Saturday, April 23, 2016

Gate of Twilight - Volume 1 - Afterword

Hi there!

Thank you for having taken the time and made the effort to read through the first volume of Gate of Twilight. I hope you enjoyed the story and will continue reading in the future as well. Now, let me tell you a little about myself and this story of which you have just read the beginning.

If I were to give a genre to Gate of Twilight, it would be a mix between Dark Fantasy and Tragedy. Although this first volume starts in a happy, peaceful setting, as I'm sure you've noticed from the way it ended, things quickly take a turn for the worse. Sure, the destruction of their home might be a well-used and somewhat cliché way to send the heroes out into the world, but that just means that it is a method that works.

I first started working on this story many, many years ago, as a roleplaying campaign for Dungeons and Dragons, which I GM'd for a small group of friends. Sadly, before we actually got anywhere, the group was separated and the campaign was never picked up again. Even so, I wanted this story that I'd been slowly polishing to be available to the world. And so I thought to myself, how might I go about making that happen?

And while reading Toaru Majutsu no Index, a wonderful Light Novel written by Kazuma Kamachi, I came to the insight that "Hey, why don't I just write a book?". Yeah, I really thought it was that simple. Of course I was wrong. While I can write easy to understand text that are fit for explanations and instruction manuals, I lack the ability to write in a way that captivates a reader and makes the text feel alive. And trust me, I tried. A lot.

So, I went to the internet for help. I roamed various forums for a while, looking for writers willing to work with me and at the end of my journey I encountered Götz. I knew him from an earlier project, and the conversation went smoothly. In the end, he agreed to help me bring life to my notes and explanations. And that was how this collaboration came about. My story told through his words. Looking over the final script, I remain convinced I picked an ideal writer.

As a final note, I would like to extend my wholehearted gratitude to Phonism, the artist who drew all the art for this volume during the span of a single weekend. I look forward to working with him again, and if this volume should ever get a second edition, the art for the images will be polished to a quality that properly reflects his skills and ability. At the time of me typing this Afterword, the first few chapters of the second volume are already being written, so please look forward to that, too.

Once gain, thank you for having read thus far!
~ Eiliya, of Eternals Development - 23/12/2015


  1. Thanks for writing out your story! Look forward to reading more about the world you want to build up.

  2. The second volume is currently being polished, so we should be able to start uploading it in roughly a month from now.