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Hyperion 7 Volume 1 Chapter 1

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Author: CEOBrainz


The phone, ringing from the ladies purse, was drowned out by the music around her.

“Yes, don’t worry I’m on my way back now. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon.”

The voice spoke to the other person on the phone quickly with a slight slur and with one swipe of her finger, the phone was closed and put away.

The woman, just reaching her twenties had been out drinking with her friends in several clubs across Soho. The streets were littered with groups staggering home after a night of clubbing with the adventurous youth of London. It was early in the next day as the young woman parted from her friends and started heading towards a cab. The others weren’t quite done yet and turned back towards a particular club called Red Horn.

The woman, still clumsily walking about the place, attempted to reach for a cab door before stepping backwards as a wave of nausea made her to stop in her tracks. Waiting for the sensation to wash over, the cab left its position, leaving the young woman slightly shocked.
“Hey! I was about to get that!”

She shouted in anger before sighing and rolling her eyes. Not one to dwell in the past, the young lady spotted another cab in the distance and moved in that direction only to be pulled away by a strong force. Before she knew it, her mouth was covered by a gloved hand, she had been dragged into an alley of sorts and pinned against a wall.

“You are going to follow my instructions carefully, and if you dare make a sound I’ll kill you right here.”

The voice trying to sound menacing growled into the young woman’s ears. As the man spoke, he pulled a knife out of his pocket and started waving it in front of her face, smiling at the shock in the woman’s eyes.

The woman barely realizing what was happening started quivering with fear, the breath of the man was full of alcohol, it was obvious that he too was drunk. Tears clouding her vision of the attacker made it harder to tell what was going on, however she was able to make out three other pair of eyes staring back at her as if she was a precious meat. Between the gaps of the stranger’s fingers, the woman managed to speak a few words.

“Please, leave me alone. I’ll give you all the money I have.”

She cried out only for the four men to laugh as if she had just told a joke. Their voices were clearly those of older men and they were all staggering about slightly intoxicated, although not as much as she had been earlier.

“I think we’ll want more than just your money, you know, something only a female can provide. I wouldn’t worry though, it won’t hurt too much.”

The man holding the woman spoke with malice, pressing his body closer to the woman’s.
“It’ll definitely not hurt when it’s his turn though. He’s got a tiny stick you see.”

One of the other men spoke, pointing to another. The other two sniggered like young boys as the victim of the joke attempted to protect his manhood’s dignity.

“Hey, I’m just as big as you two idiots. Shut your mouth and get her ready. I’ve been dry for a week now.”

The man pinning the woman quietly laughed again and moved the hand that was holding the knife closer towards the woman’s face in an attempt to stoke her. Before the stranger could get any closer however, an unknown force swept the man off his feet. A shadow of a figure had disappeared before any of the other men had realised what happened.

Not leaving anything to chance, the woman stumbled the only way that was not blocked. Moving deeper into the alley way and desperate to get away from the four thugs the woman ran as fast as she could, only to be met by the back of a large building.


She frantically looked around, hoping to find a place to hide herself. All that was available was a few boxes that stank from alcohol and other more unpleasant substances. With no other choice the female dived behind the largest cardboard box and curled up into a ball, hoping they wouldn’t find her in the dark. Realising that she still had her phone with her, the woman contemplated phoning the police but was pulled away from that thought by the sound of a can rolling across the ground.

“Where is that bitch?”

“No clue, but when I get my hands on the bastard that thinks they can get the drop on me, they’ll be sorry.”

The four men about walked slowly, searching for both people but being cautious not to let their guard down. The man at the front spoke up when he approached the end of the alley.

“It’s a dead end, they must be here somewhere.”

“And no fire escapes too.”

“Yea.....I’ll check behind those boxes. I’ve been waiting too long for some punk to ruin things.”

The smell of the man’s clothing was the first thing that alerted the woman that he was closing in on her. Subduing the urge to scream, she slowly took out her phone from her pocket and attempted to dial the police behind her back.

“What the...!”

The sound of one of the thug’s voice quickly silenced. His body dropping to the ground faster than the others could turn. The man furthest away, only a few feet from the woman’s hiding spot, moved back to circle the newcomer.

“It’s just a teenager!”

“Who the fuck do you think you are?”

One of the men growled, coming in with a knife to try and gut the shorter person.

The teenager waited until the last moment to drop onto his back and used his left foot to kick the thug’s hand, making him drop the knife. In the same manoeuvre, the teenage boy used his other foot to twist his body around whilst kicking backwards into the thugs face. Rolling back into a standing position, the teenager, whose face was covered by a dark hoodie, started moving towards one of the walls. He leaped off it, using the momentum to shrink back into the darkness.

By this time, the other two had realised that their opponent was no random kid. They had heard the stories of some vigilante that was around trying to beat up wrongdoers. The apparent leader brought out a smooth black object, almost invisible to the night around them. He held it up and attempted to kill the boy only to realise he could not find him.

The second thug realising that firing the gun would attract the attention of too many unwanted ears, bolted from the scene, heading towards the street. The leader sneered at the man’s cowardice and looked around desperately for the teenager. His other two accomplices were on the floor in too much pain to be of any use.

“Come out you brat and I’ll teach you not to mess with Johnny Black!”

Without making a sound, the teenager had managed to find purchase on a window above the alley, using it to dive onto the man from above. The thug managed to see the teenager coming in at the last second and fired his weapon, the sound causing the woman to scream in shock, as she heard a body drop to the floor. For what felt like hours, the woman waited quietly as her phone was being used as a beacon for the police to come, she feared that the thug would get to her before the police did. As the ringing from the gun left her ears, a voice came out of the darkness directed at the young woman.

“It’s ok, you’re safe now.”

The voice was that of a much younger person, almost innocent like in nature if it weren’t so rough around the edges. Hesitated for a few moments the female stepped out but to her surprise, no one was in the vicinity apart from the three men that were now lying on the floor, presumably unconscious.

Within a few minutes the police arrived on the scene, quickly questioning the woman and arresting the three men who were only starting to wake up. Paramedics were also on the scene, looking over the woman who insisted that she was fine and that they didn’t get the chance to hurt her. When questioned why, she told the police how some stranger came and knocked out these men.

The red haired woman now in the back of a police car, waiting to be taken to a local Police Station only now thought about the identity of the person who had saved her, an image of a hooded figure was all she could recollect from her blurred vision. Saying a silent thank you, the car pulled away from the scene and left the Soho district.

The officers who were still on the scene were looking for the vigilante as well as the fourth thug that had run away. Staying for no more than 20 minutes, they couldn’t find any trace of the person that had acted nor did they find that last thug.

On top of a building, overlooking the site of the attempted crime, a teenager sporting a black coat was patiently waiting, her slim frame leaning against a rail on the rooftop. No more than a few seconds later another person arrived, jumping from the rooftop of an adjacent building. Turning towards the newcomer, the girl gave a small smirk to her partner.

“Nice work I guess. Was half expecting you to remain there and ask for some sort of reward?”
“ know me, I try my best, like always.”

“Just make sure you don’t injure anyone, even the bad guys.”

Moving closer to the girl, the boy dusted himself off and looked as a police car pulled away.

“Yeah fine, I’ll try even if they do deserved it.”

Noticing how close the two were, the girl moved her hand which was now on her hip and stretched, faking a yawn.

“So partner, where to next?”

“I heard that some trouble was about to start in that direction.”

The boy pointed towards the cities river. Having the need to yawn himself, he used his other hand to stifle his yawn and pat the girl next to him on the shoulder, making her raise an eyebrow.

“Really? And where did you hear that?”

The boy faced the girl again and started smiling playfully.

“I have my sources.”

Without waiting for a reply he jumped onto the rail of the building before starting to descend.

“You coming?”

The boy landed on the fire escape below and used the momentum to summersault onto some industrial bins on the ground level. Soon, the boy was out of the girls sight, having quickly shrank into the shadows. The girl slowly climbed the ledge, taking one last look towards the scene of the crime before turning towards the moon, it was full and illuminating the night sky.
“Sure, if only you knew.”

She sighed before proceeding to follow her partner.

From a distance a camera was watching the two young teenagers on the rooftops. The video was being sent to an office, deep within the underground networks of the UK where only the highest ranking officials even knew of the whereabouts of this base.

Even as the hour was late, the base was busy with activity. Many people were busy at their workstations, looking through camera feeds or rifling through virtual evidence. One man, carrying a classified folder walked into the office of their senior officer, passing through many security checks including a lift that checked for pulse irregularities, metal capacity as well as containing a myriad of security features that modern technology allowed it to have.

The transition from the lift to the office was like stepping into another time period. The room was nicely furnished, fine paintings and expensive chairs were placed about the place. A cabinet, full of exotic drinks, stood proudly at the back of the room, behind the chair where a man was currently sitting.

“Sir, we’ve just received footage from Cameras 002E44 and 002E56, it seems the two are heading towards Westminster. What shall I order sir?”

The man sitting at his desk was quite young for the position he was in, not sporting a heavy build or looking particularly unique as a man. Instead the leader of the secret defence organization known only as SS1 was known for his intellect, having manipulated his way into this seat of power that he now reclined in.

“Send team alpha and delta after them. I want them caught in less than three hours.”

“Yes sir!”

The response was prompt, however there was something more he wanted to say as he lingered for a few seconds.

“Is there anything else?”

“Yes sir, as you know today is the day when the meteorite known as SG89 will attempt to enter the atmosphere. You are of course well aware of the MoD’s decision to shoot down the meteorite and potentially save the United Kingdom from a disastrous event. With everything else that had been going on I hadn’t found time to ask what our preparation for this are?”

The man gave the question no thought as if he had been plotting the events to come for months.

“Nothing, this base is deep enough to withstand any impact from a meteorite even if it were not shot out of the sky. Nothing we do will change that situation and we will continue to monitor the state of this city before, during and after the impact. You are dismissed Johnson.”

“Yes, thank you sir.”

Johnson left the room, walking back into the elevator that performed another full security check before releasing the man back into the command room where the ongoing search for two teenagers was the main objective for the organization.

Back in the office of the commander, a screen lit up on the man’s desk.

“You underestimate the strength of this new metal.”

The man on the screen was old enough to be the commander’s grandfather and spoke with the grit of someone that had seen too many years of horrible sights.

“Do I?”

“Yes Stuart, you do.”

“I’ve told you to always refer to me as Mr Riling.”

The commander replied quickly, a hint of annoyance in his voice resulting with the older man on the screen laughing for a few seconds.

“Ah, yes Mr Riling. You shouldn’t be so stiff, if all goes to plan with the meteorite, we can go ahead with the plans to increase the average taxation rate. This benefits your department as well. It may even help with those problems you’re having of late.”

Stuart growled in response, clearing his throat with a cup of brandy.

“If I had funding from the private sector as I had requested three months ago, I wouldn’t be having any problems and the Xeno-Suits, which you’re so interested in would have already been completed already.”

The man on the screen held his complacent expression for a few moments before looking away from the screen.

“I’ll leave you to it Stuart, just be sure to call in all your men before 3:00, we wouldn’t want to see anything too messy on tomorrows paper.”

The screen went black shortly afterwards and lit up again with a document that had previously been taking Stuarts attention.

“I hate that man....”

Chapter 1

The sound of the clock echoed throughout the bored dissident hearts of the students, the classrooms of the school all in lock down the third time that day all because the fire alarm had gone off yet again. At Stewart Valiant Academy the students were all silent, listening to the angry rant of their headmaster. I like the others had long learnt to tune out the voice of the headmaster, a man who could rattle on about traditions for hours on end.

"If you think this is amusing, think again..."

The voice through the speaker system was clearly irritated as he spoke to the youths in uniform.
Eyes' glanced at the windows in anticipation, etching for the freedom and joy outside that was waiting for them. The wind called their names, silently but assuredly telling them they were wasting the remaining hours of the day trapped within the confines of the classroom.

"You will all be punished. To believe something like this could happen from a school of such intelligent students!"

The voice just washed over their ears, our thoughts turned to sky, once grey now turned blue. The longing to be out on the streets away from the other people was a pain everyone shared.
It had been no one's fault really I had seen the switch push itself. But did that really matter?
"Tomorrow you will all come in! Yes...on a Saturday! I will make sure all your parents are informed of this school detention, anyone found skipping this will have to consider going to another school. Disrespectful, the lot of you!"

The speaker system went offline. One teacher, sitting at his front desk, shuffled his tie awkwardly. He should have been at the bar already, drinking with his colleagues and looking forward to a summer holiday of child free entertainment. I could tell from the way he always glanced at the clock that he was supposed to meet up with his date tonight, a young female teacher that taught Maths to the younger years.

"Class, I think you can leave now."

The teacher sighed as he got out of his chair and prepared to put his coat on.

"And please, if any of you are the ones behind this, do not keep us behind any later."

The clock that had previously showed 12 was now ten past three. The aura of the class had been very high it was the last day of school. But the events of the day had consequently lowered that, no one was speaking and anyone that did, was smart enough not to make their presence known.
I walked out of the school gates, head down, avoiding eye contact with any teacher looking for a reason to keep me behind. That was the normal routine for a 16 year old student after all. However in my slight rush to get out, I bumped into someone, knocking an umbrella out of their hand.

"Sorry...I wasn't looking”

My voice was barely a mumble as I bent over to pick up the umbrella.

Turning to face the person, I swore my blood froze over for a second, the girls brown hair neatly tied back and her blue coat matching the object in my hand.


I extended my hand as the girl said something although my ears decided to cheat me, because her voice didn't register at all. I cursed my luck that I couldn’t hear her soothing voice when she was talking to me of all people. It’s not that I considered myself unattractive or even unapproachable but there was a certain way these things happened and this wasn’t one of them.
Assuming she said 'thanks' I attempted a smile and walked off, slowly this time. Trying not to look so obvious, I placed my hand against my heart and took a deep breath, knowing that my heart beat had definitely risen.

" that's the girl."

Looking up to the source of the voice, I came face to face with what I could only call my best friend.

"What? Her...nah! You're kidding right?"

Denying the allegation like a child I shook my head vigorously, probably looking like a crazy person to those that passed by. Of course my friends’ dark face showed nothing but childish joy.
"And that's what we call denial. David, I've seen you with that look before and I know you haven't got any heart condition so don't try and fool me."


“Don’t roll your eyes, this isn’t a comedy!”

"I really don't know what you are talking about. My chest is actually hurting and you're acting like everything is perfect in the world. I ate some bad fruit this morning it's either that or the junk that the school served for lunch today."

Looking as if he was going to humour my, Marty raised an eyebrow and shrugged it off.

"It's a wonder how the sky got so clear, they said it was going to rain around three today?"
" can never trust the news, not fully anyway."

I looked at the ancient building that was the school in a sense of minute nostalgia. We crossed the road that our school was located on and stood at the bus stop waiting with half the populace of our year. I had always admired the archaic look that the school clock tower had, reminding me of old churches and towers in Victorian England based movies. However it was going to be knocked over and replaced during the summer. Another interesting thing getting replaced by steel and glass structures that held no historic presence or notice.

Just above the peak of the building a small light flashed in the sky. In an attempt to get a better look I squinted my eyes but to no avail, the source of the light must have been too far away.

I let out a sound as my hand quickly moved to my pocket, wondering what notification my vibrating phone would tell me of now.

1 Message Received: Uncle Stew
Have you seen the news David, that rock is supposed to hit London today? They are firing the missile in three minutes. Why aren't you here to see it?

Quickly typing a response, I explained the fire alarm incident opting to leave out the part about seeing the button push itself.

"Hey Mart, I think that light up there is the comet. They are shooting it down in a minute."
I pointed in the direction he was looking earlier. Marty just looked at me, his phone distracting his short attention span.

"That's cool. Ugh...such a shame we had to miss it on TV. Never mind, I'll see it on YouTube when I get home. Actually, let me see if I can access the stream now."


I heard various shouts and calls coming from other students when multiple hands pointed towards the source of light coming from another object.

"It's starting!"

The rocket, a Trident 3 Missile left the newly constructed HMS Neath 7 minutes ago. It had already travelled 80% of the distance to the comet and would strike just before entry to the planet. Half the world was watching in anticipation, experts believed even the most powerful missile in the world wouldn't penetrate the new metal that the comet was seemingly made from.
In the eyes of the media, this was the end of the world. Riots, looting and protesting everywhere you look. Even after the publicity stunt that had been the Mayan Calendar had been proven to be false, many people of the world were still gullible enough to take the words of the media head first.

The camera from a helicopter was showcasing the event live, a marvel of modern technology, hovering 30,000 feet in the air. The video stream was being fed to every major TV station around the world and being streamed on the internet.

The camera had found the comet five minutes ago it was gradually coming closer, picking up more speed as it made its way to the earth's atmosphere. The Trident 3 just appeared on screen and neared its target.

The people who were watching online on a slow connection may have been able to see the brief flash of purple light as the missile hit if they were lucky. However to everyone else, that small white light in the sky suddenly exploded into a million shards of car sized fireballs.

A wave of energy pulsated from the core of the explosion before imploding and releasing a stream of white energy spikes.

All technology then failed for a second. Planes, helicopters and jets dipped out of the sky before stabilising again. Entire cities broke off electricity then rebooted. The information technology world came to a stand still for what felt like more than a second before being flooded with a wave of new information.

I saw the light rushing towards me, like an arrow aimed at my heart. However I was frozen, not by the blinding flash that everyone had seen, but by a voice that froze my very soul to the spot.


A scream could be heard from nearby. A girl had been hit by a light arrow, so had a boy and another girl.

Everything was dark for a brief moment and then filled with light again as if my entire being rebooted. A feeling of pure knowledge filled my mind, shapes and sounds were organising themselves against my eyes. Not realizing my friend was helping me up I put my hand against my heart again.

It wasn't beating.

About to start panicking, I knocked Marty away with a nudge and stumbled onto the streets. What came next was a complete shocked as I looked at the boy who was still coming to terms with what was happening.

Robert Parkinson

Age: 17
Threat: None
The information just floating above his head, like a sign for all to see, but somehow I knew no one else could see this. I turned to look at one of the girls that had been hit and was surprised to see that she was holding a bow and wearing a quiver. Also her eyes, they looked unnatural, very animal like.

Judy Perr
Age: 16
Threat: Minimal
Looking back towards my friend, I saw people start to back away from me, but their eyes were mostly focused on something else. It was too difficult to tell properly as I tried to get my bearings, my mind still fuzzy with words, shapes and so much sound. Feeling confused and slightly scared, I wasn't sure what was going on, names everywhere I looked.
That familiar blue coat I had seen earlier acted as a beacon to my mind as all my attention was suddenly focused on its wearer.

Samantha Cade
Age: 16
Threat: High
Her face still gave me enough shivers to look away in embarrassment however nothing about her appearance had changed. Something about her told me that she wouldn't have changed even if the world were ending, a development that seemed to be all too real right now.
A cynical smile wanted to creep up on my face but a scream broke my thoughts and directed me to the giant monster like creature facing me, its skin blistered all over, its shape a mixture between a Bear and a Wolf and no trace of hair or fur on its body. It was clearly an ugly create and I found it extremely revolting but I couldn’t help but stare at its eyes that radiated hatred towards me.

Ariyan Chamber
Age: 17
Threat: Immediate
Action: Attack Now!
Tripping over my own feet, I fell on the floor, just outside the creatures reach. Its fists smashed into the road, a fit of rage evident in my eyes. Trying to get up once more I moved backwards when a sudden change in weight brought me back down. Taking the chance to look at myself I noticed a complete change in my appearance, the clank of metal against the asphalt and the weight on my chest alerted me to stand up quickly. My phone, no longer in his hand was replaced with a smooth handle, the blade of the weapon a smooth silver sheen when moved into the light.

Method of Attack: Arrows and Quick Slashes
There was too much happening that I didn’t understand. I wanted to question it all as if it were an elaborate joke. It was too unreal to be anything but an event where a camera crew would come out of the shadows and tell us they we were going to be on TV. But nothing of the sort happened, in fact as I continued to think of realties that were better than this one something took over me. An instinct that had never been there before activated, it forced me to roll to the side, run up the creatures arm and use its back to land on the other side. Taking the chance to look at my surrounding I noticed that no one had left the area. The sky was still raining with flaming balls of metal.

"Judy! Cover fire now!"

I couldn't really believe that I was doing this. It was as if someone else was controlling me like a game where I was a Knight in armour. The girl named Judy looked as confused as I felt trying to consider as to how I knew her name, which kind of offended me slightly, but she also snapped in the same way I did. With an immediate run, she climbed onto the roof of a parked car. Arrows, two at a time found themselves planted in the monsters skin however it was too thick to do any real damage.

The monster roared in anger and attempted to crush Judy where she stood with its fists. I didn’t seem to panic as I removed a shield that was apparently latched onto my back and I could only watch myself throw it like a discus at the monsters head in an attempt to get its attention. The impact not only distracting the monster, but dazing it as well giving me the perfect chance to finish it off.

Trying to get as much speed as possible, I could barely hear the voice screaming to my right. I jumped in the air, preparing to silence the monster with one final attack.


It was as if time stopped, I couldn't move, in fact nothing was moving. It was unreal to be floating in mid-air, I found myself unable to breath let alone speak.

"Don't kill him, that’s my friend!"

My eyes twitched as they tried to widen. I recognised the voice as that of Samantha which of course meant my blood went cold again which incidentally broke free the spell that was holding me in the air. However instead of moving towards the monster like normal, I fell straight to the ground rolling into a battle ready stance.

"How did you do that?"

I managed to speak, more exhausted than I’d ever been in my life. Samantha looked in my direction as if she had been expecting this to happen, but her eyes kept switching between conviction and fright.

Samantha Cade
Ability: Power of Suggestion

The new information above her head didn't surprise me at all, in fact nothing about the situation was surprising any more. Not the sudden powers, or the monster, or even the fact that no one was still moving. However the meteor that was only a few feet away certainly raised the hairs on my neck.

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  2. This story is a little confusing, the prologue gives out a "Spy vs Spy" + "Batman" feel and then in Chapter 1 it's "Average boy get's fantasy powers". If it wasn't for the meteor been mention in both prologue and chapter 1, I would have thought it was two different stories.
    But then again prologues normally only make complete sense latter in the book anyway.

    1. I can understand that and I agree that they do seem different. But later chapters do merge both together and it'll start to make more sense as you've suggested.

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