmmp! Are you talking about my son Geta? Kamyua Yost might be a formidable guardian, but it’s not easy to catch that silly son of mine.”

Pyschkurewuss looked at Malfreed with a twisted smile:

“That might not be so… Half a month ago, a small red haired bandit attacked Asuta and some Forest’s Edge denizens. If that little bandit is the son of that bandit gang, then he must have made contact with Kamyua Yost and Asuta. Is that really a coincidence…?”

“It was a coincidence, Geta and I went our seperate ways a year ago. I acted on my own accord, and that child did what he wanted, we both live our lives apart.”

Pyschkurewuss continued ignoring Barcia.

“And, there are new suspicion on Kamyua Yost… Lord Malfreed, have you heard about bandits disguised as Forest’s Edge denizens attacking the Taliem farms…? I suspect that is a scheme by Kamyua Yost and others.”

Malfreed listened expressionlessly. He revealed no emotions in his grey eyes.

“He left Genos with several Forest’s Edge hunters… And shortly after that, bandits attacked the farms… So you are saying Kamyua Yost tricked the hunters accompanying him into committing banditry, in order for the Towns Guard to apprehend them?”

“That’s right… And of course, Shileru didn’t fall for a scheme that is full of holes. And right now, a subjugation team is patrolling the outskirts of Genos in order to arrest the criminals that are disturbing the peace on Kamyua Yost’s orders. It won’t be long before the Towns Guard bring them in.”

So all that commotion was for the sake of framing Kamyua Yost, and not the Forest’s Edge denizens, huh.

Pyschkurewuss’ top priority must be sealing Kamyua Yost’s lips.
In that case, it will be better if Kamyua Yost didn’t make it back in time. But… it’s hard for the conference to progress if Kamyua is absent.
At this moment, I heard a voice from behind:

“Lord Count, a guest is here!”

The voice of Jimon came from behind the thick doors.

Pyschkurewuss’ scary smile slowly turn stiff:
“Guest…? All the participants should be here already…?”

Leito said cheerfully: “That’s not true, I’m just a stand in after all.”

Everyone realized who that person was.

“Sorry for being late, I’m glad that I made it here before everyone went home.”

A loud, lazy voice echoed through the hall.

Kamyua Yost who I had not seen for half a month sauntered into the hall.

Shileru yelled: “Impossible!”

“Why are you here… What are my men doing!?”

“The townsguards completed their mission dutifully. I was really startled by that large unit situated all around town.”

Kamyua Yost looked at Donda Wu with a cocky smile.

“Donda Wu, the three men from the Wu clan has returned safely. They don’t have entry passes, so they linked up with the hunters standing by at the city gates.”

Donda Wu nodded quietly.
The ignored Shileru stomped his feet again:

“You are still suspected of coercing bandits to attack the farms! Could it be— you killed the Towns Guards?”

“No no, I merely persuade them sincerely, and they grant me passage. You might suspect me of this crime, but there aren’t any official warrants for my arrest.”

Kamyua Yost was the same as usual.

The long journey dirtied his clothes, but his lazy attitude and carefree smile was the same as usual. Kamyua Yost reached his long arms to the door that was still open.

“I also brought a guest. Malfreed, the entry pass I requested from you didn’t go to waste.”
At this moment, a young man in elegant dressing appeared.
He had black hair that was rare among westerners, and his skin was ivory skin that seemed untouched by the elements. The boyishness was still on his serious face, and he was neither fat nor slim. Like Kamyua Yost, he wore a long cloak, and only his extravagant pants and leather boots were visible.

Sharp gazes fell on him, and no one seemed to recognize this young man.

“This is Sir Wellhyde from the Marquis Banam house. The second son of the current Marquis’ sister, and sixth in the line of succession.”

Shileru yelled in a shrill voice: “F-From the Marquis Banam house?”

That youth had steely nerves as he looked at Shileru with pursed lips.

“The envoy that was attacked ten years ago was led by Sir Wellhyde’s father. I think Sir Wellhyde has the right to know the truth, so I invited him to accompany me.”

Pyschkurewuss stared at Kamyua Yost who responded casually as he muttered:


“Are they the only guests…? Then close the doors.”

“Yes, my liege—”

Jimon hesitated for a moment, but he didn’t defy his master’s orders and closed the heavy doors.

“My apologies for being late and bringing an unexpected guest. No need to bother with a chair. Leito, would you kindly give up your seat to Sir Wellhyde?”

Leito stood up, and the youth named Wellhyde sat down silently.

“Kamyua Yost… What are you trying to do…?”

“Your question is right on point, I have been meaning to invite Sir Wellhyde to this conference. I think we need a witness who can remain calm. And so… I think Sir Wellhyde who is related to this incident is a suitable candidate, and managed to convince him yesterday.”

“I requested Lord Malfreed to prepare a letter of recommendation, since I was just a wanderer. It took me a lot of time to get an audience with the Marquis house. And during this time… I heard there were bandits disguised as Forest’s Edge denizens causing trouble, but between the 6th to the 13th of the White Month, we had the alibi of being in Banam. And there is no chance the innkeeper will not recognize my Mahildra dressing and my Forest’s Edge companions.”

When I was confined in Pyschkurewuss’ manor, the bandits kept harassing the farms until the 9th. Did Kamyua Yost stayed in Banam to give himself an alibi?

“I seemed to be suspected of coercing banditry, but you can’t produce any proof of that. I explained that I was escorting Sir Wellhyde, a noble of Banam, to Genos and the Towns Guard grant me passage.”

“Are you… Trying to drag the Marquis Banam house into your schemes?”

“The one who dragged them in wasn’t me. It was the people who attacked the envoy ten years ago. If that tragedy didn’t happen, Sir Wellhyde wouldn’t be visiting Genos.”

Wellhyde who was sitting beside the shrugging Kamyua Yost spoke for the first time: “I—”

“I’m here for the truth. I heard that I can find out the truth behind my father’s death if I come here. I will visit Marquis Marstein Genos to apologize on another day for my unannounced visit.”

The son of the envoy that was attacked, which means that this young man had the same experience as Milano Mast. It’s true that he wasn’t here on Kamyua Yost’s invitation, but to seek the criminal behind that incident ten years ago.

“Well then, everyone is here. Barcia… I’m grateful that you came.”

“Yes, I felt lost up until last night, but I have made my resolve.”

Barcia’s fierce gaze met Kamyua Yost’s unfathomable eyes.

Barcia who was here as a witness would also be executed as a felon— Kamyua Yost definitely knew this from the start. Kamyua Yost looked at Barcia with his clear eyes, then turned towards Pyschkurewuss:

“The interrogation seemed to have ended. Eldest son of the Marquis Genos house, Lord Malfreed, Sir Wellhyde of the Marquis Banam house, and that gentleman over there must be the Chief Justice of Genos. You have yet to confess your crimes before these men?”
“Kamyua Yost… Why are you trying to bring disaster to Genos…?”

“Bring disaster to Genos? No, what I wish for is the prosperity of Genos and a just trial.”

Kamyua Yost spread his arm with a smile. His cloak was lifted up, making him look like a large bird spreading one wing. Kamyua Yost used his left hand to clutch at his heart.

“I’m a believer of the western god Selva. I already disavowed the northern god Mahildra 15 years ago. What I wish for… is peace in the Selva territory of Genos.”

“Arrogant… if you are not sincere towards the gods, your soul will be decimated…”

“Yes, why would I bring disaster to Selva at the expense of my very soul? The western kingdom didn’t treat me very well, but Mahildra was even harsher towards me.”

Kamyua kept his ‘wing’ with a cocky smile:

“If that isn’t true, why would I change my faith? I was born in Mahildra, but my mother was persecuted by others. After I lost my mother, I didn’t hesitate in switching my religion. If I was vengeful enough to sell my soul, I would wish to bring disaster to Mahildra, and not Selva.”
“Fortunately, Genos is far away from Mahildra, so someone like me won’t be persecuted. That’s why I can safely wish for Genos’ prosperity. Or rather… aren’t you the one who cursed the world, Lord Pyschkurewuss?”

“You are only concerned about growing your own wealth. Instead of the prosperity of Genos, or growing the influence of the Turan house, but your own power. That is how this tragedy started.”
Kamyua Yost chuckled with a clear light in his eyes. This strange gaze reminded me of Grandma Jiba.`
“Lord Pyschkurewuss, you are the second son of the main house, correct? In Genos, being from the Count house isn’t that prestigous. Sir Polarse from the Count Taliem house told me that the second son will have to live their entire life in the shadows.”


“Sir Polarse didn’t have the ambition of gaining wealth and fortune by eliminating his father and brother, but what about you? As the second son of the Count Turan house that was given just a thin strip of land, what plans did you have?”

“… You want to slander me even more…?”

“This isn’t slander, I’m impeaching you.”
Kamyua Yost aimed straight for the heart of the matter:

“All these matters with the Forest’s Edge denizens and the ‘Red Beard Gang’ ten years ago— coercing the Forest’s Edge tribal chief Zattsu Tsun to attack the caravan leaving for Semu, the Banam envoy and the Captain of the Towns Guard. I only caught wind of these three matters, but you definitely committed numerous other crimes. I even suspected you of murdering the former head and heir of the Count Turan House, your own father and brother.”


“You can’t stand living in the shadows, so you murdered your father and brother, correct? I can’t produce any proof, but your brother died after falling off a Totos and snapping his neck. And less then a year later, your father succumb to illness. I suspect his death was due to you feeding him Semu poison herbs.”

“How… dare you accuse the head of the Count Turan House without proof…?”

Pyschkurewuss’ gaze clinged to the tall Kamyua Yost like an amoeba.
But Kamyua Yost’s eyes remained clear with an easy smile on his face.
“You want to accuse me of disrespecting a noble? If you are innocent, then please go ahead. I will do something more disrespectful later. What I just said was all in the past. But that’s not the full extent of your ambition, correct?”
“I tried pushing my imagination to the limit. First, you murdered your father and brother, accumulated wealth by using slave labor, and amassed further fortune by exploiting the Forest’s Edge denizen— I wonder what kind of future you have in store for us.”


“Of the three Count houses, the Turan house is the most powerful, and can even rival Marquis Genos. Hence, your next target will be the fortunes of the Marquis Genos house. After monopolizing the food industry, you set your eyes on the steel market. Last month, you signed a contract with a Jaguar steel merchant from Zealand.”

He was probably talking about the merchant group led by Dell’s father.

“The exclusive contract with the Zealand steel merchants was for the supply of cookware and weapons to the city. Are you going to target the stones and construction industry next? And seize all the profits in the market while Marquis Marstein Genos is distracted by his work, Lord Pyschkurewuss?”
“… Baseless slanders…”

I could feel a dark miasma coming out from Pyschkurewuss’ petite body.

His light colored eyes had a feral-like gaze.

In contrast, Kamyua Yost had a faint smile:

“If there are no evidence, then all my deductions can be brushed off by calling it slander. Honestly, I could only impeach you with this incident that happened ten years ago. If I can prove this crime to be true, then the match is decided. Your sentencing will then be decided by Marquis Genos.”

“… Fools! Who will believe a mongol like you who has Mahildra blood in your veins!”

Shileru exploded again.

“Lord Xylas! Please share your opinion as the Chief Justice! Give these outlaws a lashing and exile them from Genos!”

“… If you are saying this man is guilty of insulting a noble, then I will try him in accordance to the laws of Genos.”

The old man said calmly:

“However— before we do that, we will need to have a proper trial with regards to that incident ten years ago, that Kamyua Yost mentioned.”

“What!? Don’t be ridiculous! That’s just his retarded attempt to set me up!”

“Then we have to prove him wrong. That’s why we have a witness with us.”

With that, Xylas glanced at Barcia.

“When the trial formally begins, let us bear witness on who is telling the truth, Barcia or you.”
“Bollocks! How can the words of a mere bandit compare with a noble!?”
“The bandit confessed her crime, and then revealed your crimes. Her words have enough weight.”
“Lord Xylas, aren’t you— a distant relative of the Count Satolas house?”
Shileru pressed the issue.
Pyschkurewuss closed his eyes again as Shileru’s emotions erupted.
“The Count Satolas house was incited by the second son of the Count Taliem house, and bared their fangs towards the Count Turan House! Are you all trying to do the Count Turan House in with your schemes!?”
“That’s baseless ramblings. I’m not here as a member of the Count Satolas house, but as the Chief Justice of Genos.”

“How can I trust you!? The goal of you lot is to rob the wealth of the Count Turan House! You are all munto beasts that feed on carrions!”

Xylas frowned his white brows to express his displeasure.

“Sir Shileru, please watch your words. Compared to the reasonable questions raised by the tribal chiefs of Forest’s Edge, your language is vulgar, resort to intimidation and avoid answering the questions. Even before a formal judgement is reached, it is clear which side is more logical.”

“Who cares about the Forest’s Edge! They are just barbarian that feeds on the deplorable kiba!”

Shileru had completely lost it.

Xylas shut his mouth with a sour face, and Kamyua Yost spoke with a smile on his behalf:

“Captain of the Towns Guard, Sir Shileru, the truth is, we don’t have any deciding proof either. In that sense, you can think of my words as just baseless slander.”

Shileru looked at Kamyua Yost with confused eyes.

Kamyua Yost squinted his eyes and looked at him with a smile:

“All the crimes I mentioned couldn’t be done without you and Lord Pyschkurewuss working together closely. As the head of the Count Turan House is Lord Pyschkurewuss, so I kept referring to him as the mastermind— but my impression of that changed after meeting you for the first time.”
“Could it be… The mastermind behind this isn’t Lord Pyschkurewuss, but you, Sir Shileru?”

The moment Kamyua Yost said that— Shileru reached for his waist. On his waist was a round silver accessory, and didn’t appear to be a weapon.
Instead of a weapon, it was something like a bell. Shileru shook it, and the drapes behind him was drawn to the left and right.

Just as Ai Fa sensed earlier, there were tens of guards behind the drapes, and they had drawn their bows fully.

Shileru laughed cockily: “Don’t move! If you move, all of you will go and meet Selva!”
Xylas groaned: “Damn it…”

“A-Are you insane, Sir Shileru? Lord Malfreed, and the child from the Marquis Banam house are here…”

“Peerage don’t matter to dead people! My foolish father and elder brother are testaments to that!”

Shileru roared as he pulled his fat body behind his chair.

Was that large chair reinforced with steel plates to protect him from bolts?

Half of the soldiers leaned forth and the other half took a stance above their comrades. There were 30 of them, and if they fired their arrows, there would be no place to hide in the room.

“Foolish Kamyua Yost! And… the ones tricked by him! After the Count Turan House destroy you, we will rule Genos forever!”

Beside the crazed Shileru, Pyschkurewuss closed his eyes again. His smile was gone from his greenish black face. His face void of any expression looked like an old and frail patient.

After that, Ai Fa and the hunters of the Forest’s Edge— flame of rage burst out of their eyes, and none of them faltered.

“You are confessing before we even interrogate you, huh.”

Kamyua Yost said casually:

“That saves me the trouble… However, you can’t escape from your crimes. You are just deepening your sins.”

“Shut up! All of you will die here!”

“You really want to make enemies of the Marquis Genos house and Marquis Banam house? Even if you are from a Count house, you will still be sentenced to death.”

“… The Forest’s Edge Tribal Chief attempted to attack us during the conference. We merely ordered the soldiers to retaliate with arrows to protect ourselves.”

Shileru wet his lips with his tongue, and said with his murky voice that seemed to take all his strength.

“Unfortunately, Lord Malfreed and our guest from Banam were dragged into the fight… Marquis Genos will be devastated to lose his precious heir.”

“I see. That’s why you confiscated Malfreed’s blades. But Malfreed is as formidable as a Forest’s Edge hunter—”

“Enough talk!”

Shileru shook his bell again.

All the bows fired at the same time— I thought I would see that, but I didn’t. When the bell rang, someone kicked my chair and I fell down. As I nursed my back, I heard two sounds. First was someone groaning, and the other was the grass flute whistling by a denizen of Forest’s Edge.

“…Asuta, are you hurt?”

Ai Fa’s voice came from above.

The one who kicked my chair was Ai Fa. I looked up, and saw Ai Fa kneeling beside me. In her hand was the stool with a few arrows embedded in it. Since there was no place to hide, she used the stool to block the arrows. We were just 5 to 6 meters from the soldiers, and her reflex and physical abilities were amazing.

I looked around while I was still down, and all the hunters protected themselves and their comrades in the same way. Graff Zaza and Dali Sauti stood before the Tsun clan members like a pair of Nioh, Malfreed protected Xylas and Barcia guarded Wellhyde.

I breathed out in relief, and Kamyua Yost’s voice entered my ears.

“Well, that was dangerous. I didn’t expect them to act so forcefully.”

I was wondering why he sounded so close, and saw Kamyua Yost crawling behind me.

He hid Leito in his cloak like a child. With no stool to use as shields, Kamyua Yost prone behind Ai Fa to seek refuge.

“W-Where’s P-Pyschkurewuss and the others—?”

“It’s fine. An unexpected guest came.”

I didn’t understand what he was staying and stood up. An unexpected scene appeared before my eyes.

Shileru’s fat body hung in mid air. The one holding him was Donda Wu. Donda Wu stood in the middle of the hall, his left hand holding a stool covered in arrows, and his right hand grabbing Shileru’s chest.

“How dare you try to harm my comrades, villain.”

Donda Wu’s thunder-like voice made Shileru whimpered and tremble. His heavy chair had fallen over right by their feet.

Pyschkurewuss was deprived of his freedom too.

I looked over the shoulder of someone in hunter’s garb putting a scimitar at Pyschkurewuss’ throat. He had red fluffy hair and slender limbs— Even from behind, I could tell that the Marsala hunter had captured Pyschkurewuss.

Barcia asked quietly: “Geta… What are you doing here?”

Geta didn’t answer.

The one who answered her was Ai Fa, who was helping me up while holding a stool cautiously.

“He was hiding in the ceiling. He showed his presence several times, didn’t you notice Barcia of Marsala.”

“It’s regrettable, but I didn’t notice at all. It seems that I’m no match for my foolish son.”

Barcia hung her head low, and her profile had a hint of sadness.

“Geta, don’t hurt that man. What we want isn’t vengeance, but justice.”

Geta didn’t respond.

Hiding in the ceiling means— he heard about Barcia’s resolve. I held my breath when I realized his feelings.

Donda Wu said sternly: “… What will you do now? Your master has fallen into my hands.”

The soldiers before us was ready to fire a second volley, but they stood stiffly in place as if they were petrified.

“Your puny arrows can’t seal our lips. Want to try drawing the blades on your waists? What ever you choose… the results will be the same.”

I couldn’t see the expression on the soldiers’ faces as they were obscured by their helmets.

I could feel several of them peeking at Malfreed.

“What are you doing… Kill them all!”

Shileru wailed as he hung in midair:

“You all shot at Malfreed! If you don’t kill them, all of you will be hanged! If you don’t want to die, then kill them all!”
“No, Shileru alone will be responsible for this treason.”

Malfreed said without any emotions.

“The Townsguard can’t defy a direct order. But this man has been removed from his post of Captain. You only need to obey the orders of the Castle Guards Captain, which is me.”

“Don’t believe his lies! If you put down your weapon, all your families and friends will get executed!”

The drawn bows wavered, as if they were searching for a target.

At this moment, someone opened the door, and Jimon ran in. No, Jimon didn’t enter on his own volition. He collapsed on the rug and started moaning in pain.

“Hahaha! We really wrecked the place, Donda Wu! I was afraid that I won’t have the chance to shine!”

It was Dan Lutim.

Ludo Wu, Darum Wu and the others also barged in with sabers and machetes.

“What’s this, I thought you wanted to crash in through the windows, Dan Lutim?”

When he heard Dali Sauti’s question, Dan Lutim started laughing again:

“All the windows in this room are barred! So I climbed into the window in the next room and came in from there! Dick Dom’s group has beaten off the soldiers below the window!”

Dan Lutim then rubbed his round nose:

“But this really reeks! It’s easy to use, but the Lutim house don’t need this kiba repelling fruit!”

I had already forgotten about that stench, but Dan Lutim must have found this room through the scent of that kiba repelling fruit. He then rushed over with at Kaslan Lutim’s flute signal.

Anyway, the match has been decided.
Dan Lutim, Ludo Wu, Darum Wu and Rau Lei stood before us with their blades and fury in their eyes. Just the four of them were enough to keep the 30 soldiers in check, that’s how intimidating they were.

“… Lower your weapons and yield. I give you my word, those who follow my orders will be pardoned.”

On Malfreed’s orders, the soldiers lowered their bows.

“You morons!”

Shileru roared as Donda Wu flung him onto the ground.

Shileru rolled around like a dying toad.

“You are Malfreed, right. Son of the Genos landlord, I have a question for you.”

Donda Wu slowly turned to Malfreed and said:

“The crimes of Shileru is clear as day. But we still have not figured out how heavy the crimes of Pyschkurewuss are… Do we still have to communicate with the Landlord of Genos through him?”

“…Shileru’s crimes are clear, but Lord Pyschkurewuss’ sin will need to be determined through a trial.”

A cold light shone in Malfreed’s grey eyes, and he answered:

“Before the trial ends, he would be relieved of all official duties as per Genos law.”

“I see. However... he could push everything to his brother and escape a conviction.”

“No, he won’t escape the hammer of justice unless he is truly innocent.”

An unfamiliar voice interjected.

Rau Lei who was closest to the door cast his sharp gaze outside.

“Who goes there? Are there more soldiers?”

A group in white armor and a chilling air entered the hall. Ludo Wu quickly faced the new group of soldiers, but they just formed a rank and stopped with precision comparable to a machine.

After that— a tall man walked forth from that group.

It was a middle aged man with light brown hair. He had a tidy beard and a lean body. He wore a collared Jaguar style shirt without any frills, simple pants and a refreshing smile on his face.

Although he was in Jaguar attire, he was a westerner with yellowish brown skin. He was a confident noble that wasn’t too old.

“Oh, long time no see, Sir Wellhyde. I haven’t seen you since the wedding of Marquis Banam’s eldest son. I’m glad to see you are well.”

Wellhyde who was looking at Donda Wu and the others speak with a pale face suddenly lowered his head. The soldiers who lowered their bows also sound shocked.
“I already ordered the guards outside to lay down their arms. Our Forest’s Edge comrades aren’t hurt, so please be at ease.”

Donda Wu glared at that man without a word.

Kamyua Yost beside me said with a pretentious attitude:

“What brings you here? I never thought a lazy ass like you will come.”

“What the hell was that? You are the one who sent a messenger to tell me Sir Wellhyde is here. It had already come to this, so how can I continue sitting on my thumb?”

When he saw Geta holding a blade to Pyschkurewuss’ throat, he sighed softly:
“It is regrettable that things turned out this way, Lord Pyschkurewuss. You are very capable in your capacity as the Count of Turan, just thinking about the future gives me a headache.”

Pyschkurewuss who laid weakly on his chair opened his eyes slowly. There wasn’t any life in his greenish black face, and his wrinkled skin was filled with sweat.

“… Is this the end for me…?”

“Yes. I will take care of the aftermath, so don’t worry and wait for your judgement.”

Donda Wu interjected: “Hmmp… I want to know how you will do that.”

Everyone had probably guessed the true identity of this person. He bowed towards Donda Wu with a smile:
“If I’m not mistaken, you must be one of the new tribal chiefs of Forest’s Edge. The first thing I need to do is to build a cordial relationship with you. In the name of Marquis Marstein Genos… I offer my sincere apologies for my earlier lack of manners.”
After spending 80 days in the Forest’s Edge settlement— I finally met the man with the highest authority in Genos.

But his gaze didn’t rest on me. It will be days before I speak with him face to face.

In any case, the third conference between Pyschkurewuss and the tribal chiefs of the Forest’s Edge ended chaotically

Chapter 2: Chaotic Thoughts

Pyschkurewuss and Shileru were arrested.

But that didn’t mean all the issues had been resolved. Time passed by, I thought the commotion would have settled down after three days, but things wouldn’t truly end before the criminals got sentenced in court.

However, the trial for the two accused still wasn’t held after three days. I heard a trial for nobles took more time, and that there was an emergency that delayed the proceedings.

Pyschkurewuss had collapsed from illness.

And that happened before us.

On the day of the conference, after Geta removed his blade, the castle guards who approached Pyschkurewuss found him unconscious.

Genos City immediately sent a medical team. They diagnoised that Pyschkurewuss’ illness had gotten critical. The mental blow took away his strength to resist his sickness— that was what the doctor said.

If they weren’t careful, it might harm his life. If Pyschkurewuss dies before the trial, it would be difficult to interrogate Shileru fairly. Hence, there was no choice but to let Pyschkurewuss recuperate at home under house arrest.

“However, he has been relieved of all his authority and privilege as the Count of Turan. The Castle Guards have put him under tight surveillance to stop him from any outside communication, so don’t worry.”

The one who relayed the message from Marquis Genos was Kamyua Yost. The medical team would tend to Pyschkurewuss until his condition stabilized, and then hand him over to the Genos City authorities.

There was another thing that needs mentioning.

Which was the problem with Barcia with Geta.

Barcia was a member of a bandit gang, while Geta entered Genos City without an entry pass. The two of them was questioned for their crimes, and handed to the Genos City authorities.

And of course, since Barcia was an important witness, this was also a protection measure. Barcia’s trial will be held after Pyschkurewuss was sentenced. Barcia who already made her peace followed the guards’ instruction with a calm expression.

The problem was Geta.

After Marquis Genos showed up and announced he would take care of the aftermath, Geta didn’t retract his blade from Pyschkurewuss’ throat.

“There won’t be need for a trial if I lop off this criminal’s head!”

That was the first thing Geta said.

He probably felt that he could still save his mother if he fled from the scene. I couldn’t find the words to describe his back that was filled with grim determination. Barcia didn’t say anything after telling him to “Don’t say anything foolish”, and just watched him sadly.

Marstein stroked his beard with a ‘this will be a headache’ face, and Malfreed who retrieved his weapons from his subordinates had a cold gaze in his eyes— When Geta and Pyschkurewuss were this close to death, Donda Wu’s solemn voice echoed through the hall.

“You are… Geta, right? Hunter of Marsala, are you trying to trample on your mother’s resolve?”

“Shut up! This has nothing to do with you, Forest’s Edge denizen!”

“It does. This female Marsala hunter made such a resolve in order to take down our common enemy.”

Donda Wu said as he looked at the small Geta who was holding a blade to Pyschkurewuss’ throat.

I thought Donda Wu would disarm him by force— But he continued:

“Wrongdoers must be punished, even if the law is against you. In order to bring these dishonorable men to justice, your mother even put her life on the line.”


“The one who pushed your mother to this state is you, Marsala hunter.”

Donda Wu’s face was void of any emotions, but his blue eyes were filled with dignity:

“If you didn’t leave your mother to seek vengeance, Barcia of Marsala wouldn’t have taken this path. She made this choice because she didn’t want to drag you into this, and to make penance for planting the seed of vengeance in your heart.”

Geta’s back that was covered by his hunter’s cape shook.

“If she revealed the noble’s wrongdoing at the risk of her life, you won’t need to wield your blade. Barcia of Marsala did this not for vengeance, but for your future. Are you trying to trample on your mother’s resolve, and stain your blade with the blood of vengeance?”

Geta then toss his blade aside.

Geta hung his head low until the Castle Guards escorted him out of the hall. I didn’t get the chance to see Geta’s face.
I was probably showing a shameful expression. When Geta was taken away, Kamyua Yost whispered to me: “Infiltrating a noble’s manor and holding the master of the house at knifepoint will normally be a death sentence. But the situation this time was different, and Marquis Genos isn’t as stubborn as his son, so he would probably be shown mercy.”

There was one more person who got taken away.

Which was Zuro Tsun.

After Pyschkurewuss, Shileru, Geta and Barcia were apprehended— Zuro Tsun suddenly fell beside Marstein’s feet.

“Genos Landlord… I, Zuro Tsun, has violated the laws of Forest’s Edge and Genos… Can I surrender myself to Genos…?”

The Forest’s Edge denizens who were looking at Marstein coldly erupted in rage. Graff Zaza who was shooting flame of rage from his eyes walked forth:

“What nonsense is this? Could it be— You are afraid of being executed by us?”

“At this point, I’m not afraid of my soul returning to the forest… However, if Genos determines that I’m also a criminal, then I think I should be judged by the laws of Genos…”

Zuro Tsun prostrated himself at Marstein’s feet and said weakly:

“The Post Station Town resident knows about the Forest’s Edge denizens… That the Tsun clan members are protected by the nobles from the city… However, after Zattsu Tsun and Tay Tsun were executed, I heard this has been corrected… If me, the last sinner, is punished by the laws of Genos, then the Forest’s Edge denizens can regain their pride...”


“Also… If I receive a proper judgement, then the rest of the people… My former family, will be forgiven in accordance to Genos law… and will no longer be criminals… Can we tell that to the townsfolk…?”

Marstein flicked aside his long bangs and grunted.

His intelligent brown eyes were then directed at an old man sitting meekly at a corner of the room:

“Chief Justice Xylas, going by the law of Genos, what do you think Zuro Tsun’s punishment should be? This isn’t a trial, I just want your opinion.”

“By your liege… In the first place, not desecreting the Morga Forest was set by the Forest’s Edge denizens, so there aren’t any standard for punishment… But ordering dozens of his kin to neglect hunting kiba and desecreting the Morga Forest could be viewed as treason against Genos… So, in my humble opinion, he could be sentence to ten years of hard labor, which is heavier than a death sentence.”

“I see, ten years of hard labor, huh.”

Marstein nodded firmly, and looked down at Zuro Tsun’s back.

“Hard labor is harsher than normal labor, and is the most severe punishment in Genos. Almost no one survives more than five years, so only those who deserve more than a death sentence would be sentenced like this. In this case… being executed by your Forest’s Edge tribes mate might be an easier death.”

“… Ten years, just ten years and I will be forgiven…?”

“Yes, but the despair and harshness will be greater than that of a slave. If I remember correctly, no one has survived ten years of hard labor since the founding of Genos.”

“Hope… There is hope… If I can become a Forest’s Edge denizen again in ten years… Is there a greater hope than that…?”

Zuro Tsun muttered as he looked back at us.

His slack face lacked the strength to make any expression, but tears welled out of his small eyes.

Yamiel Lei, Aura, Zwei, Diga, Doddo and Mida— Zuro Tsun’s six former children and spouse looked at him in silence.

“I don’t know if suffering for ten years will be enough to redeem my sin of leading my kin down the wrong path for the past decade… If I return to the settlement ten years later… I will let my Forest’s Edge tribes mate judge me again…”

Graff Zaza answered firmly: “When that time comes, I will personally judge your crime.”

No one raised objections, and Zuro Tsun was taken away by the Genos Castle Guards.

And so, this incident was finally squared away.

Marquis Genos promised that he will judge Pyschkurewuss and Shileru justly.

No matter who was the mastermind, they both committed horrible crimes. They would either be sentenced to death or life imprisonment— in either case they wouldn’t have the freedom to act anymore.

“I believed in Count Turan’s capability and entrusted him with the post of liaison between the Forest’s Edge and Genos. Since my judgement was proven wrong, I have to correct this mistake. Before the new liaison is appointed, I will liaise with the denizens of Forest’s Edge personally.”

Marstein who was smiling brightly til the end told us:

“Denizens of Forest’s Edge, you are our irreplaceable comrades that are responsible for half the prosperity of Genos. I give you my word that I will do everything I can to resolve the misunderstandings and unhappiness between us.”

I didn’t know how much we could trust Marstein since we only met him for the first time. But if we don’t believe him, the denizens of Forest’s Edge would lose their place in Genos.

In conclusion, the tribal chiefs were told that before Pyschkurewuss’ condition has stabilized enough for him to face trial, Marstein hopes to keep the current status quo.
And— As for us.

We just want things to be the way they were, but things wouldn’t be completely the same. Marquis Genos advised us to be careful and not let our guard down.

What should we be looking out for?

That would be Pyschkurewuss and Shileru’s ‘private army’.

The two of them were arrested and stripped of all authority. All the guards serving the Count Turan House had been dismissed, and under investigation on their part on the series of incidents that happened in the past. The Towns Guards had been reorganized under new management. Pyschkurewuss would never be able to use them like pawns again.

However, Pyschkurewuss also controlled a private army that does illegal work for him. For example, disguising themselves as Forest’s Edge denizens and attacking farms.

Even if they were ordered by their master to do so, the Towns Guard and Count Turan House vassals wouldn’t get involved with such activities. Hence, it was suspected that Pychkurewuss hid a group of goons that does these dirty works that went against the laws of Genos.

By the way, the one who raised this suspicion was Kamyua Yost. Ten years ago, after Zattsu Tsun fell ill, Pyschkurewuss probably contracted a group of goons— Kamyua Yost brought these dangerous news to the Forest’s Edge Tribal Chiefs and the Landlord of Genos.

“However, they hid themselves better than Zattsu Tsun, and I couldn’t nab their tails. Who knows what agreement these goons had with Pyschkurewuss. In any case, we have to exercise extreme caution.”

That was the warning given by Kamyua Yost.

Hence, the Fa house and Wu clan stalls didn’t reopen. The Wu clan’s off season ended, and they couldn’t spare the manpower to act as escorts.

Marstein proposed sending Castle Guards to protect us, but they seemed short handed as they had to warch Pyschkurewuss and guard Barcia, and couldn’t provide enough numbers for Donda Wu to give his consent.

“The Towns Guard might have the numbers, but who knows how much bad influence Shileru had on them.”

Marstein and Kamyua Yost both shared the same view. It seemed that the high command of the Towns Guard had many people related to the Count Turan House, so it was difficult to reorganize them too.

Hence, we had no choice but to stop our business.

However, we were permitted to do our work at the inn.

After preparing the food in the morning, the two hunters who wake early, Ai Fa and Ludo Wu will escort us to the inn, and return before noon. And so, we restarted our work at the inns this way. This happened two days after the conference ended, and we increased the amount of food and fresh meat on the third day.

《Cryptic Venerable Inn》 innkeeper Neil explained: “Because they couldn’t buy lunch at the stall, more customers have started having kiba dishes for dinner.”

As a result, I had to sell 60 portions of food to the 《Cryptic Venerable Inn》 and 20 portions of fresh meat, and sell 《Big Tree of the South Inn》 70 portions of food and 30 portions of fresh meat. It made sense for the 《Big Tree of the South Inn》, but for the smaller 《Cryptic Venerable Inn》 which was essentially a residential building refurbished to be an inn, they also needed such a large order, and would even sell out.

“The rooms are fully booked everyday, and many customers from other inns would visit during dinner time. But because of that, my karon and kimyusu dishes are not selling at all.”

“Hmm… That’s…”

“Until Asuta can sell kiba dishes in even more inns, this commotion will not truly end. Instead of the bustling scene at my inn, I prefer seeing the town prosper in peace. I even hope the other inns can start selling kiba dishes soon…”

I want to expand my business too.

However, I couldn’t begin business negotiations with the 《Kimyusu’s Tail Inn》 and  《West Wind Inn》. Before the Pyschkurewuss’ private army were apprehended and it was safe, we could only keep the status quo.

And so, I cooked together with the Wu clan women in the morning, send the food to the Post Station Town on a wagon, then return to the Forest’s Edge settlement after buying the vegetables. I would then take care of the other chores, spend some time to research cooking, and lived busy and peaceful days.

And of course, Ai Fa and I still stayed in the Wu clan village. Yamiel Lei and the others had gone back to their respective foster houses, but we were told that the location of the Fa house was very dangerous.

In the Wu clan village, the hunters started hunting again, and were short handed in terms of defence during the day. However, Ryada Wu, Mida, youth younger than 13 and old men would be in the village. This was safer than staying in the Fa house with just the two of us, so Ai Fa had no choice but to accept.

Anyway, with the hard work and effort of everyone, we lived peacefully. And after three anxious days passed, there was finally new developments on the fourth day.

The news were brought by Kamyua Yost who visited the Wu clan village daily as his messenger.

But before we even spoke, I was surprised by the red haired youth beside him.

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