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A Tale of Two Shadows Volume 1 Chapter 2

As the dust settled in the hazy room, sunlight trickled into Faro’s eyes. The wooden cabin looked ancient in design, sporting many bits of furniture that showed signs of a loving home, yet hadn't been touched in what looked like years.

The air hung around the broken windows creating a moist sogginess in the wood. The rest of the room, which looked to be in perfect condition seemed to make out that Faro had fallen into a study room of some sort.

Blood trickled slowly from Faro’s head creating a small puddle around his left eye. Not being able to make any movements, Faro had to rely on his senses to judge the immediate area around himself. However still dazed from the impact of the rocks there was hardly anything Faro could judge except for the fact that he was still alive, just barely, but anything at that point was a godsend.

Hmm....God, why did that sound wrong.

Faro slowly started to flex the muscles in his hand, his right hand was perfectly fine but as he tried to feel his other arm he found that he was unable to move anything. Not wanting to risk moving his head, in case any important bone was broken, Faro feared that the rocks might have crushed his whole left arm.

For the whole 4 minutes that Faro spent trying to move he didn't notice another presence in the room, as silent as a breeze this person calmly walked over to the boy and knelt behind his head. He brought his own face closer to Faro’s ear and spoke some words.

Ikati oncdra fplitia chupa

Faro’s eyes widened as he heard the words spoken into his ear, although foreign to everything he could remember, the message seemed so familiar that he replied instantly.

“What happened?”

Glopf deneku omtjmot

“Nothing to worry about? But my arm has been crushed.”

The figure smirked and gently placed his hand over Faro’s head.

“Just relax this won’t take long.”

Faro opened his eyes, hoping that for once he'd be safe in the comfort of his old home. However he wasn't prepared for the scene in front of him as he looked out, gasping in shock at the most spectacular scene he thought he would ever see.

Moving from a rest position to no apparent injury, Faro found himself floating in a void of black space, a place thought to be the home of elder dragons and gods alike.

Although he didn't know where he was the boy had always imagined what lay beyond the clouds, as even the bird people were never able to break the barrier that kept all life tied to the mortal world. Faro’s eyes tried to take in all the objects and stars around him, but what was most fascinating of all was the person directly facing him, something he could only describe as the creation of life itself.
A tale that originated many years ago stated that amidst all the chaos that came before the time known as The Age of Life, one entity existed by itself. Its name on the tip of Faro’s tongue yet never wanting to reveal itself beckoned to Faro to come toward it. Without any warning Faro found himself moving through the unknown void towards the towering deity before him.

Unable to keep his eyes on this figure, Faro was awed by the presence this deity had, it seemed that throughout this chaotic void in space the area around this figure was stilled to a peaceful halt.
The goddess casted it’s eyes upon the boy in front of him and spoke in a surprisingly motherly tone.

“Welcome my hero. This is a moment in time that I prefer above all others. I know you have many questions about yourself and what you are doing here but I only ask that you let me explain properly.”

“Your Hero? Who do you think I am....some sort of servant?”

Almost immediately Faro wanted to take back that remark. The spark that ignited in the eyes of this goddess warned Faro exactly what he was dealing here with. This wasn't one of those arguments where the worst that could happen would be a black eye and a few bruises, this was an all-powerful being that could probably blink him of existence before he could admit he was wrong.

“I see that you are brave even in front of your patron.”


The word felt odd to say yet made sense in a way Faro was afraid to understand.

“There is so much for you to learn yet I cannot divulge the information to you that easily. There are far greater forces then what man and any creature in this existence could comprehend, and therefore should never have to know about, living peacefully in the ignorance of your own existence.”

With that the goddess waved her arm and flashed brightly, causing Faro to shield his eyes in pain. When he opened them again, the being in front of him seemed to have vanished, however a small angelic person had taken its place right in front of him. Faro was about to ask what had happened when he realized that he was still talking to the goddess, only in another form, one that gave of a motherly aura. A form that made his blood run cold.

“I should warn you now that life is going to get much harder and people are going to depend on you to do great things.”

Faro tensed up, the feeling of abandonment ever increased by the news his patron was telling him.

“Why me?” That was all that could come out of Faro’s mouth, he had thought carefully about what he wanted to say and decided this was the most important question.

“Your birth, although quite unique, was 16 years ago. I know this may sound weird at first but you must accept the truth as it comes. You already have suspicions regarding your family and past, but you need to let that go for now, I sense that us meeting here has put many lives in jeopardy.”

Faro for once in his life was lost for words, not exactly brought up in the best of conditions Faro was hardly trained in the proper etiquette for addressing Kings let alone a deity. The being in her female form let out a pained laugh and sighed as if she had done something the shouldn't have, a sadness exuding off her eyes.

“Did you know, we were never supposed to meet? In fact, you were destined to die several months ago, however I twisted fate to keep you alive. It’s ironic to say the least as I should have wanted you dead when I had first heard of your presence on Metrium.”

Faro stilled his mouth, there wasn't much he could say to ease his understanding of the woman’s words. When she laughed again, Faro flinched and was about to shout when the deity spoke out again.

“In a moment you will wake up, a strong pain will wash over your body. Do not worry as I have reformed your arm, it will look as if nothing happened to it. With my powers I will remove as much of the pain as possible, however you have faced a tough ordeal considering the events that occurred. It is also the least I can do, considering what I'm making you do.”

Before Faro could speak the goddess waved her hand and Faro was blinded for a moment, when his vision came back, he found himself still in the old small house that he had fallen in.

“Please save my children.” the voice echoed, fading quickly and quietly as Faro raised his head.

Immediately the pain rushed in, the intense feeling of losing and gaining an arm was almost too much for Faro to handle. He didn't doubt the existence of the goddess any more as he felt the pain in his arm, but as the shadow of a man walked towards the boy, now resting on a table, he blacked out for the second time.

The figure put his hand on top of Faro’s head taking note of his temperature, he then produced a cold cloth and rested it on top of Faro’s head, walking away into the shadows of the room.

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